Quiztime Quiz Files - 2005 Archive

1. Four points available to start the New Year - Showing real imagination, BBC1 showed two
series of Strictly Come Dancing. Over at ITV, they were similarly daring, treating us to a double
dose of I'mA Celebrity. Name the winners of all four series?
Kerry McFadden and Joe Pasquale won I'ma Celebrity in February and December respectively.
Natasha Kaplinsky won Strictly Come Dancing in July, while Jill Halfpenny won the second
2. Both Sven-Goran Eriksson and the Football Association's chief executive, Mark Palios, had
an affair with whom, an FAsecretary?
Faria Alam
3. Today in 1982, who made sporting headlines as she streaked across the pitch at Twickenham
during an England/Australia rugby match?
Erica Roe
4. Who did Mr Blair meet in a tent in 2004?
Muammar Gadafy
5. On 1st January in 1785, the Daily Universal Register first appeared. By what name do we now
know it?
The Times - it was published under its new name exactly three years later
6. What colour was the powder a Fathers4Justice protester threw at Mr Blair in the Commons?
7. Actor John Thaw was born on 3rd January in 1942. What was the name of the character he
played in the TV series 'The Sweeney'?
D.I. Jack Regan
8. Kicking off the election year, where did George Bush say he wanted to see a permanent base
by 2020?
The Moon
9. Which English potter, renowned for his unglazed blue jasperware, died today (3/1) in 1795?
Josiah Wedgwood
10. What common farmyard animal did a TV watchdog clear Rebecca Loos, David Beckham's
alleged former mistress, of "degrading" after she masturbated it for a Channel 5 reality TV
A Pig
11. If you were "Doing Leap Frog" or "Walking the Dog" what equipment would you be using?
12. Which Iraqi city was the centre of Moqtada al-Sadr's rebellion?
13. Today in 1962 the first episode of the TV police series 'Z Cars' was transmitted. Who played
PC Fancy Smith?
Brian Blessed
14. Which British newspaper sacked its editor and admitted that the photographs he published
of British soldiers apparently abusing an Iraqi detainee were fake?
Daily Mirror
15. If you were playing darts and got a 'Shanghai' score of 72 with darts which number have you
scored on?
16. Picking up a Golden Globe for his comedy show, who told his American audience: "I'm not
from these parts. I'm from a little place called England - we used to run the world before you"?
Ricky Gervais
17. In which publication would you find the columns Streets of Shame and Rotten Boroughs?
Private Eye
18. Who rejoined the Labour party in 2004 after a spell as an independent?
Ken Livingstone
19. In which country is the filmThe Beach set?
20. Ancient Oak Quiz Survey - Top Answer Required - Name a Preston Landmark?
Harris Museum / St Walburghs / PNE Ground / Guild Hall / Cenotaph
21. Which Year - The Beatles made what was to be their last recording session at EMI studios,
The Boeing 747 aircraft touched down at Heathrow Airport at the end of its first transatlantic
flight fromNew York, Colonel Gaddafi became Chairman of the Revolutionary Command
Council in Libya, "M.A.S.H." was shown on television for the first time and Prince Charles took
his seat in the House of Lords for the first time?
22. Who temporarily lost the Tory whip after cracking a joke about the Chinese cocklepickers
who drowned in Morecombe Bay?
Ann Winteron
23. In Scrabble how many letters have a value of 2?
Two - D and G
24. Which Portuguese football team did Jose Morinho lead to the victory in the European
Champions League before replacing Claudio Ranieri at Chelsea?
25. In the world of FarmMachinery what does PTO mean?
Power Take Off
26. What reason did Greek athletes Kostas Kenteris and Katerina Thanou give for failing to
attend a drugs test before the Olympics?
They were in a motorcycle accident
27. In bingo what number is snakes alive?
28. England's recent Test match victory against South Africa was the eight in a row. Who was
the first against?
New Zealand
29. In which London borough is the Royal Albert Hall?
30. Ahmed Yassin was killed in March in an Israeli missile strike. Which Palestinian group was
he the spiritual leader of?
31. In which sport would you find the Currie Cup and the Ranfurly Shield?
Rugby Union
32. What music was John Peel's coffin carried out to?
Teenage Kicks by the Undertones
33. In which TV comedy does Emma Chambers play Alice Tinker?
The Vicar of Dibley
34. Which rock musician's son stormed parliament in order to interrupt a debate on fox
Bryan Ferry - his name is Otis
35. In which Fictional Town did James Herriot practice as a Vet?
36. Which of these countries did not enter the European Union on May 1, Slovakia, Bulgaria,
Slovenia or Estonia?
37. In Dads army was the name of Godfreys 2 sisters?
Dolly and Cissy
38. What did Sonia Gandhi do after her party won India's general election?
Refuse to take power
39. In Snooker who would have been playing if it was 'Dracula v The Grinder?
Ray Reardon v Cliff Thorburn
40. Sex and the City, Frasier and Friends finished last year but which last line is this - You got
off the plane?
a) Friends (Ross to Rachel) - (Wish me luck / Frasier to himself - Well, that's just fabulous / Sex
and the City (Carrie to Big)
Tiebreaker - How long would it take to stay for one night in every roomin the MGM Grand Hotel
in Las Vegas?
Thirteen Years & Eight Months
1. Today in 1969, which group reached Number One in the UK pop charts with 'Lily the
The Scaffold
2. Which television company replaced Thames Television in the early 1990's?
3. Launched in 1989 on a journey to Jupiter, which spacecraft is named after an Italian
astronomer, who died today in 1642?
4. In the pantomime Aladdin what was the name of Aladdin’s brother?
Wishy Washy
5. Today in 1969, the first trial flight of Concorde took place. Seven years later,
inaugural flights left which two cities?
Paris and London - An Air France Concorde left Paris for Rio de Janeiro and a BOAC
Concorde flew to Bahrain fromLondon
6. How is Saint Helens comedian, Michael Pennington better known to us?
Johnny Vegas
7. Who resigned as British Prime Minister today in 1957?
Sir Anthony Eden
8. Which was the first word spoken on the moon?
9. Today in 1971, Clive Dunn celebrated his birthday by reaching Number One in the UK
pop charts - with which song?
10. Five Points available, name the five finished Charles Dickens' novels which have
men's names as the title?
David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, Martin Chuzzlewit, Barnaby Rudge, Nicholas Nickleby
11. Which liner was destroyed by fire in Hong Kong harbour today in 1972?
Queen Elizabeth
12. What ceased to be legal tender in the UK in March 1983?
Pound note
13. Gracie Fields was born today in 1898. What is the title of her hit song about a rather
large plant?
`The Biggest Aspidistra in the World'
14. What is the highest bank note in monopoly?
15. American actor Ray Bolger was born today in 1904. Which character did he play in
the classic film 'The Wizard of Oz'?
The Scarecrow
16. Name two sports in which there is slalom?
Skiing and canoeing
17. Name the cartoon character, described as a 'Belgian boy scout' who first appeared
in a newspaper today in 1929?
Tintin - created by Herge
18. What did the British army first use in Belfast in 1971?
Rubber bullets
19. What was the name of Sir Clive Sinclair's electric trike, launched today in 1985?
The C5
20. Ancient Oak Survey - Top Answer Required - Name a holiday firm?
Thompson or Tui / Thomas Cook / First Choice / Lunn Poly / Butlins
21. Which Year - Tonya Harding's bodyguard attacked ice skater Nancy Kerrigan with
crowbar, Torvill and Dean won the British Ice-Dancing Championship, Michael Jackson,
accused of molesting a 13 year old, settled out of court, Death of Telly Savalas, (aged
70) Actor 'Kojak' and In Algiers French Commandos stormed a hijacked Air France
Airbus to free its passengers?
22. Using springs and a timer, what appliance did Charles Stright invent in 1919?
23. What is the proper term for the sheath that holds a sword?
24. What Is The Minimum Distance For A Race On The Flat Under The Rules Formulated
By The Jockey Club?
25. Which star of many comedy films died during the making of the 1994 film "Wagon's
John Candy
26. What is the name of the Greek god of the Sun?
27. For Which Italian Club Did Jimmy Greaves Play?
Ac Milan
28. Which Legendary American Indian Chief Had A Name Meaning "He Makes Rivers"?
29. What was Commonwealth day called before 1958?
Empire Day
30. Five Points available - Which five venues have staged Formula 1 British Grand Prix
Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Brooklands, Aintree & Donnington
31. The song" I Feel Pretty" comes from which popular musical?
West Side Story
32. During which century did the world's greatest lover Casanova live?
18th Century
33. "New York Mining Disaster-1941" was the first hit record for which group?
The Bee Gees
34. Which organisations motto is "Courtesy and Care"?
Automobile Association
35. Which Famous Artist Shot Himself In A Cornfield?
Van Gough
36. What colour is the geography questions in trivial pursuit?
37. In which city can you find the Football Club Real Betis?
38. Clare Grogan Was Lead Singer With Which Eighties Band?
Altered Images
39. Which is America's most southerly State?
40. Five Points available - According To The Guinness Book Of Hit Singles Paul
McCartney Is Credited As Singing With Five Other Acts, Name Them?
Wings, Linda McCartney, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder And The Frog Chorus
Spare - Who lives at No 11 Downing Street?
The Blair family (he swapped with Brown 'cos 11's larger)
1. Who was the first presenter of ' A Question Of Sport '?
David Vine
2. How many people make up the aircrew of an Apache Helicopter?
3. Which organisation has its headquarters at Langley, Virginia in the USA?
4. Which four European capital cities are on the river Danube?
Budapest, Vienna, Belgrade and Sofia
5. Which famous writer of children’s books had a house called ' Hill Top ' that is kept as
a museum today?
Beatrix Potter
6. Which group reached Number One in the UK pop charts today in 1982 with `The Land
of Make Believe'?
Bucks Fizz
7. Which famous sports car company was founded by WilliamLyons?
8. Which 80's Band was originally called Hollycaust until they saw a newspaper
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
9. Which sportsman had the personalised car number plate JJ1986?
Joe Johnson (Snooker World Champion 1986)
10. What are the next 2 letters in this series - ST, ND, RD?
TH (as in 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th)
11. Which 1984 fantasy film saw the character of Bastian entering the land of Fantasia?
The Never Ending Story
12. Today in 1939, Superman first appeared as a daily comic strip. Who plays the hero in
TV's 'The New Adventures of Superman'?
Dean Cain
13. What is the closest country on mainland Europe to the island of Corfu?
14. The Salvation Army has announced the closure of which Liverpool children's home
made famous by the Beatles?
Strawberry Field
15. Which organisation has the motto 'Lend A Hand'?
The Brownies
16. Who has withdrawn his £7 dish 'mea culpa', a melange of baked beans, red chillies,
parmesan and olive oil arranged on toasted ciabatta, from the menu in his restaurant?
Jamie Oliver
17. In the card game Bridge, which is the highest-ranking suit of cards?
18. Today in 1943 America's Pentagon was completed. In which state is the complex?
19. In which James Bond movie did the Israeli actor Topol play a Greek smuggler called
For Your Eyes Only
20. Ancient Oak Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name your favourite sixties
Beatles / Rolling Stones / Hollies / Searchers / Shadows
21. Which Year - The publishers of Enid Blyton's Noddy books for children, announced that future
editions will lack the traditional black golliwogs, Ernest Saunders, chairman of the Guinness brewing
group, resigned as a Department of Trade investigation began into the scandal surrounding the Guinness
takeover of the Distillers Group, Prince Edward, serving with the Royal Marines handed in his resignation,
Terry Waite, the Archbishop of Canterbury's special envoy in the Middle East, disappeared on a peace
mission in Beirut, Lebanon and Manchester United's Liam O'Brien set a new time -- just 85 seconds into
the match against Southampton -- for the quickest ever sending-off in the First Division (now
22. Do you pay a toll on the Severn bridge when you enter Wales, leave Wales, or both?
When you enter
23. Which actor and singer reached the top of the UK pop charts today in 1977 with
`Don't Give Up On Us'?
David Soul
24. Former US President George Bush won an Olympic Bronze for clay-pigeon shooting
in 1952 - True or false?
25. What are the three middle names of Prince William?
Arthur Philip Louis
26. Which is the only brand marketed by Richard Branson which does not have the
brand name "Virgin" attached to it?
Mates Condoms
27. Who has been played on filmby Ellen Barkin, Jane Russell and Doris Day?
Calamity Jane
28. Which of Henry VIII's six wives had four husbands (including Henry)?
Catherine Parr
29. Actor Frank Thornton was born today in 1921. Which character did he play in TV's
'Are You Being Served?'?
Captain Stephen Peacock
30. Which of these sporting events first took place in 1903, was it a, Monty Carlo Rally,
b, The Grand National or c, Tour de France?
Tour de France
31. Which would be the first US state you would you arrive in if you headed due north
from Hawaii?
32. What is the common name of the flower Bellis Perennis?
33. Today in 1983, breakfast television came to Britain. Who was the regular
weatherman on BBC's' Breakfast Time', now to be found on Sky News?
Francis Wilson
34. K1, K2, C1 and C2 are all categories in which sport?
35. Which drink was once advertised as 'drunk for a penny; dead drunk for tuppence'?
36. Which cartoon character has two nephews called Prezley and Waldo?
Mr Magoo
37. Born today in 1942 who is the only boxer to have regained the world heavyweight
championship twice?
Muhammad Ali
38. Which entertainer was once married to his manager Cheryl St Clair?
Michael Barrymore
39. The Derby was the first horserace to be filmed, during which decade did the filming
take place, was it a, 1890's, b, 1900's or c, 1920's?
