Golf Quiz

1. Statistically speaking, every day 110 golfers do what?
Make a hole-in-one
2. The ‘R and A’ rule book of golf was written in 1897. What do the initials R and A stand for?
Royal and Ancient
3. Which Golfer was nicknamed 'The Great White Shark'?
Greg Norman
4. What is generally accepted to be the world's oldest golf course?
St Andrews in Scotland - known as “The Old Lady of Golf”
5. Who is the leading left-hander in the world rankings?
Phil Mickelson
6. Who was the first european player to win the US Masters golf championship?
Seve Ballesteros
7. Who is the only person to have won 18 major golf tournaments?
Jack Nicklaus
8. What country does the golfer Vijay Singh come from?
9. Who currently holds the record as the youngest player ever to appear in the ryder cup golf tournament?
Sergio Garcia
10. What do the initials GUR stand for with regard to a golf course?
Ground under repair
11. Which Golfer holds the record for the most post-war appearances in the Open?
Gary Player
12. Which famous golf course is located at Virginia Water, Surrey, England?
13. After "Putting" in a game of Golf, how long must a Player wait, to see if a Ball, balancing on the edge of a hole, drops in?
10 Seconds (2-Stroke Penalty for a longer wait!)
14. Who was the first pro golfer to earn over $100,000 dollars a year?
Arnold Palmer - the first golfer to win the Masters Tournament four times
15. What is the golfing term for a shot that is three under par?
An Albatross
16. What nationality is the golfer Trevor Immelman?
South African
17. What are the small indentations on a golf ball called?
18. At what age can a player join the Seniors' Tour?
19. What colour did Rudyard Kipling paint his balls to play golf in the winter?
20. What is the lowest par golf hole that you can shoot a double-eagle on?

21. Who is to captain Europe’s Ryder Cup team in Ireland in 2006?
Ian Woosnam
22. Who is to captain the USA in the Ryder Cup 2006?
Tom Lehman
23. How many strokes are you penalized for playing with your opponent's ball?
Two shot penalty
24. 1988 saw the first British golfer to win the US Masters, what was his name?
Sandy Lyle
25. How many times has Nick Faldo won the British Open golf championship?
26. What is the first name of the golfer nicknamed “The Big Easy”?
Theordore – Ernie Els
27. On which British Golf Course is there a hole called the Postage Stamp?
28. In 1967, which golfer made the first televised hole-in-one?
Tony Jacklin
29. How many minutes does a golfer have to find a lost ball?
30. Who made history in 1997 by becoming the youngest ever US Masters Golf Champion?
Tiger Woods
31. In golf, what is a mulligan?
When a player is allowed to repeat any one shot per hole in a friendly game
32. What is the maximum number of golf clubs that a player is permitted to carry in his bag ?
33. What name is given to a golf course next to the sea?
34. In which way does the US Masters differ from the other major golf championships?
Entry is by invitation only
35. Tom Watson won The British Open golf championship on how many occasions?
36. Which island has more golf courses per square mile than anywhere in the world?
37. How many players are there in a Ryder Cup golf team?
38. Which golf course has holes called Tom Morris, Bobby Jones, and Ginger Beer?
St Andrews
39. Who famously played a memorable shot from a broken bottle during the 1949 British Open Golf Championship?
Harry Bradshaw
40. Who gave golf caddies their name?
Mary, Queen of Scots - Early in the 16th century James IV, king of Scotland, took up the game of golf. His granddaughter Mary, later Mary, Queen of Scots, played the game in France, where she was educated. The young men who attended her on the golf links were known as cadets (pupils); the term was adopted later in Scotland and England and became caddy or caddie

Writer G K Chesterton described golf as "an expensive way to play marbles"?

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