40. In the film 'The Tommy Steele Story' who played the part of Tommy Steele?
Tommy Steele
1. Who reached the top of the UK pop charts today in 1988 with `Heaven is a Place on
Belinda Carlisle
2. The branches of which tree feature on the United Nations flag?
Olive tree
3. Which "Jurassic Park" star played a computer genius in "Independence Day"?
Jeff Goldblum
4. What is the name of P&O's ill-fated cruise ship?
5. Proceedings in the House of Lords were televised for the first time today in 1985.
What colour seats do the peers sit on?
6. Which river, famed for its salmon, rises in the Cairngormmountains and flows east to
the North Sea at Aberdeen?
River Dee
7. What connects Rubber Bullets, Nadia Comaneci and Bo Derek?
The number ten, a hit for 10CC, Nadia was the first gymnast to score 10 and Bo Derek
starred in the film 10
8. Sudan's only coastline stands on which sea?
Red Sea
9. Which group's top ten hits include "Ladies Night", "Celebration" And "Cherish"?
Kool And The Gang
10. Which Russian ballerina died today in 1931 and has a dessert named after her?
Anna Pavlova
11. One point each - Which four songs were UK chart toppers for the glamrock group T
Hot Love, Get It On, Telegram Sam and Metal Guru
12. In which commonwealth country are there airports with the codes "Ccu", "Bom" And
13. Which British horror storywriter penned the novel The Rats?
James Herbert
14. Nicola Benedetti, the BBC Young Musician of the Year, who has signed a record deal
worth £1 million plays which instrument?
15. Who called his paintings, `hand-painted dreamphotographs' and died today in
Salvador Dali
16. Which male pop star had more duet partners in the 20th century than any other chart
Elton John
17. In which filmdid Jack Nicholson continually type, "All work and no play makes Jack
a dull boy"?
The Shining
18. Farci is a culinary termmeaning what?
19. What has become the biggest airliner in history with 555 seats?
The Airbus A380
20. Ancient Oak Quiz Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name a sexy actor?
Brad Pitt / Richard Gere / Sean Connery / Jude Law / George Clooney
21. Which Year - Chris Evans handed in his resignation to the Bosses of Radio 1,
because they would not let himhave Fridays off, East 17 sacked singer Brian Harvey
over his comments about Ecstasy, Angola was visited by Diana, Princess of Wales on
behalf of the Red Cross. Her visit was to highlight the use of landmines, Kevin Keegan
resigned as manager of Premiership Newcastle United, ending his eight-year reign at
the club?
22. Which country has erected more than 60,000 new speed signs after fully going
23. Which comedy actor was the first man to appear on the front cover of Playboy
Peter Sellers
24. Who was the first footballer to score for five clubs in England's Premiership?
Stan Collymore
25. What is the title of the TV action series in which Ross Kemp plays an SAS soldier
called Henno Garvie?
Ultimate Force
26. A WOMAN IS ON is an anagramof which sportsman?
Ian Woosnam
27. What make of car did 007 drive in the first James Bond novel?
28. The name of which French tourist attraction means red windmill in English?
Moulin Rouge
29. Alicante, Cardinal, Cassidy, Niagara and Palamino are all varieties of which fruit?
30. Which singer recorded under a one-word name that meant, "mischievous" in
31. One point each - Which nations were the four semi-finalists in footballs 2002 World
Brazil, Germany, South Korea and Turkey
32. In television's The Vicar of Dibley what is Alice Tinker's married surname?
33. In 1987 who became the first female artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall
of Fame?
Aretha Franklin
34. What started with the storming of the Winter Palace?
The Russian Revolution
35. What is the title of the West End show in which Jerome Flynn portrays the late
comedian Tommy Cooper?
Jus' Like That
36. In which Stephen King story did the creepy, balloon-carrying clown, Pennywise,
terrorise the children?
37. The Return Of Jafar is a sequel to which Disney animation?
38. The Pasedena Rose Bowl hosted which famous event in 1994?
The World Cup Final
39. In Monopoly, if you were on 'GO TO JAIL' and threw a 11 were would you
Old Kent Road
40. Which nursery rhyme character suffers from arachnophobia?
Little Miss Muffet
1. Born today in 1931, who gave an Oscar-winning performance as Popeye Doyle in the
film `The French Connection'?
Gene Hackman
2. Which two South American countries produce the most coffee?
Brazil & Colombia
3. Which animal represents the Chinese New Year 2005?
4. What does the reference book, Crockfords, list?
The clergy of the Church of England
5. Five Points - Today in 1983, TV AM went on the air for the first time. Name the original
five presenters?
Anna Ford, Angela Rippon, David Frost, Robert Kee, Michael Parkinson
6. In darts, who won the World Masters five times between 1977 and 1984?
Eric Bristow
7. What bird is the symbol of Penguin books children's section?
8. What is the main language spoken in Chile?
9. What is Admiral Sir Miles Messervy usually known as in a series of movies?
M (Bond films)
10. What is another name for the Russian wolfhound?
11. What is January’s birthstone?
12. How many players are there in a British lacrosse team?
13. Today in 1606, Guy Fawkes was hanged. Which king was on the throne at the time of
the Gunpowder Plot?
James I
14. What sort of bird is a Cinnamon Norwich?
15. What do the initials P & O stand for in the shipping company?
Peninsular and Oriental
16. What was the name for the ancient Egyptian good luck charm in the shape of a
The scarab
17. Which British newspaper first appeared in October 1986?
The Independent
18. Who in 1963 on the Motown Label was billed as 'the 12 year old Genius'?
Stevie Wonder
19. Which word can go after jumbo and before black?
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name your favourite pub
Steak / Gammon / Curry / Burger / Scampi / Pie
21. Which Year - A week after the death of the Ceaucescus, Romania abolished the
death penalty and outlawed the secret police, The Leaning Tower of Pisa was closed to
the public for safety reasons, Death of Gordon Jackson (aged 66) Actor 'Upstairs
Downstairs' and "The Simpson’s" received its debut on American television?
22. Name the English entertainer who called his autobiography 'Wiv A Little Bit of Luck'
and died today in 1982?
Stanley Holloway
23. Who presented the Kids TV series 'Runaround'?
Mike Read
24. Which country did tennis-playing sisters Katerina and Manuela Maleeva come from?
25. Who is the new owner of Leeds United?
Ken Bates
26. Which advertiser says, 'we care because you do"?
27. When was the first elephant to be seen in England – a gift to the monarch from the
king of France – was it 1256, 1456, 1656 or 1856?
28. What is the common name for the fruit Citrus grandis?
29. Gary and Yvonne Sparrow were characters in which TV series?
Goodnight Sweetheart
30. What kind of dancer was Mr Bo jangles?
Tap Dancer
31. Which TV News program celebrated its 25th birthday last week?
32. What shape is a sumo wrestling area?
33. Today in 1858, the steamship 'The Great Eastern' was launched. Who designed it?
Isambard Kingdom Brunel
34. Which William featured as a team captain in 'A Question of Sport"?
Bill Beaumont
35. Before Tyson, who was the last undisputed heavy-weight champion of the world?
Leon Spinks
36. What is the study of family history called?
37. In which opera does the heroine work in a cigarette factory?
38. Who in 1987 was the first British golfer to win the World Matchplay Championship?
Ian Woosnam
39. In which county is Romney Marsh?
40. According to English Law, If Mr Smith's peacock lays an egg in Mr Jones' yard, who
owns the egg?
Peacock's don't lay eggs, Peahens do!
Would a steel ball travel faster through water at 25c or -5c?
At 25c - Water freezes at 0c (Ever tried dropping a steel ball through ice!!)
Tiebreaker - At what speed – in feet per second, does the London Eye revolve?
1. 750 jurors, 1,000 fans and 1,100 journalists descended on a small California town for
start of whose trial this week?
Michael Jackson
2. According to the Bible who was the first ever person to get drunk and to see a
3. A hart's tongue is a type of which plant, a favourite of Alan Tichmarsh?
4. Which English city is the site of 30 houses that are collectively known as the Royal
5. Today in 1924, what timely feature was first heard on the radio?
The Pips - Greenwich time signal
6. Which city is the setting for French Connection II?
7. The common and the grey are types of which creature that breed around the coast of
8. What pseudonymdid Mary Clarissa Miller adopt as a writer?
Agatha Christie
9. If a house advertised in a newspaper had the initials SSTC stamped over it, for what
would these initials stand?
Sold Subject to Contract
10. In 1983 whomdid Ronald Reagan describe as the best man in England?
Margaret Thatcher
11. What is the better-known name for the National Campaign for Homeless People?
12. Who is the most famous child of Prince Andrew of Greece and Princess Alice of
Prince Philip
13. Ex-chat show host and East Midlands MEP Robert Kilroy-Silk launched his new
party, what is it called?
14. Which is the name of England's most easterly league football ground?
Carrow Road (Norwich City)
15. English aviator and writer, Captain W.E. Johns, was born today in 1893. Who is his
most famous creation?
Major James Bigglesworth, better known as `Biggles'
16. For which Rugby Super league teamdoes hooker Keiron Cunninghamplay?
St Helens
17. Which 70's hit song opens with the line: "You better beware, you better take care,
you better watch out if you got long black hair."?
18. Which was the first Sunday newspaper to be published in Britain?
The Observer
19. Where does the American flag fly 24 / 7 never taken down?
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Three Answers Required - Name your favourite
70's group?
Abba / Queen / Slade / (Bee Gees)
21. Which Year - Idi Amin assumed power in Uganda following a military coup; The
Osmonds received their first gold record. It was for the song "One Bad Apple",
Astronaut Alan Shepherd became the first person to hit a golf ball on the moon, In
London, 4000 women's libbers march from Hyde Park to 10 Downing Street and
Bankruptcy was announced by carmakers Rolls Royce?
22. Today in 1987 George Michael topped the UK pop charts with the duet 'I Knew You
Were Waiting For Me'. Who sang with him?
Aretha Franklin
23. In the strip cartoon, what is the name of Snoopy's brother?
24. Which is nearest to the coast of mainland Spain; Ibiza, Majorca or Minorca?
25. Today in 1952, Queen Elizabeth succeeded to the British throne on her father's
death. Where was she when she heard the news?
On tour in Kenya with Prince Philip
26. Which TV comedian had characters called "Kitchener, Lampwick, Camp Clarence
and The Toothy Vicar"?
Dick Emery
27. In which English University city are there open spaces called Midsummer Common,
Parker's Piece and Jesus Green?
28. With which actress would you associate the films "Outrageous People", Down and
Out in Beverley Hills" and "Ruthless People"?
Bette Midler
29. In which area of London did Jack The Ripper commit his murders?
30. When there are two full moons in the same month, what is the second called?
Blue Moon
31. Who was England's goalkeeper during the "hand of god" incident involving
Peter Shilton
32. In which country would you find the World's oldest brewery?
33. Who plays Judge John Deed in the BBC TV series?
Martin Shaw
34. Where are the 2006 Commonwealth Games to be held?
Melbourne (2006 Winter Olympics - Turin)
35. Jimmy Tarbuck was born today in 1940. Name the TV quiz show he presented in
which Geoffrey Wheeler asked the questions?
`Winner Takes All'
36. Which musical instrument is featured on the Royal Standard?
37. Which liqueur is added to coffee to make a "Kentucky Coffee"?
Southern Comfort
38. Which is the widest and heaviest arch bridge in the world?
Sydney Harbour Bridge
39. What is the name of the cricket team founded in 1950 by a small group of actors and
their friends to raise money for charity?
Lord's Taverners
40. What word if pronounced right is wrong but if pronounced wrong is right?
Tiebreaker - In what year was train robber Ronnie Biggs born?
1. According to a newspaper survey this week, who do teenagers think Churchill is?
The nodding dog used to sell car insurance!
2. When a boat is sailing 'close-hauled' is the wind blowing fromahead, behind or from the
3. Three points - Abraham Lincoln was born today (12/2) in 1809. A giant sculpture of his head is
carved into the side of Mount Rushmore, next to those of three other American Presidents.
Name them?
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt
4. Who are sponsoring this years of the Masters snooker tournament?
HP Sauce
5. Which ocean are you in if you are at zero degrees longitude, zero degrees latitude?
6. Mrs Parker Bowles will become HRH the Duchess of Cornwall on her marriage to Prince
Charles, and eventually (when or if Charles assumes the throne) acquiring which title that will
make her sound like a 1970's saloon car?
HRH The Princess Consort
7. Which board game takes its name from the Persian for king?
8. Who recently suffered a badly burnt arm, a Cut and bruised forehead, a Cut thumb, a badly
bruised leg and rotten fingernails?
Dame Ellen Macarthur - on her mammoth round-the-world trip
9. Known as `The Nine Days Queen', who was executed today (12/2) in 1554?
Lady Jane Grey (she ruled from10th to 19th July 1553)
10. In a survey published this week, motorists in the UK were asked what lawchange would be
their biggest wish. Which of these was more wished-for, A: Make lane-hogging an offence, B:
Scrap speed cameras or C: Allow only company cars in motorway fast lanes?
A: Make lane-hogging an offence
11. Who are the sponsors of the Italian Rugby Union side?
12. Today in 1924, 'Rhapsody in Blue' received its world premiere in NewYork. Who composed
George Gershwin
13. Which London landmark was designed by Sir Norman Foster to depict a 'blade of light by
The Millennium Bridge
14. Which bishop's death officially occurred in Rome on 14th February 270AD?
St Valentine
15. The male of which animal may be called a 'boomer' or an 'old man'?
16. In which country was the model Claudia Schiffer born?
17. 'Garden Tiger' and 'Hornet Clearwing' are species of which insect?
18. In which Olympic event in 1920 did the City Police win the gold, the Liverpool Police win the
silver and the Metropolitan Police win the bronze?
19. What unregulated form of transport first appeared in London in 1961?
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name a romantic location?
Paris / Venice / Rome / Maldives / Bali
21. Which Year - The first rocket-assisted controlled landing on the Moon was made by the
Soviet space vehicle Luna IX, Watney put a penny on the price of a pint of bitter, raising the cost
to 1/8d, John Lennon's quick Merseyside tongue took hima quip too far. He said the Beatles
were more popular than Jesus Christ and The criminal overlords of London's East End, 35-yearold
twins Ronald and Reginald Kray, were jailed for 30 years for murder?
1966 - The Cavern Club, the venue where the Beatles and many other groups first made their
mark, went into liquidation
22. Which Royal occasion brought about the first meeting of Princess Elizabeth and Prince
George VI's Coronation
23. What does Britain celebrate on the fourth Sunday of Lent that the U.S. celebrates on the
second Sunday in may?
Mother's Day
24. Who is the only person to have won 18 major golf tournaments?
Jack Nicklaus
25. What did John Hawkins of England start selling to the Americans in 1562?
26. Which animals' friends include Velma, Daphne and Fred?
Scooby Doo
27. Which pop band named itself after an American fire truck?
REO Speedwagon
28. England has only five mountain peaks over 900 metres high, they are all in which county?
29. What are Ramin Derby, Red Dragon in Cardiff, Fox in Oxford and the Eagle in Guildford?
Commercial Radio Stations - the latest CRCA Pocketbook can be requested from
30. In which series of adventure stories are John Clayton and Jane Porter leading characters?
31. Originally reserved for the clergy, what name is given to the area in a church containing the
choir and the alter?
32. The opening chapter of which well-loved children's book is entitled 'the cyclone'?
The Wizard of Oz
33. Which animals are the main causes of power failures in the African country Nigeria?
34. What colour is Diamond dust?
35. Who was the first non-human Oscar winner?
Mickey Mouse
36. What did Mr Heath of Wolverhampton Wanderers take in 1891 that had never been taken
before in an English football league match?
A Penalty
37. Which popular board game was originally sold as 'Criss-Cross'?
38. What did Albert Parkhouse invent that is one of the most stolen items from hotels?
Coat Hanger
39. Which building is used for the election of a pope?
Sistine Chapel
40. Which is Europe's largest island?
Great Britain
Tiebreaker - The bill for staging a traditional wedding has exceeded how much for the first time,
according to new research?
£17,000 - It says that the costs of getting married rose by 58 per cent in the last 10 years to
1. Which star sign falls between Feb 20th and March 20th?
2. In bullfighting, what name is given to the men who ride on horses carrying long
3. Three points - Other than London, three other British cities can hallmark gold and
silver – point each for the three?
Edinburgh, Birmingham and Sheffield
4. Which Russian football team was the first to reach a European Final?
Moscow Dynamo
5. Today in 1974, singer Cher filed for divorce fromher husband. Who was he?
Sonny Bono
6. What was the first decimal coin to be issued in Britain?
50p piece
7. Today in 1962, who became the first man to orbit the earth?
John Glenn - he orbited three times
8. By which river does Blackburn’s Ewood Park stand?
9. Which Kylie Minogue song reached the top of the UK pop charts today in 1988?
`I Should Be So Lucky'
10. Which mail-order company specialises in trivial things like nose-hair trimmers and
electric mole scarers?
11. The first episode of `EastEnders' was screened today - in which year?
12. What was Helen Mirren’s character called in Prime Suspect?
Jane Tennison
In 1994, who was the first cricketer to be fined for misconduct?
Mike Atherton
13. Song Lyrics - "On the waves of the air, there is dancin' out there. If it's somethin' we
can share, we can steal it"?
Night Fever/ Bee Gees
14. Officially, how long was Prince Charles married?
14 years
15. Born today in 1473 which Polish astronomer was considered the founder of modern
Nicolaus Copernicus
16. What was the umlikely name of Dick Van Dyke’s girlfriend in Chitty Chitty Bang
Truly Scrumptious
17. Which footballer wrote an autobiography called “Hell Razor”?
Neil Ruddock
18. What part of the Horseradish plant is used to make horseradish sauce?
19. What one word can go before beer, bread and nut to make other words?
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name a Sexy Actress?
Halle Berry / Sharon Stone / Sandra Bullock / Julia Roberts / Jennifer Lopez!
21. Which Year - The first issue of the Sunday Telegraph was published, Danny
Blanchflower became the first person to refuse appear on the television programme
"This is Your Life", Russian dog Laika was launched into space aboard the spacecraft
Sputnik 9 and Death of English entertainer George Formby?
22. In the Robin Hood stories, who was the Sheriff of Nottingham’s chief henchman?
Guy of Gisburne
23. Which of the following foods has the lowest water content – carrots, tomatoes,
whole milk or celery?
24. Who was the first royal after Henry VIII to marry after a divorce?
Princess Anne
25. With which sport would you associate the Newcastle Jesters?
Ice Hockey
26. How many Welsh teams are there in the 4 main football divisions?
3 Cardiff, Wrexham and Swansea
27. Which sportsman’s fiancée is model Heidi Wichlinski?
David Coulthard
28. What’s the top prize for the ultimate winner of Countdown?
Set of Oxford English Dictionary
29. Officially, between which two towns does the M6 run?
Rugby to Carlisle
30. Which herb is used to flavour the sauce on pizzas?
31. How many Concordes were built?
32. What sport takes place in an area 32ft by 21ft across, using a ball that weighs
approximately 24 gms?
33. What colour are the berries of the Yew tree?
34. If you were to fly to Los Angeles, what 3-letter code would be put on your luggage?
35. In Wales, many towns begin with Llan – what does it mean?
36. Which famous author of spy stories was really an intelligence agent during World
War II?
Ian Fleming
37. Which sea creature, beginning with a B, has sex organs 30 times its body length?
38. What penalty are you given in golf if you play with your opponent’s ball?
2 strokes
39. What, according to Groucho Marx, begins with F, ends with K, and if you can’t get
one, you have to use your hand?
40. What was unique about the 1999 cup final?
It was the first time two Uniteds met in an FA Cup Final (Man Utd v Newcastle Utd)
Tiebreaker - How many lakes are there in Finland?
1. In The News - What have Victoria and David Beckham called their new baby boy?
2. Which famous Liverpool club, associated with the Beatles, closed down today in
The Cavern Club
3. In The News - What was a postman told he must stop taking on his rounds?
His dog. He was banned from taking his dog on his rounds after a solitary complaint
from the 600 households to which he delivers
4. Which sport has Greco-Roman and Freestyle as two distinct styles?
5. He died today (25/2) in 1723. His tomb in St. Paul's Cathedral says: 'Reader, if you
seek a monument, look around'. Who is he?
Sir Christopher Wren
6. In The News - Which country has become the first EU member to vote in favour of the
European constitution?
7. Who has been the tallest of the James Bonds?
Sean Connery
8. British general Orde Wingate was born today (26/2) in 1903. What name was given to
his specially trained jungle fighters in Burma in World War Two?
The Chindits (or 'Wingate's Riders')
9. In The News - How is Belfast going to celebrate the building of the Titanic?
By towing an iceberg into the shipyard where the ill-fated liner was launched
10. Inventor Richard Gatling died today (26/2) in 1903. His Gatling gun consists of how
many barrels?
11. 'By the Sleepy Lagoon' is the theme tune to which Radio Show?
Desert Island Discs
12. In The News - Which two Sinn Fein leaders have been publicly named as members
of the IRA's Army Council?
Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness
13. Who wrote the comedy series Only Fools and Horses?
John Sullivan
14. What is the name given to a large and often, international gathering of boy scouts?
15. In The News - What is the latest tax being proposed by local authorities?
Apenny-a-packet tax on chewing gum
16. Inspector Abaline from Scotland Yard spent his life looking for which serial killer?
Jack The Ripper
17. True or false - The game of Conkers was originally played with Snail Shells?
True - takes its name from the latin for Shell - Concha
18. Which Grand National jump is named after a rider who fell there during the first race
on this day (26/2) in 1839?
Becher's Brook (after Captain Becher)
19. Which city is 88 miles from Birmingham, 71 miles from York and 43 miles from
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name a top radio presenter?
Terry Wogan / Steve Wright / Chris Moyles / John Peel (RIP) / Tony Blackburn
21. Which Year - The confectionery company Rowntrees of York introduces the Yorkie
Bar in Britain, The home video cassette recorder is introduced into the US market, with
two incompatible models, The 'Cod War' between Iceland and Britain ends after
mediation by Norway, Palestinian terrorists hijack an Air France plane and force it to fly
to Entebbe, Uganda and For the first time there are more colour than black and white TV
licences in Britain?
22. In a maximum snooker break of 147, how many points are scored on the black ball?
23. In what country does the story of the pied Piper of Hamelin take place?
24. Which actor is the star of the TV show 24?
Kiefer Sutherland
25. Which song begins with the lyrics "Hey where did we go, days when the rain came"?
Brown Eyed Girl
26. Sunk in 1944, what was the sister ship of the Bismarck?
27. Which famous swordsman has a name that is the Spanish for 'fox'?
28. The sousaphone, designed to be used in marching bands, is a variant of which
orchestral brass instrument?
29. Who lived at 32 Windsor Gardens, after a long journey fromhis original home?
Paddington Bear
30. What was great lover Casanova's first name?
31. Which borough of London shares its name with a New York village?
32. Which 60's movie sex symbol's real name was Camille Javal?
Bridget Bardot
33. In which year did Earl Tupper found the Tupperware company, a)1938 b) 1948 c)
34. What type of animal is a Sooty Mangabey?
35. In airline jargon you often hear the termAPEX, but what does it mean?
Advance Purchase Excursion Tickets
36. Which shaggy, horned, wild cattle live in the Tibetan mountains?
37. What is Britain's southernmost railway station?
38. Who was the original narrator of The Wombles?
Bernard Cribbins
39. Which living motor racing driver had been given the last rites before becoming
World Champion?
Niki Lauda
40. How many puppies were there in the original Walt Disney cartoon film about
99 (2 were the parents)
Tiebreaker - In the pest world, which pest has seven penises, all being different shapes
and sizes?
1 Which well-known ex-Fleet Street editor has finally published his 'secret diary'?
Piers Morgan
2. What does the text message abbreviation F2F stand for?
Face to face
3. Who has been named captain of Europe's 2006 Ryder Cup team?
Ian Woosnam - with Nick Faldo taking over in 2008
4. Nimrod was the great grand son of which famous Biblical person?
5. Which duo's official fan club is called The Sons of the Desert?
Laurel & Hardy
6. What ancient Roman buildings name means Place for a Giant?
7. Which area of England has been given National Park status?
The New Forest in Hampshire
8. Simon Thomas, Matt Baker and Liz Barker present which TV programme?
Blue Peter
9. Britain's largest flea, Histicopsylla Talpae, lives on what undomesticated animal?
The Mole
10. In which city did Clark Kent, alias Superman, work for the Daily Planet?
11. The Flashing Blade is the fanzine of which football club?
Sheffield United
12. Which 1997 film sequel was advertised with the slogan "Something has survived"?
Jurassic Park - The Lost World
13. In the House of Commons, what must an MP do if he or she is named by the
Leave the house
14. One point each - Which two wives of Henry VIII outlived him?
Anne of Cleves and Catherine Parr
15. How many players are there in a Gaelic football team?
16. What does the Madagascan Hissing Cockroach do that other cockroaches don't do?
Give birth to live young, rather than laying eggs
17. Which city has been named Britain's cleanest - despite having virtually no litterbins?
18. If you entered a Canadian pairs race, in what sport would you be participating?
19. True or false, before appearing in National Velvet, Elizabeth Taylor wrote a bestselling
book about her pet chipmunk called 'Ibbles and Me'?
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name a bird you see
regularly in your garden?
Sparrow / Robin / Magpie / Blackbird / Blue Tit
21. Which Year - A Japanese soldier was found in hiding on Lubang Island in the
Philippines. He believed World War II was still being fought, The Charles de Gaulle
airport in Paris was opened, Princess Anne escaped unhurt after an armed man tried to
kidnap her in London, US spacecraft Mariner 10 took close-up photographs of the
planet Mercury, Golda Meir resigned as Prime Minister of Israel and Glenda Jackson
won the Oscar for best actress for her role in 'A Touch Of Class'?
22. Around which city does the bus career in the film 'Speed'?
Los Angeles
23. Mangoes are rich in which vitamin?
Vitamin 'A'
24. Which male pop star was in the top 10 'Worse Dressed Women' list in 1983?
Boy George
25. Which island in the eastern Pacific is also known as Rapanui?
Easter Island
26. London boasts the oldest public museum in the world, founded in 1753. Which is it?
The British Museum
27. Which service-rank indicates that the holder used to lead a band of robbers and
Brigadier (leader of the brigands)
28. According to the Highway Code, You are driving a car with a trailer on a dual
carriageway. What is the speed limit?
29. What 1881 Wild West incident has been the subject of 29 movies?
Gunfight at the OK Corral
30. Petunia is the girlfriend of which cartoon character?
Porky pig
31. Who is to become known as the Duchess of Rothesay in Scotland?
Camilla Parker-Bowles
32. When the Catholic Church considers a candidate for sainthood, they appoint a
cardinal to oppose the motion. By what title is he known?
Devil's Advocate
33. On TV, which old lady was called 'Daisy May Moses'?
Granny Clampett - The Beverley Hillbillies
34. Other than white, what colour is allowed for the ball in Table Tennis competitions?
35. What type of animal is a Jesus Christ?
Lizard from South America - called that because it can literally walk on water
36. Which king in a pack of cards is sticking a sword through his head?
King of Hearts (Suicide)
37. What is the only animal with retractable horns?
38. What always falls 38 days before Good Friday?
Shrove Tuesday
39. Two of the posts holding up a boxing ring are white. What colours are the other
Red and Blue
40. There is a certain crime, that if is attempted, is punishable, but if it is committed, is
not punishable. What is the crime?
Tiebreaker - If all the track of the London Underground were laid end to end, how far would it reach?
253 miles
How many Michelin star restaurants does London have?
How many languages are spoken in London?
How long does the average worker in central London spend commuting to their office?
110 minutes
At Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip's opulent 1947 wedding, how tall was the biggest wedding cake?
1. What new measure is to be offered to women for a beer in pubs, which may become
known as girlie beer?
A third of a pint, possibly in a wine glass
2. Which TWO cities host the European Parliament each month?
Brussels and Strasbourg
3. Which tribe of Indians shared their name with the state capital of Wyoming?
4. Born today in 1939 which singer enjoyed his first top ten success in the UK pop
charts in 1959 with 'I Go Ape'?
Neil Sedaka
5. Which five Scottish or English teams have the suffix Athletic in their name?
Charlton; Oldham; Wigan; Alloa; Forfar
6. What did the research ship Knorr discover in 1985?
SS Titanic
7. Which knighted actor is joining the cast of ITV1's Coronation Street to play a "dodgy
Sir Ian McKellen
8. On which product is does a clock always-read 8.03pm?
After Eight Mints
9. Which planet was discovered by Sir William Herschel today in 1781?
10. Which car manufacturer gets its name from the Persian God of Light?
11. Which Robbie Williams' track is the UK's favourite funeral song according to a
Angels - Europeans choose a Queen anthem!
12. Which product can be classed as inside; garden; display and professional?
13. Today in 1993 the BBC announced the scrapping of 'Eldorado'. In which fictional
Spanish town was the TV soap set?
Los Barcos
14. In which sport do British male competitors wear scarlet whilst female competitors
wear black?
Show jumping
15. Which car manufacturer has the slogan ‘The Power of Dreams’?
16. Which word can mean all of the following…fix firmly; TV presenter; part of a ship?
17. In which country was boxer Joe Bugner born today in 1950?
18. What does a yellow and red striped flag signify in Motor Racing?
Oil/Slippery Track
19. True or False: the manager of the first ever Japanese restaurant to be awarded a
Michelin star, Umu in London’s Mayfair, is called Eric Kebbab?
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name your favourite quiz
Music / Sport / Entertainment / General Knowledge / Science
21. Which Year - Brookside, a soap opera set in a residential close in Liverpool, starts
on British television, The Tube, Britain's most influential television music programme of
the 1980s, starts on BBC2, with presenters Paula Yates and Jools Holland, Kodak
launches the digital camera and digital film, The Coca-Cola Company launches Diet
Coke and Michael Jackson's Thriller confirms his status as a pop icon?
22. What board game takes place at Tudor Close?
23. Which country has won most Oscars for best foreign language film, Is it Spain,
France or Italy?
24. In which sport do the Ipswich Witches play at Foxhall Stadium?
25. To which country did Sgt. Nick Rowan and his family emigrate in TV's ‘Heartbeat’?
26. The San Diego schoolgirl Brenda Spencer, who shot her Headmaster and fellow
pupils, inspired which 1979 number one hit?
I Don't Like Mondays (Boomtown Rats)
27. Elena Baltacha is Britain’s No.1 ranked sportswoman in her sport, but what sport?
28. What was the name of the Sea Lord in The Little Mermaid?
29. What is the country of origin of Aldi supermarkets?
30. What name is given to a horse with patches of black and white?
Spare - What name is given to a golden horse with a pale mane?
31. The tune titled 'The Hornblower' was the jaunty theme tune for which children’s
Captain Pugwash
32. 350, Fifth Avenue, New York is the official address of which building?
Empire State Building
33. According to the Automobile Association, on what day of the week do more people
get involved in car crashes?
34. From which country does the beer Duvel come?
35. What is the name of the science that deals with drugs and their effects?
36. Which country hosts its first ever Grand Prix during this Grand Prix season?
Turkey in Istanbul
37. What often used computer term is short for picture element?
38. How is the Collegiate Church of St Peter in London better known?
Westminster Abbey
39. The name of which Japanese martial art means "way of the sword"?
40. How many 'Beatles' appear on the cover of the Abbey Road Album?
Five (John, Paul, George, Ringo and a VW Beetle car)
Tiebreaker - How much does it cost on average to bring up a baby for the first five years
of its life? - £52,605
1. The "Little Nipper" is Britain’s best selling what?
2. Today in 1806 the foundation stone was laid of which prison in the South West of
3. Which current TV programme is based on the French shoe "Des Chiffres et Des
4. Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened today (19/3) in 1932. Which Australian state is it
New South Wales
5. Since 1991, Crufts dog show has been held where?
Birmingham NEC
6. Today in 1956 Tunisia achieved independence from which country?
7. What is the title of the latest Harry Potter novel?
Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
8. Edgar Rice Burroughs, the creator of 'Tarzan', died today (19/3) in 1950. What is the
name of Tarzan's chimpanzee friend?
9. Britain's first what happened in 1979 at the Clifton suspension bridge?
Bungee Jump
10. How many metres do Olympic high board divers fall before they get wet?
11. "On A Dark Desert Highway, Cool Wind In My Hair" is the beginning words of what
Hotel California
12. Today in 1974, an attempt was made to kidnap which member of the British Royal
Princess Anne
13. What is your sport if you rub kilster on your equipment?
14. What is the most common mammal in the UK?
Brown Rat
15. This pudding consists of a meringue base topped with fresh cream and soft fruits
such as raspberries or redcurrants?
16. True or False - the welsh town of
Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch can't have a domain on
the Internet because it's name is too long?
False - it just hasn't been used to date
17. Cerumen is what bodily substance?
18. Which part of his anatomy is the subject of Edvard Munnch's "The Scream"
grasping in his hands?
His ears
19. Which timepiece has the most moving parts?
Egg Timer!
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name a Top Soccer Player?
David Beckham / Thierry Henry / Alan Shearer / Michael Owen / Wayne Rooney
21. Which Year - Oil prices double under the impact of the Iranian revolution,
Philips/MCA launches the LaserVision video disk system, Record companies introduce
innovative marketing techniques to boost sales of singles, such as the limited edition
12-inch coloured vinyl disc, The 3M Corporation of St Paul, Minnesota, launches Post-It
notes, The filmMonty Python's Life of Brian, directed by Terry Jones, is released in the
UK and Soviet troops invade Afghanistan in a bid to halt the civil war?
22. What do the initials R.S.C. stand for in Boxing?
Referee Stopping Contest
23. Scrutinise, Swirl, Sniff, Sip - what are you doing?
Wine Tasting
24. Which country boasts Wood Buffalo National Park; the world's largest?
25. Which musical was based on diaries of a governess called Anna Leonowens?
The King and I
26. What is the official currency of Puerto Rico?
The US Dollar
27. How many separate gates form the River Thames (London) Flood Barrier?
28. What mammal can jump the highest?
The Whale
29. Who in 1998 married, at the age of 80, the 52 yr old widow of the former President of
Nelson Mandela
30. Which 1989 blockbuster movie found journalists Alex Knox and Vicki Vale tracking
down the hero's identity?
31. What kind of bird is the beanie baby "Jabber"?
A Parrot
What kind of bird is the beanie baby "Baldy"?
An eagle
32. The Burma Road is a golf course at which well-known venue in England?
33. Who has written novels called 'Gridlock', 'Popcorn' & 'Stark'?
Ben Elton
34. Who is the largest toy distributor in the world?
35. What in cockney rhyming slang does 'Band of Hope' mean?
36. Which Elton John top ten hit was inspired by a visit to Russia?
37. Which Enid Blyton character had to be renamed White Beard for the politically
correct US market?
Big Ears
38. In Britain, what is the maximum time there can be between general elections?
Five Years
39. Which part of your body should be stroked to demonstrate your Babinski reflex?
The sole of the foot
40. What is the largest member of the weasel family in the US?
Tiebreaker - In which year was The Beer Pump patented by Joseph Bramah?
1. True or False? Brightly coloured Easter eggs, originally painted with bright colours to
represent the sunlight of spring, were first used in Easter-egg rolling contests?
2. Who sends his Urbi et Orbi at Easter time?
The Pope
3. Which brewer brews Old Peculiar?
4. If you dye an egg with turmeric for Easter, what colour will it be?
5. Which satellite TV channel is mainly devoted to repeats of classic comedy shows?
UK Gold
6. To Egyptians, the egg was a symbol of the restoration of mankind after what event?
The Great Flood
7. What colour are Irish post boxes?
8. What colour are the stamens of Easter lilies?
9. In which country is the Great Bear Lake?
10. Which cartoon character features in the 1947 Mel Blanc film Easter Yeggs?
Bugs Bunny
11. From which tree do we get cobnuts?
12. Which country claims sovereignty over Easter Island or Rapa Nui (Spanish Isla de
Pascua), a triangular-shaped island in the South Pacific Ocean, about 3700km west of
the South American coast?
13. Which instrument was played by Ravi Shankar?
14. Who was originally cast to star alongside Judy Garland in the 1948 musical comedy
Easter Parade but was replaced by Fred Astaire because of an ankle injury sustained
before filming began?
Gene Kelly
15. Which aircraft starred in the film 633 Squadron?
16. Name the composer, born Israel Baline in 1888, who wrote the song Easter Parade, a
million-selling record for both Harry James and Guy Lombardo?
Irving Berlin
17. What word could be part of the Sun’s atmosphere, a cigar, a pop singer or a soft
18. The name Easter is believed to originate from Easter, a Teutonic goddess of spring
and fertility. Was this name given by a) The Romans, b) The Anglo Saxons or c) The
The Anglo Saxons
19. How many squares on the Rubik cube can move?
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name something you do on a
Lie In / Quiznight! / Read Papers / Church / Play Golf
21. Which Year - Star Trek: The Next Generation, a new series of the cult US science
fiction series, starts on British television, A pop concert is held at Wembley Stadium to
celebrate the release fromdetention of South African leader Nelson Mandela, Philips
launches Carvision, the first in-car television in Britain and A new quality Sunday
newspaper, the Independent on Sunday, is launched?
22. Name the rebel against Roman rule who was offered for release along with Jesus on
Good Friday?
23. In which sport has the diameter of the ball been raised by 2mm to make it easier to
see on television?
Table Tennis
24. What did Yuri Gagarin, Graham Hill and Rocky Marciano all have in common?
Died in Air Crashes
25. Which country is immediately to the south of Egypt?
26. What colour is a Custard apple?
27. What was mined or quarried for years at Blaenau Festiniog?
28. In the film “Stir Crazy”, what were Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor dressed as when
they were arrested?
29. If four dice are stood on top of each other, each with the 6 at the top, what’s the sum
of all the hidden faces?
Twenty Two
30. Who lives in Lambeth Palace?
Archbishop of Canterbury
31. How many times have Manchester City won the FA cup?
32. In which year did the armed uprising of Irish nationalists against the rule of Great
Britain in Ireland occur on one Easter Monday in Dublin?
33. What did Warden Hodges do for a living in Dad’s Army?
34. In Monopoly, what lies between the Waterworks and Go To Jail?
35. True or False - The locks on the Panama canal were designed so that the Titanic
could steam through them?
36. The Greeks fought the Trojans for many years – but in which modern country is
37. What is Madonna’s married surname?
38. Manchester has the oldest canal in England, what is it called?
Bridgewater Canal
39. Who was older when they died – Humphrey Bogart or Rock Hudson?
Rock Hudson
40. Mark Spitz won 7 Gold Medals for swimming at the Munich Olympics, but how many
world records did he break in so doing?
Tiebreaker - For how many years did David Coleman present “A Question of Sport”?
1. True or False - Roger Moore was once arrested for speeding by a police officer named
Sergeant James Bond?
False - Sean Connery was!
2. Red Rumwon the Grand National for the third time today. In which year?
3. Which moor is the setting of the Sherlock Holmes novel 'The Hound Of The Baskervilles'?
4. Which armed service was formed by Act of Parliament today (1/4) in 1918?
The Royal Air Force
5. In Peter Pan, Captain Hook had been educated at which school?
6. One Point Each (4) - The first episode of TV's 'The Good Life' was screened today in 1975.
Name the four main characters?
Barbara and Tom Good and their neighbours Margo and Jerry Leadbeatter
7. What was Prince Phillip's surname before his marriage?
8. Today in 1974, Piccadilly Radio began broadcasting in Manchester, what name does its FM
station now use?
Key 103
9. In 1800, John and Abigail Adams became the first people to live in which famous house?
The White House - Adams being the US President
10. Today in 1914, Sir Alec Guinness was born. In which film does he play eight members of the
D'Ascoyne family?
'Kind Hearts and Coronets'
11. What type of undressed leather derives its name from the European country where it was
first used in the 19th century for the manufacture of gloves?
Suede - from Sweden
12. Which area of central London takes its name froman old hunting cry referring to the fact
that it used to be fields that were used for hunting?
13. In the 13th century, Kublai Khan built a palace at Xanadu, in which modern day country is
Xanadu in?
14. What do actors Lee Marvin, Telly Savalas, John Travolta and David Soul have in common?
All had UK Hit Singles
15. Her surname is Bournet but this Supermodel is known professionally by her first name only,
what is it?
16. Which film producer, whose biggest success was 'FX - Murder by illusion' in 1985, died in a
car crash in 1997?
Dodi Fayed
17. During their illustrious pop career, how many top 50 hits has Manchester United Football
Club had?
18. What is a genuine haggis wrapped in?
Sheep’s stomach
19. What is the only form of gambling legally allowed to be played by members of the British
armed forces?
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name your favourite food on a
Sausage / Steak / Chicken / Burgers / Kebabs / Ribs
21. Which Year - 'Hot pants' – very brief skin-tight shorts – become a popular fashion
item for women, Telephone direct-dialling between London and New York is introduced,
rock group the Rolling Stones released 'Brown Sugar' and the album Sticky Fingers, the
prestigious Rolls Royce company, the manufacturer of luxury cars, goes bankrupt,
Disney World opens in Orlando, Florida and US boxer Joe Frazier beats Muhammad Ali
of the USA over 15 rounds at Madison Square Garden, New York?
22. GONGOOZLER – is it a) someone who stands and stares at things, b) The 18th
century English version of the word Gondolier, c) a cheese seller in Scotland, or d)
another name for a champion conker?
a) someone who stands and stares at things
23. Between which two cities did the train, the Golden Arrow run?
London and Paris
24. How do pythons kill their prey?
Constriction – wrapping themselves tightly around to stop breathing
25. What connects Leeds, Liverpool, Leicester, Blackpool, Fulham, Huddersfield,
Manchester United, and West Ham?
The clubs of the players in the 1966 World Cup team
26. What is the main diet of the giant panda?
Bamboo shoots
27. In which city would you be if you landed at Tempelhof airport?
28. Which 1954 musical starring Howard Keel had the same number twice in its title?
7 Brides for 7 Brothers
29. In which country is most of the Gobi desert?
30. To which rank did Adolf Hitler rise during World War I
31. Which country has the name Hellas on its stamps?
32. The Oyster is a famous model produced by which famous watchmaking firm?
33. Who is the only British golfer to have won the British and US Open in the same
Tony Jacklin in 1970
34. At the start of a game of draughts, how many squares are empty?
35. Clear windows were legalised for which premises in 1995?
Betting Shops
36. In relation to trade unions, what does OMOV stand for?
One Member, One Vote
37. Which two main weapons were carried by the starship Enterprise?
Phasers & Photon Torpedoes
38. In which major Australian city was Prisoner Cell Block H set?
39. Of the 10 highest mountains in Britain, how many are in Scotland?
All Ten
40. Which of these countries has the most French speakers – Algeria, France, Canada
or Morocco?
France, surprisingly enough!
Tiebreaker - The weight in pounds of an average male aardvark?
1. Prince Charles has three middle names, what are they?
Phillip Arthur George - although Norman Stanley Fletcher would be good
2. In which year was the first British ‘Comic Relief’ day held?
3. Today in 1968, which Cliff Richard song was top of the UK pop charts, having been beaten in
the Eurovision Song Contest?
4. A professor known for his recordings of Elvis Presley songs in Latin has released a single
dedicated to Pope John Paul, where is he from, Ireland, Finland or France?
5. Which film, involving a record-breaking 300,000 extras, was awarded eight Oscars today
(11/4) in 1983?
'Gandhi' (the massive number of extras was needed for the funeral scene)
6. What political memento has fetched £270 at an auction in Swindon?
A newspaper signed by Margaret Thatcher, which led with the story of her resignation
7. Which novel begins "All children, except one, grow up"?
Peter Pan
8. Jalal Talabani has been named as the new President of which country?
9. What flavour is a ratafia biscuit?
10. Which filmspawned the most UK number one hit records?
11. What is the official language of the Vatican City?
12. Who is the only prime minister to hold all four of Britain's major offices: prime minister,
Chancellor of the Exchequer, foreign secretary and home secretary?
James Callaghan
13. True or False - Japanese long-distance runner Kimo Nakajimi entered the London Marathon
in 1983 but got confused by a translation of the rules and thought he had to run for 26 days, not
26 miles. He was discovered, after the race was well over, out running in the English
14. According to a survey - Which song topped the poll for the favourite first dance song at a
Everything I do (I do it for you) - Bryan Adams
15. Mlaika, an elephant in Kenya's Tsavo national park, has a unique ability. What is it - It can
smell the difference between GMand GM-free groundnuts, It can make a noise like a revving
lorry engine or It can sniff out the presence of ivory hunters?
It can make a noise like a revving lorry engine
16. What does the C in C.B.E stand for?
17. What was first produced in London in 1880 and consisted of 255 names?
Telephone Directory
18. What sort of animal is a soprano pip?
A Bat
19. Which of these musical giants has had the most number ones, Teletubbies, Goombay Dance
Band, Benny Hill or Bob the Builder?
Bob the Builder
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name a Pop Star who is Bald?
21. Which Year - Doctor Who, a science fiction series for about a time-traveller, starts on British
television, Cliff Richard releases the singles 'Bachelor Boy' and 'Summer Holiday', both from the
soundtrack of his film Summer Holiday, The filmThe Great Escape is released, The Polaroid
Corporation develops colour Polaroid filmand The first discotheque opens, the Whisky-A-Go-
Go in Los Angeles?
22. If you used the word QUIZ in Scrabble, how many points do you score?
22 - 10 each for Q & Z, 1 each for U & I - Assuming no double / treble letter / word squares and
no blanks
23. Castel Gandolfo is whose summer residence?
The Pope
24. What was the first Motown number one in Britain?
Baby Love by the Supremes
25. According to the Highway Code, Some of your friends have just committed an armed
robbery and you have agreed to be the getaway driver. What should you do before making the
first right turn as you flee the bank?
Check your blind spot over your right hand shoulder
26. In which country would you find the city of Petra?
27. What colour is the semi-precious stone amethyst?
Purple - A purple or violet form of transparent quartz used as a gemstone
28. What would you do with Imam Bayildi, Eat it, Grow it or Smoke it?
Eat it - Imam bayildi is an eggplant slashed down the middle and stuffed with onions
29. Which feature length Disney cartoon had a Scottish Terrier called Jock in it?
Lady and the Tramp
30. Aged just nine years and 251 days, who was the youngest ever star to top the charts?
Little Jimmy Osmond
31. Heinz, as in Mr 57 varieties, what was his first name, Harry, Hubert or Henry?
32. What is the name of the port at the mouth of the River Seine?
Le Havre
33. True or False - Burger King introduced a new a "left-handed Whopper" in the US in 1998
designed for the 32 million left-handed Americans. The new burger had the same ingredients as
the original but all the condiments were rotated 180 degrees?
34. Which former Blue Peter presenter appeared in the film "Flash Gordon"?
Peter Duncan - also played the title role in the musicals Barnumand Me and My Girl. In 1995
was nominated for an Olivier as Best Actor for his role in the musical The Card
35. What was Abba's song in Eurovision the year before they won it with Waterloo?
Ring Ring
36. Who, in 1976, were the 3 original actresses in "Charlie’s Angels"?
Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson and Farah Fawcett / The New ones are Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore
and Cameron Diaz
37. Who is the last Italian-born driver to have been Motor Racing Formula One world champion?
Mario Andretti – born in Northern Italy and emigrated as a child to the USA
38. Which pop singer's autobiography is entitled "Life is a Roller Coaster"?
Ronan Keating
39. What were the names of the 3 tunnels in "The Great Escape"?
Tom, Dick and Harry
40. What kind of animal is a St Lucia Parrot?
It's a Parrot, from St Lucia, not a fish honest!
Tiebreaker - What percentage of flights were on time at HeathrowAirport last year?
1. The first Bob-a-Job week began today in 1949. Who founded the Scout Movement?
Lord Baden-Powell
2. According to the old saying, what do "April showers bring"?
May flowers
3. Name the Swiss wax modeller who made death masks during the French Revolution
and died today (16/4) in 1850.
Madame Tussaud
4. Who played Jasper Carrott's partner in BBC1's cop spoof 'The Detectives'?
Robert Powell
5. Five Points - What were the names of the Famous Five?
Anne, Dick, Georgina, Julian and Timmy
6. By what name is comic JimMoir better known?
Vic Reeves
7. Which is the only river which flows both north and south of the equator?
Congo River
8. What instrument did Dave Clark of the 'Dave Clark Five' play?
9. Today (16/4) in 1969 who became the first Jamaican artist to reach the top of the UK
pop charts with the song 'The Israelites'?
Desmond Dekker (with the Aces)
10. Through early morning fog I see visions of the things to be' are the first words in
which TV series' theme tune?
11. Which animal used to be called a flittermouse due to its fluttering flight?
Bat (http://www.pznow.co.uk/wildlife/bats.html )
12. Which two animals appear on the Australian Coat of Arms?
Kangaroo and Emu
13. A bet on the Grand National and which other horse race is called the spring double?
The Lincolnshire handicap
14. Which Bucks Fizz song reached the top of the UK pop charts today in 1982?
'My Camera Never Lies'
15. What word goes before bread, chalk, & cricket?
16. What is the lowest possible hand in poker?
2, 3, 4, 5, 7 (If there were a six in the hand, it would be a straight)
17. Which American scientist and politician, the inventor of bifocals, died today in 1790?
Benjamin Franklin
18. What is the only English anagramof the word 'percussion'?
19. Which town on the South coast of England became a city as part of the millennium
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Something associated with
Cheese / Hotpot / Red Rose / Lancaster / Blackpool (Clogs)
21. Which Year - For the first time, cassettes outsell vinyl LPs, In Switzerland, the
Swatch timepiece is created, The popularity of Cabbage Patch Dolls in the USA is so
great that a black market emerges, The wearing of seat belts by front-seat car
passengers is made compulsory and The US president Ronald Reagan proposes a 'Star
Wars' defence system for the USA?
22. Which British athlete's autobiography is entitled 'A Time To Jump'?
Jonathan Edwards
23. In which US city are the headquarters of Microsoft?
24. Which is the only animal regardless of gender is born with two horns?
25. What prize was introduced in Harold Macmillan's Budget today in 1956?
Premium Bonds
26. In which county is the Brands Hatch Motor Racing Circuit?
27. After John, what is the most popular name among Popes?
28. What name is given to the seven brightest stars of Ursa Major?
The Plough
29. Born today (18/1) in 1946, who made her screen debut in the film 'Tiger Bay', in
which she starred with her father?
Hayley Mills
30. What was the only type of wood used by Thomas Chippendale?
31. The Money Bat or Black Witch found on the Bahamas is what type of animal?
Moth (http://www.bahamaswildlife.fsnet.co.uk/noctuid.htm)
32. Al, Peggy, Kelly and Bud are the dysfunctional family from which TV sitcom?
Married With Children - the Bundy's
33. Who in his lifetime sold only one painting "Red Vineyard"?
Van Gogh
34. The first Porche was a sports model of which car?
Volkswagon Beetle
35. Born today in 1946, which yachtswoman wrote the novels 'Night Sky' and 'Wolf
Clare Francis
36. In Monopoly what is the prize for winning a crossword competition?
37. In which Middle Eastern country was power seized by Colonel Nasser today (18/4) in
38. What is the UK's largest prison?
Wormwood Scrubs
39. Author Jeffrey Archer was born today (15/4) in 1940. What is the title of his first
novel, written after a financial disaster?
'Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less'
40. Who succeeded King George III to the throne?
King George IV
IT'S BACK!!! - What Is The Name Of The Largest Satellite That Is Still Orbiting The
Earth? --- The Moon
Tiebreaker - How many years was the decimal halfpenny legal tender in the UK?
14 - (71-85)
1. Which country has a birth rate of zero?
The Vatican
2. What are the two colours of a standard Blue Peter badge?
Blue and White
3. What became legal in 12 countries on the 1st of January 2002 and has had its highs
and lows since then?
The Euro
4. On which channel were colour broadcasts first seen in the UK?
5. Which actor who played Napoleon, Mussolini and Al Capone in films and won an
Oscar for his portrayal of a bigoted town sheriff, died in July 2002?
Rod Steiger
6. Police recently stated which make of training shoe was a favourite getaway shoe for
7. Which river partly separates Argentina and Uruguay?
River Plate
8. On which 1980's TV show were they 'Watching us, watching you'?
Game for a Laugh
9. Which of AA Milne's characters was a "very bouncy animal"?
10. Five Points - Name the African countries bordering the Med?
Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt
11. Which magazine uses the mythological winged horse Pegasus for its logo?
Readers Digest
12. Genghis Khan was the Emperor of which country?
13. True or False: The Beatles played support to Helen Shapiro on there first nationwide
14. What is the Taj Mahal made from?
15. In which book do you meet a character called Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror?
The Hobbit
16. Which animal, originally thought to be a plant, has no head, mouth or internal
17. What sport's balls does William Shakespeare refer to in Henry V - Tennis, Bowls or
Tennis - ACT I, SCENE II of HENRY V - KING HENRY V: What treasure, uncle? EXETER:
Tennis-balls, my liege
18. How many people can you legally carry as passengers on a full standard UK Driving
19. What is the only English anagramof the word elation?
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name a holiday beach?
Blackpool / Bondai / Benidorm / Miami / Tenby (others were - Malibu / Daytona / Zante)
21. Which Year - The US spacecraft Apollo 16 was launched, Filmnight, John Craven's
Newsround and Mastermind all start on TV, Groups such as the Bay City Rollers, the Jackson
Five, the Osmonds, and David Cassidy mark the era of 'Teenybop', The 1,350-ft-high World
Trade Centre opens in NewYork, The British Jockey Club allows women jockeys to compete in
horse racing for the first time, though only on the flat and British inventor Clive Sinclair
launches his pocket calculator?
22. The Royal Mail issued two commemorative stamps to mark the wedding of Price Charles and
Camilla Parker-Bowles recently. What were their denominational values?
30 pence and 68 pence
23. Which is farther south, Corsica or Sardinia?
24. On a Monopoly board, what colour is Piccadilly?
25. What sport has a 'beach start' and a 'dock start'?
Water skiing
26. What kind of animal was Tuppenny in Beatrix Potter's 'The Tale of Tuppenny'?
A balding guinea-pig
27. Paul Rodgers has stepped into whose shoes to allow a certain pop band to reformand play
live concerts again?
Freddie Mercury - Queen
28. One of these three movie stars shares their name with a picturesque town in the State of
Maryland, USA. Which is it – Veronica Lake, Chevy Chase or Sally Field?
Chevy Chase
29. What was unique about Pope Gelasius I, elected Pope in 469AD and has not changed as
some thought might happen with the election of a new Pope?
He was black
30. Which mammals have only one baby per year and live in a roost?
31. Which country will the new Pope visit first, later this year?
32. Vidal Dacosta, 66, fell 30ft froma cliff in the coastal village of Walcott, Norfolk, and survived
with cuts and bruises. What was he doing - Driving a lawnmower, Chasing a rare butterfly or
Playing cricket?
Driving a lawnmower
33. True or False - Turbo and Stuttgarter are giant types of German sausage?
False - Onions
34. What do dog owners in Turin face fines of up to 500 euros for if they don't do - Register their
dogs with the city council, Clean up excrement left by their dogs on the city's pavements or
Walk their dogs at least three times a day?
Walk their dogs at least three times a day
35. How many times has Paula Radcliffe won the London Marathon?
36. What animal undertakes the world's longest migration each year - Arctic Tern, Pacific
Herring or Gray Whale?
Arctic Tern
37. On TV, Who took over Treasure Hunt fromAnneka Rice?
Annabel Croft
38. Which golfer coined the term "caddy" - Oliver Cromwell, Henry VIII or Mary Queen of Scots?
Mary Queen of Scots - the first known female golfer, coined the term “caddy” in 1552, calling
her assistants cadets. During her reign, the famous golf course at St. Andrews was built
39. Where in Britain will you find the town of Lover, A) Wiltshire B) Shropshire or C) Surrey?
A - Wiltshire
40. Name the eastern-most and western-most state in the United States?
Alaska and Alaska. The Aleutians cross the 180-degree line of longitude and are in both the
eastern and western hemispheres
Tiebreaker - In which year did Cadbury's start sponsoring Coronation St?
1. Which party's election campaign posters state, "Who do you want to run the
2. Who would be interested in Definitives and Overprints?
Stamp Collector
3. In The News - Activists from which organisation climbed onto the roof of John
Prescott's house in a protest against government policy?
4. Which car manufacturer has a badge featuring a St George's Cross and a serpent?
Alpha Romeo
5. Five Points - What were the first names of the 5 original members of the pop group
Hear’ say?
Mylene, Suzanne, Kym, Noel and Danny
6. What film introduced the song 'The First Time ever I saw your Face'?
Play Misty for me
7. Bonnie Prince Charlie is said to have provided the recipe for which liqueur?
8. In The News - A US couple have created what kind of product based on biblical
accounts, according to WCCO TV - a) Wine made to an original recipe found in
Jerusalem, b) A candle that smells like Jesus's clothes or c) A Pizza type bread topped
with Locusts?
b) A candle that smells like Jesus's clothes
9. Who did Joe Johnson beat when he became World Snooker Champion?
Steve Davis
10. In The News - Which country has incurred the wrath of animal welfare groups by
announcing a cull of wild camels this week - Morocco, Mongolia or Australia?
11. Which racecourse stages the Midland Grand National annually?
12. What country was setting for You Only Live Twice?
13. In The News - The Queen unveiled a memorial to whom, built following a campaign
by Michael Winner, on Tuesday?
Police officers killed in the line of duty
14. The spirit 'Absolut Vodka' is a product of which country?
15. What car boasted, in adverts, "Grace.., Space.., Pace"
16. In Titanic, what does Rose bring aboard the salvage boat, other than her luggage?
A Goldfish
17. Straight-start, double-finish in Darts, what is minimumnumber of darts for 1,001?
18. Charles Ryder and Sebastian Flyte were main characters in which TV drama?
Brideshead Revisited
19. In The News - Developers plan to open a UK theme park in whose honour - Charles
Dickens, Oliver Cromwell or Harry Potter?
Charles Dickens
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name Your Favourite
Breakfast Cereal?
Cornflakes / Weetabix / Frosties / Shredded Wheat / Special K
21. Which Year - For the first time, Britain imports more cars than it manufactures, In the
USA, George Anderson opens the first video rental shop, charging $50 to join and $10
per film a night, Punk music comes to prominence in the UK, Skateboarding is
becoming more popular in Britain, with the prime minister, James Callaghan, seen
riding a board and St Ivel Gold, the first low-fat butter substitute in Britain, is launched.
It comprises 51% water?
22. Which company makes the chocolate sweets Smarties?
23. What is name of engine developed for Harrier jump jet?
24. During WWII, Americans tried to train which of these creatures to drop bombs?
a) Bats b) Pigeons or c) Seagulls
a) Bats
25. Stag Party was the original name of what men’s magazine?
26. What is the most popular fruit in the world?
The tomato
27. Which London underground line is the only one to interconnect with every other
28. Which female singer was described as "the tacky tattooed terror of the 20th
29. Which Sunday newspaper has a travel supplement called 'Escape'?
30. In the world of football, why was Juanito famous in 1970, Gauchito in 1978 and
Pique in 1986?
They were the names of the World Cup mascots
31. Boris Johnson MP represents which constituency?
Henley on Thames
32. On Children's TV, Which town had a clock which always told the time "never too
quickly, never too slowly"?
33. In which country are the world's deepest mines?
South Africa
34. Who provided the voice of the princess in the film 'Shrek'?
Cameron Diaz
35. Which rugby league teamplays its home matches at the Kingston Communications
36. Which three Scottish league football teams have a part of the body mentioned in
their name?
Hearts, Peterhead and Brechin
37. What type of food is John Montague credited with inventing in 1765, who said that
he liked this food because be could continue to gamble at the same time as eating it?
Sandwich (he was the Earl of Sandwich)
38. What was the first man-made object to move faster than the speed of sound?
A whip
39. In Dickens' Hard Times Coketown is based on which place?
40. What song is most frequently sung in England?
Happy Birthday
Tiebreaker - In what year were driving penalty points introduced in the UK?
1. Which British Field Marshall received the German surrender in 1945?
Viscount Montgomery (Monty / Montgomery)
2. In which filmdoes British rock star David Bowie star as a goblin king?
3. Which constituency was the first to declare its election results and has gone into the
record books after becomming the first to do so in four consecutive elections?
Sunderland South - but the local authority failed to beat the last election record of 43
minutes, they missed out by just 45 seconds
4. Which group had the first of 11 UK top 10 hits with 'Dynamite' in 1973?
5. Released today in 1992 which controversial film stars Michael Douglas and Sharon
'Basic Instinct'
6. If you were to perform a rim shot what instrument would you be playing?
7. In which seaside resort did the first Butlins holiday camp open today (9/5) in 1936?
8. Who did the Simpson’s replace as the longest running cartoon family in 1997?
The Flintstones
9. What mode of transport ran in London for the last time today in 1962?
The trolleybus
10. What is located in Manhattan, New York at the junction of Broadway, 42nd Street
and 7th Avenue?
Times Square
11. TV's 'Man About the House' star Richard O'Sullivan, was born today (7/5) in 1944.
Name the two spin-off series.
'George and Mildred' and 'Robin's Nest'
12. Against which country did Gary Lineker score two penalties in the 1990 World Cup?
13. Born in Johannesburg today in 1913, who starred in the TV comedies 'George and
the Dragon' and 'Bless this House'?
Sid James
14. In which UK city was the Delorean sports car factory set up in 1978?
15. Which Cunard passenger liner was torpedoed by the Germans off the coast of
Ireland today (7/5) in 1915?
The Lusitania
16. Who or what is the biggest employer for the people of Hounslow in Middlesex?
Heathrow Airport
17. Where is your zygomatic bone?
18. With which sport would you associate the Korean woman, Se Ri Pak?
19. Which one word can precede the following; count bath bank?
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name your favourite TV
Del Boy / Inspector Morse / Inspector Frost / Homer Simpson / Bart Simpson
21. Which Year - Barbara Terry, the daughter of a hairdresser, invents the Afro hairstyle
in the USA, Jean Nidetch founds Weight Watchers in New York, Mattel Toys launches
the Ken doll, a boyfriend for Barbie, The British toy company Pedigree launches the
Sindy doll, The maximum wage of £20 a week for English Football League players is
abolished, The first oral contraceptive pill, Conovid, goes on sale in Britain and The
General Post Office introduces a recorded delivery service in Britain?
22. In 1962 Britain and France signed an agreement which led to co-operation in
building what?
23. Which then first division side lost both the Fa Cup and Worthington Cup semi finals
in the 1999-2000 season?
24. Mangoes are rich in which vitamin?
Vitamin A
25. Which Latin American revolutionary was born in Argentina, came to prominence in
Cuba then fought in the Congo and died in Bolivia?
che gueverra
26. What would you do with a nan prick in Thailand, Eat it, Put a plaster on it or Rub it?
Eat it - It's a hot sauce
27. What was the name Jacques Cousteau's research ship?
28. Which annual sports competition takes place on the grounds of the Beaufort Hotel
in Gloucestershire?
Badminton horse trials
29. The Bazuki is a traditional musical instrument of what country?
30. Which once common disease was known as the White Death?
31. In 1895 the world's first disposable itemmade - what was it?
Razor Blade - King Camp Gillette
32. The Transylvanian Alps can be found in which country?
33. Who currently holds the record as the youngest player ever to appear in the Ryder
cup golf tournament?
Sergio Garcia
34. Who is the only American president to be elected unopposed?
George Washington 1798 to 1792
35. Magellan, Galapagos and Little Blue are all types of what creature?
36. What is the US equivalent of the S.A.S.?
Delta Force
37. What was the spin off fromTV's "Are You Being Served" called?
Grace and Favour
38. Which weapon was said to be uncontrollable and in-humane by the UN in 1996?
Land mines
39. Who was the voice of Captain John Smith in Disney's Pocahontas?
Mel Gibson
40. Which English county is the first alphabetically?
Bedfordshire (Avon is now part of Warwickshire)
Tiebreaker - How many episodes of Hill St Blues were made?
1. What sexy itemof women's clothing went on sale for the first time today in 1940?
Nylon stockings
2. What sort of creature is a "flying fox"?
Fruit eating BAT
3. Three points - in the board game Monopoly, there are 3 ways of getting out of jail,
what are they?
Pay fine, throw a double, get out of jail free card
4. In which chapel are Popes elected?
Sistine chapel
5. Which famous musical opens up with an auction underneath a Paris theatre?
Phantomof the opera
6. The first British jet aeroplane - the Gloster E28/39 - had its test flight today in 1941.
Who designed it?
Sir Frank Whittle
7. Who is the only ventriloquist to have a UK top 5 single?
Keith Harris - with Orville
8. The first zipper ever used was put on what article of clothing?
9. Which member of the Beatles was not in The Quarrymen?
Ringo Starr
10. You are the ref! - just as an attacking footballer takes a shot on goal the ball bursts
and rolls to a stop just in front of him, he then kicks the ball into the goal, you are the
ref what is the correct course of action?
Goal is disallowed and a drop ball takes place exactly where the ball burst
11. Who represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest today in 1993 with 'Better
The Devil You Know'?
12. Which drink is advertised with the line "refresh yourself"?
13. Which Canadian singer has the real name Eileen Reyna Edwards?
Shania Twain
14. What name is given to French brandy that has been distilled twice?
15. In which two European Union countries does the Head of State have the title of
Germany & Austria
16. What name was given to the New York vigilantes who began patrolling the London
Underground today in 1989?
The Guardian Angels
17. Which National Park includes the Black Mountains and the Usk Valley?
Brecon Beacons
18. Dangermouse had a patch over which eye?
19. Rhinotillexomania is an obsession of doing what?
Picking your nose
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name something you would
keep secret?
Affair / Weight / Age / Lottery Win / Number of Shoes!
21. Which Year - England's footballers returned from a tour of Hong Kong amid tales of
a drunken binge which started in a club and continued on the flight home, A bomb
exploded in the centre of Manchester on a busy Saturday Morning, Germany called for a
total restoration of the export ban on British beef, A woman from the West Midlands,
Mandy Allwood, announced she was expecting octuplets and Amateur golfer Tiger
Woods won his third U.S. Amateur Championship. This had never been done before?
22. What was the name of the first Wallace and Gromit film?
Agrand day out
23. Which sport, after full and extra time, goes to penalty flicks?
24. How many circles are there on a twister mat?
25. What was the name of the sequel to Brigitte Jones Diary?
Edge of reason
26. Kim Carnes reached Number One in the American pop charts today in 1981 with a
song about which Hollywood legend?
Bette Davis
27. Who’s archenemy was the Emperor Zurg?
Buzz Lightyear
28. In a second hand car advert what do the initials FFSR stand for?
Factory fitted sunroof
29. On TV, who would always answer the phone saying "the lady of the house
Hyacinth Bucket
30. What was completed in Paris in 1313, 150 years after it was begun?
Notre Dame Cathedral
31. In cricket, what would an umpire be signalling if he bent his armupwards and
touched his nearer shoulder with the tips of his fingers?
Short Run
32. Blue Beat was the forerunner of what type of music?
33. In which 2 sports would you use a plastercine strip?
Long Jump and Triple Jump
34. Which helicopter carrier is the UK's largest naval ship?
HMS Ocean
35. "All bubble no squeak" advertised what?
36. Which movie featured the line "please put down you weapon, you have 20 seconds
to comply"
37. What was the first name of O.J. Simpson's' wife who was killed in 1994?
38. In which science fiction series did the character Dr Zachary Smith feature?
Lost in space
39. Which 1980's pop duo named themselves after a formof Greek dance and mime?
40. What was the (American) President's name in 1960?
The same as it is today - George Bush!
Of the four Marx Brothers to appear together in film, which of them were actually brothers?
All four of them - plus a fifth called Gummo
Tiebreaker - On average each year how many insects will we swallow while we are asleep?
1. Which oldest surviving cup has been sold at auction for £478,400?
FA Cup
2. Which famous series of wars started today in 1455 with the Battle of St Albans?
The Wars of the Roses
3. Which international airline uses the tagline `Every time feels like the first time`?
4. Who is the only artist to have won the Eurovision Song Contest twice (1980 & 1987)
Johnny Logan
5. How many hours does a boxer have to reach the required weight if he fails to make
the target at the official weigh in? 1, 12 or 24?
6. Released today in 1992, which film features two heavy metal dudes presenting a TV
show from a basement?
'Wayne's World'
7. How many columns are there in the game Connect 4?
8. Which two stations on the London Underground are closest together?
Leicester Square and Covent Garden
9. Which manufacturers made the P5, which was used as the official car for former
prime ministers, Harold Wilson and Margaret Thatcher?
10. The first interracial kiss on TV involved which two Star Trek characters?
Lt Uhura and Capt Kirk
11. Today (21/5) in 1927, who became the first man to make a non-stop solo flight
across the Atlantic?
Charles Lindbergh
12. Devil’s apron and purple laver are types of what? Cactus, Seaweed or Onion?
13. Betz cells are found in which part of the body?
The Brain
14. What 1963 film features `The Cooler King`, `The Scrounger`, `The Forger` and `Big
`The Great Escape`
15. Which two gangsters, nicknamed Texas Rattlesnake and Suicide Sal, were killed in a
police ambush today (23/5) in 1934?
Bonnie and Clyde
16. Which artist tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in 1890, but didn’t succeed
until he tried again two days later?
Vincent Van Gogh
17. Who was the main star in the comedy films The Bulldog Breed and the Early Bird?
Norman Wisdom - played the double of a German general in the 1958 film "the square
18. What commonly used itemmeans `little shade` in Italian?
19. Who was the tallest of Robin Hood's men?
Little John
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required – Name a top comedian?
Peter Kay / Jack Dee / Billy Connelly / Joe Pasquale / Al Murray
21. Which Year - Grange Hill, a realistic children's series about life in a comprehensive
school, starts on British television, Garfield the cat appears in syndicated newspapers
for the first time, The first product bar code in the UK is used, The music magazine
Smash Hits is launched and The UK celebrates May Day as a public holiday for the first
22. Is the deepest sea the Caribbean, the South China or the Sea of Japan?
23. Which sportsman in 1977 published his autobiography called `My Life And The
Beautiful Game`?
24. Who was the first African-American to win the best actress award at the Oscars?
Halle Berry
25. What might be 10 in New York, 12 in London and 40 in Rome?
Dress sizes
26. On which TV game show have Stephen Fry, Magnus Magnusson, Michael Parkinson
and Lionel Blair all made guest appearances?
`Countdown` - the first ever programme to be televised on Channel 4
27. Which foodstuff has the classifications of white, golden, amber and dark?
28. Which British TV star and disc jockey said `It’s not affected my work - how healthy
do you have to be to play Da Do Ron Ron?` in 1992 after confirming he had AIDS?
Kenny Everett
29. If you were served 'Popes Eyes' what would you be eating?
A Steak
30. From which football teamdid Chelsea sign England midfielder Frank Lampard?
West Ham United
31. Which song begins `When you’re weary, feeling small; when tears are in your eyes`?
`Bridge over troubled water` by Simon and Garfunkel
32. Which town in Kent was the landing place for Nelson's body after the Battle of
Trafalgar in 1805?
33. When was the first World Snooker Championship held? 1927, 1947 or 1961?
34. In 1955, what was used for the first time in a Wembley international?
35. Which TV series featured a space ship called `Jupiter II`?
`Lost In Space`
36. For which historical event did Benjamin Brittain compose the opera `Gloriana`?
The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
37. Golden Bear International of Florida is a company owned by which famous golfer?
Jack Nicklaus
38. What do the songs `Yellow Pearl` by Phil Lynott, `Whole Lotta Love` by CCS and
`The Wizard` by Paul Hardcastle have in common?
They’ve all been used as theme tunes to `Top Of The Pops`
39. What is written on the cover of 'The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy'?
Don't Panic!
40. In which English city is St. Edmund buried?
Bury St. Edmund
Tiebreaker - In Kathmandu what is the average rainfall in mm in July?
1. What was the first vehicle registration plate in Britain?
2. Which dance gets its name from a word meaning 'to rub navels together'?
3. What connected all five cars in the first International Motor Race, held in June 1900 -
all female navigators, all failed to finish or all ran over dogs?
All Ran over Dogs!
4. What did Gossamer I allow man to do for the first time?
Fly by his own power
5. How long does a human taste bud live for, 10 minutes, 10 hours or 10 days?
10 Days
6. What is the most common use for a Sea Cucumber?
7. Which frozen confection was originally called Eskimo Pie?
8. What do the languages of Arabic, Mandarin and Hebrew have in common?
Written right to left
9. Made from thermo-plastic paper and the manila hemp used to make rope, it is
designed to withstand boiling water, what is it?
ATea Bag
10. Which soccer first was achieved by Jack Gordon of Preston North End F.C. on
First League Goal
11. What costs 847 dollars and 63 cents when passed through the till at the supermarket
checkout during the opening credits of The Simpson’s?
12. In Croquet, if your balls are black & blue, what colour are your opponents’ balls?
Red & Green
13. If you had Hippoglossus Hippoglossus, would you have it treated at the doctors,
cook it and eat it or soak your paintbrushes in it?
Cook it & eat it - Halibut
14. ‘Single’ and ‘Double Entry’ are methods of what?
Book Keeping
15. Which creatures suffer fromIsle of Wight disease, Cats, Cows or Bees?
16. According to Mythology, what did Perseus's Helmet do for him?
It made himInvisible
17. Where would you find a Daglock, in a canal, on a sheep's rear end or in a safe?
Sheep's rear end - dirt covered clump of wool
18. What, on a Space Shuttle, includes a footrest, handgrips, seat belt and suction fan?
The Toilet!
19. What would you see if there was a 'Turdus' on your window sill?
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name your favourite part of the
Bottomor Bum / Breasts or Bosom / Eyes / Lips / Legs (Brain)
21. Which Year - Fax machines become an established feature in offices, In Britain, the first
suspect to be convicted by evidence derived from genetic fingerprinting is convicted of two
murders, Satellite television channel MTV is launched in Europe, The Conservative government
introduces Personal Equity Plans (PEPs), The Japanese electronics company Sony introduces
the DAT (Digital Audio Tape) recorder and The first advertisements for condoms appear on
British television?
22. Which of these has the highest Calorie Count, Crumpets, Éclairs or Eccles Cakes?
Eccles Cakes
23. What did Joseph Branah of Pimlico patent in 1778 that has been bobbing up and down in
most houses ever since?
The Ball Cock system
24. How long can a bed bug live without food, one day, one month or one year?
One Year
25. Which item of office equipment did the American George C Beidler invent in 1903 that has
seen many a bottom!?
26. Which English man played on the losing side in the 1980 European Cup Final?
Kevin Keegan (Hamburg)
27. What are Madonnas, Madisons, Christinas and Prince Alberts?
Body Piercings (Madonna: top lip, Madison: near collar bone, Prince Albert: foreskin, Christina:
28. Other than Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Obi-Wan Kenobi, name the only person in the
original Star Wars trilogy to be seen using a light saber?
Han Solo
29. True or False - The inventor of Vaseline, Robert Chesebrough, believed that you should eat a
spoonful a day of the stuff to ensure good health, which he did everyday until his death at the
age of 96?
30. What was the first condommade of, a) Leather, b) Linen, c) Goat Skin or d) Tree Bark?
31. Who is the only actor from the original Magnificent Seven still alive?
Robert Vaughn - Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Horst Buchholz, Charles Bronson, Robert
Vaughan, Brad Dexter, and James Coburn made up the original Magnificent Seven
32. In which country could you buy a chocolate bar called 'Plopp', Italy, Sweden or Poland?
33. How many Chance squares are there on a standard Monopoly board?
34. Which Abba song includes the line "Do you still recall that fateful night we crossed the Rio
35. Which number on a standard computer keyboard would be pressed with shift to produce the
'asterisk' sign (*)?
8 (eight Key)
36. In Cockney rhyming slang, what type of transport is known as a 'sherbet'?
A Cab (Sherbet Dab)
37. By what name is the chaparral cock better known?
Road Runner
38. Who was Liverpool's captain when they won soccer's European cup final for the first time in
Emlyn Hughes
39. Which opera singer has sung on adverts for Kenco coffee and Renault cars?
Lesley Garrett
40. Which leg is below his right armif you study a left handed violinist in a mirror?
Tiebreaker - The most common length of a Toilet Roll in the UK is how many feet long?
2, 959 feet – 900 metres
1. Which British military tradition began today in 1805 in Horse Guards Parade?
Trooping the Colour
2. In a long running TV series, first broadcast in 1963, who originally lived with his granddaughter
at a junkyard with the address 76 Totters Lane?
Dr Who
3. Which city boasts the world's oldest casino?
Monte Carlo
4. Which politician whose name means 'perfume' resigned today in 1963 following a sex
John Profumo
5. The Big Brother format was first successful in which country, France, Holland or Italy?
6. Which of these is the furthest north: Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley or Sheffield?
7. Which member of the Carry On teamappeared in the most Carry On films?
Kenneth Williams (25 of 31)
8. Which American Presidential candidate was shot by Sirhan Sirhan today in 1968?
Robert Kennedy
9. What is the minimum number of people in a police identity parade?
10. One point each - Name the four movies that Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor have been in
Another You (1991) See No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989) Stir Crazy (1980) Silver Streak (1976)
11. On a Premier League football pitch what must be either a 'Thunderer' or 'Tornado' and made
by ACME?
Referee's Whistle
12. Which short-lived conflict between Egypt and Israel began today in 1967?
The Six Day War
13. Homarus Gammarus is the European variety and Homarus Americanus the American variety
of which gastronomic delicacy?
14. Which song contains the line - 'Take your protein pills and put your helmet on'?
David Bowie's Space Oddity
15. What is the name of the grossly obese Little Britain character portrayed by Matt Lucas, who
spends all her time being pampered at a heath spa?
16. Which suffragette suffered fatal injuries today in 1913 after throwing herself in front of the
King's horse at the Derby?
Emily Davison
17. Who designed the perfume 'Obsession'?
Calvin Klein
18. For a motorbike to carry a pillion passenger legally it must have a proper passenger seat
and (a) a grab handle, (b) rear footrests, (c) an engine over 250cc?
Rear Footrests
19. In findings from online insurers elephant.co.uk are Men or Women more likely to have an
accident on a roundabout (also car parks & traffic lights)?
Women (no comment!)
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Five Answers Required - One Point Each - Name a TV
Programme that really annoys you?
Big Brother / Eastenders / Trisha / Richard & Judy / Weakest Link (who put Animal Hospital?)
21. Which Year - Bill Gates, aged 19, and friend Paul Allen Gardiner, found Microsoft,
British scientist Derek Brownhall produces the first clone of a rabbit, Gillette of Boston,
Massachusetts, launches the first disposable razors, made of plastic, The British pop
group the Bay City Rollers releases the album Bye Bye Baby, spawning 'Rollermania',
which features a mass following of teenage girls and a fashion for half-mast trousers
and tartan scarves and Tizer becomes the first soft drink to be packaged in an
aluminium can?
Year = 1975
22. I'M ONLY A DRONE is an anagram of which famous American actor?
Leonard Nimoy
23. The German invasion of Crete in 1941 saw the first full scale use of what innovation in
24. Which three flavours make up a Neapolitan ice cream? (Must have all 3 correct for 2 points)
Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry
25. Which filmstar was 60 years old before he played his first serious dramatic role when he
played a nuclear scientist in 'On the beach' in 1959 and 75 years old when nominated for an
Oscar in the filmTowering Inferno?
Fred Astaire
26. Which country is bordered by Costa Rica and Columbia?
27. Which 1970's TV series was originally going to be called 'Superchaps three'?
The Goodies
28. In the UK, do we spend more on baby food or on pet food?
Pet Food
29. One point each - What are the names of the three road tunnels under the river Thames?
Dartford, Blackwall and Rotherhithe
30. True or false - The Chairman of the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Association is a vegetarian?
31. In which country is Mozart's opera "The Marriage Of Figaro" set?
32. Who, according to the lyrics of a song "was born in a cross-fire hurricane"?
Jumping Jack Flash (Rolling Stones - No 1 in 1968)
33. In which English University city are there open spaces called Midsummer Common, Parker's
Piece and Jesus Green?
34. Under British Law, what is the maximumamount of time a sentence can be suspended for?
Two Years
35. Which Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical's opening scene takes place at a funeral?
36. Which Welsh town was awarded city status to mark the Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002?
37. How many blows on a whistle is the recognised signal that a ship is about to reverse?
38. Whose name, apart from the astronauts', is on the Apollo 11 moon plaque?
Richard Nixon
39. Whose catch-phrase is "Puppy Power"?
Scrappy Doo
40. True or False - Enorma was a huge bearded lady who, at the turn of the century had a circus
act which involved pulling a gun carriage with her teeth whilst juggling 4 china plates?
False - Enorma = type of runner bean!
Tiebreaker - In which year were Joker's first introduced to decks of cards in America
1. What is the birthstone for the month of June?
2. In the News - What kind of guns are to be targeted in a new violent crimes bill?
3. Who became Henry VIII's first wife today (11/6) in 1509?
Catherine of Aragon
4. In the News - Who has rocketed past established old rivals to become the world's biggest
media company by stock market value at 44bn pounds?
5. The Keukenhof, which claims to be the world's largest flower garden, is located in which
Netherlands - Holland
6. Born today (11/6) in 1910, which French explorer invented the aqualung?
Jacques Cousteau
7. In the News - Who kicked off one of sport's highest profile libel actions by claiming his name
had been "blackened" by football pundit Gary Lineker?
Harry Kewell
8. In which European country is Dalmatia, fromwhere the Dalmation dog gets its name?
9. Who played the title role in the musical 'Barnum', first performed in London today in 1981?
Michael Crawford
10. What is the name of the baked, light, sweet or savoury, dish whose name derives from the
French 'to puff up'?
11. How is the medical condition of Lateral Epicondylitis more commonly known?
Tennis Elbow
12. Today (11/6) in 1953, who became the first professional cricketer to captain England?
Sir Len Hutton
13. True or False - In 1916, Jones Wister of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania invented a rifle for
shooting around corners. It had a curved barrel and periscopic sights?
14. If a culinary dish has been devilled what has been done to it?
Spiced heavily
15. Born today in 1819, who wrote the children's story 'The Water Babies'?
Charles Kingsley
16. What computer termevolved when an early computer had a moth get inside it causing it to
17. A river in South Africa, a town in France and an area of Southern California all share which
18. Known as Hitler's 'secret weapon', which missile first landed in England today in 1944?
The V-1 (also known as the flying bomb, the buzz bomb or the doodle bug)
19. Which keyboard symbol is the octothorpe more commonly known as?
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name something you collect?
(Top Five Answers required - one point each)
Stamps / CD's / Teddy Bears / £2 Coins / Keyrings
(other answers included - Parking Tickets / Rubbish / Elephants / Rugby Shirs & (worryingly)
21. Which Year - Bacofoil, the first aluminiumkitchen foil, is launched on the British market, Iron
City Beer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, produces the first aluminiumcan with a ring-pull, The
Australian tennis player Rod Laver achieves the Grand Slam, Golden Wonder introduces the
flavoured potato crisp into the British market when it launches cheese and onion crisps and The
Gentlemen v. Players cricket match, established in 1806, is played for the last time at Lord's,
London, as the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) votes to abolish the distinction between
amateurs ('gentlemen') and professionals ('players')?
22. Following the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, the US Army produced a set of playing cards
featuring its 52 most wanted Iraqis. Which card was assigned to SaddamHussein?
Ace of Spades
23. Which was the first colour film to win an Oscar?
Gone with the Wind
24. Prostitutes fromwhich ancient civilization invented lipstick, GreeK, Roman or Egyptian?
25. Who was the first Tudor monarch?
Henry VII
26. Denmark is connected to which country by a tunnel to and a bridge from Peppar Island?
27. Which heavyweight boxer appears on the cover of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's album?
Sonny Liston
28. It means Aunt Mary in English, but by what name do we usually know this drink?
Tia Maria
29. Which English cathedral is associated with a Devilish Imp?
30. The song 'Never smile at a crocodile' comes fromwhich animated movie?
Peter Pan
31. Which of Boeing's , passenger jets were first launched in 1958 seating 189 passengers?
Boeing 707
32. On which Greek island would you find the Acropolis of Lindos?
33. During which decade did Christian Dior introduce narrow shoulder and long billowing skirts
as the New Look?
1940's - 1947
34. Which two sides fought the Battle of Marston Moor in 1644?
The Roundheads and the Cavaliers
35. Which Australian man made structure is longer than the Great Wall of China?
The Dingo Fence
36. What is the Italian word for a square or marketplace?
37. If you had a Cyberphobic secretary what would be her problem?
Fear of Computers
38. In Medieval England what name was given to the area presided over by a Lord?
39. What is the name of the metal covers that can be swung over portholes?
40. Farmer Higgs owns three pink pigs, four brown pigs, and one black pig. How many of Higgs'
pigs can say that it is the same color as another pig on Higgs' farm?
Pigs can't talk!
Tiebreaker - Longest Fall Survived In An Elevator?
Betty Lou Oliver (USA) an elevator operator, survived a plunge of how many stories in an
elevator in the Empire State Building, New York, USA, on July 28, 1945.
75 - (over 300 m or 1,000 ft)
1. Which novel begins “The mole had been working very hard all morning, spring
cleaning his little home”?
The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham
2. Born today in 1566, who became the first Stuart King of England?
James I
3. Which country is home to the telecommunications company Nokia?
4. Which is the only vitamin not present in eggs?
Vitamin C
5. One point each - Which five venues have staged Formula 1 British Grand Prix races?
Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Brooklands, Aintree & Donnington
6. Today in 1968, which pop group topped the UK pop charts with 'Jumpin' Jack Flash'?
The Rolling Stones
7. If you flew into Chek Lap Kok airport, where would you be?
Hong Kong
8. Miranda Richardson played Queen Elizabeth I in which TV series?
Blackadder II
9. In literature, who is the character Oliver Mellors better known?
Lady Chattersly’s Lover
10. Chopins Trays is an anagramof which popular foodstuff?
Cornish Pasty
11. Which battle, fought today in 1815, finally defeated the aims of Napoleon?
12. What common plant’s name literally means lion’s tooth?
13. In the rhyme that begins with "One, two, buckle my shoe," what four words follow
"Nine, ten"?
Abig fat hen
14. Who won rugby's first World Cup today in 1987?
The New Zealand All Blacks
15. What letter would you find on Cold water taps in Spain?
16. Which actor, who once appeared in Dynasty, had a father who played for
Manchester United?
Ian McShane
17. Which planet has moons called Despina, Larissa, Thalassa and Proteus?
18. Which policeman appeared in 14 novels by Ruth Rendall?
Inspector Reg Wexford
19. Which four football league teams appear on a monopoly board?
Coventry, Leicester, Liverpool, and Oxford
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name a favourite dish that
you can cook?
Spaghetti Bolognese / Curry / Lasagne / Beans on Toast / Bacon Butty
(others included Scrambled Eggs / Jacket Spud / Egg & Chips / Chilli and Sausage &
21. Which Year - Stonewashed denim jeans appear on the market, The News of the World is
relaunched in Britain as a tabloid Sunday paper, The Dutch company Philips and Japanese firm
Sony introduce the CD-ROM, The Filofax, a portable looseleaf filing system, emerges as the
indispensable yuppie accessory, Bailiffs are brought in to clear the women's peace camp at
Greenham Common and The US rock singer Bruce Springsteen releases the album Born in the
22. Which honour did Lester Piggott lose when he went to jail?
23. Roger Lloyd Pack played 'trigger' in only fools & horses and Owen Nesbitt in which
The Vicar Of Dibley
24. Mount Logan is the highest peak of which country?
New Zealand
25. Which musician had a hit in 1978 with the instrumental version of ‘Annie’s Song’?
James Galway
26. Which superstore did Seline Zilkha create in 1961?
27. Which area of France is known as the ‘land of Quiches’?
28. Which naval practise was last seen in 1863?
Press Gangs
29. Which was the only jet fighter used by the British in the Falklands War?
Sea Harrier / The Harrier Jump Jet
30. What colour is the geography questions in trivial pursuit?
31. Which American General said ‘the army is the Indian’s best friend’?
General Custer
32. Which African Country's Name Means Lion Mountain In Portuguese?
Sierra Leone
33. Which Boardgame’s name is said to come from the Welsh for ‘little battle’?
34. Which country has compulsive military service for women?
35. Which best selling book runs to 1,189 chapters?
The Bible
36. PIA is the national airline of which country?
37. Which country was codenamed ‘Wildflower’ by its World War 2 Allies?
38. What team did Martin O'Neill manage before Celtic?
Leicester City
39. Who plays Dangerous Davies in ‘The Last Detective’?
Peter Davidson
40. Who was the first Yorkshire captain to tour Australia?
Captain James Cook!
Tiebreaker - In which year were television licenses first forced upon Britain?
Which 13 football league teams all have unique second names?
Rushden & Diamonds / Kidderminster Harriers / Aston Villa / Port Vale / Crystal Palace / Crewe
Alexandra / Leyton Orient / Nottingham Forrest / Queen Park Rangers / Preston North End /
Plymouth Argyle / TottenhamHotspur / Sheffield Wednesday
What was the date and time when all the digits on a standard 10 digit watch were displayed in
the order you would find them on a standard keyboard?
12.34 and 56 seconds on the 7th August 1990
1. In which English county is Glastonbury situated?
2. Today in 1857, Charles Lucas became the first recipient of which coveted award, bearing the
inscription 'For Valour'?
The Victoria Cross
3. Who was the first Briton to win a match at Wimbledon this year?
David Sherwood
4. Where did Custer's 'Last Stand' occur today in 1876, one point for location & one point for
Little Bighorn, Montana
5. True or False - French people came to be referred to as 'Frogs' because the coat of arms of
Paris features three frogs on it?
6. What type of wire was patented today in 1867 by Lucien B. Smith?
Barbed wire
7. Which British food company has been bought out by the American giant Heinz in a £470m
HP Foods
8. Today in 1967, which bank became the first to introduce cash point machines?
9. Which was the last pre-decimal coin to be withdrawn fromcirculation, finally ceasing to be
legal tender in 1993?
Two Shilling piece
10. Today in 1979, which heavyweight boxing champion announced his retirement after 59
professional fights?
Muhammad Ali
11. Under the government's Choosing Health white paper, which of these places would be
exempt froma smoking ban, Bus stops, Prisons or Pubs whose profit from food is less than
20% of their total income?
12. Born today in 1910, who was Elvis Presley's notorious manager?
Colonel Tom Parker
13. According to the Robin Hood legend, Little John was a nickname, what was his real name?
John Little
14. Who reached Number One in the UK pop charts today in 1976 with 'You To Me Are
Everything' and almost repeated the feat ten years later?
The Real Thing
15. Paintings by which of these artists were sold for a total of more than £14,000 at Bonhams in
London on Monday, Congo the chimpanzee, Ngam the elephant, Tilly the dog or Atomic Kitten?
Congo the chimpanzee - who starred on Zoo Time with Desmond Morris
16. Who wrote the opera 'Die Walkure', first performed today in 1870?
Richard Wagner
17. Who owned the racehorse 'Shergar' before it was stolen by the IRA?
The Aga Khan
18. What military first was achieved today in 1939 by Private Rupert Alexander 10000001 of the
Middlesex Regiment?
He became the first National serviceman
19. What type of wood was Pinocchio made from?
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name your favourite pastime?
Watching Football / Gardening / Walking / Quizzes / Shopping
(other gems included Mountaineering and Rock Climbing, Reading, Drinking, Knitting and
21. Which Year - First pictures of dark side of the moon by Luna III. Fidel Castro takes power in
Cuba. Alec Issigonis's Morris Mini is launched. Haloid launches the first copier, the "Xerox 914,"
able to reproduce documents at the press of a button. Briton Christopher Cockerell launches
the hovercraft. Ermal Cleon Fraze invents the easy-open can. First Daytona 500 takes place,
won by Lee Petty in an Oldsmobile. The Beatles form. Barbie doll debuts, after she started life
years earlier as Lilli?
22. Which university do American students attend if they are awarded a Rhodes Scholarship?
23. In 1999, which pop star paid 1.5 million dollars for the best picture Oscar awarded to 'Gone
With The Wind'?
Michael Jackson
24. Which country within the UK takes its name from the old english word meaning 'foreigners'?
25. What was the major innovation in the British newspaper industry made by 'Sun' editor Sir
Larry Lamb, who died in 2000?
Page Three Girls
26. Christian X was the King of which Nazi-occupied country during WWII?
27. Originally known as the United States Time Corporation, this watch making firmchanged its
name in the 1940's to what?
28. Which double act made their first appearance in the 1940 film 'Puss gets the boot'?
Tom & Jerry
29. Which actor appeared most often in the role of Dr Who?
Tom Baker - 172 episodes
30. Which American city was known as 'El Rancho de las Aguas' until 1906?
Beverly Hills
31. Which famous London street runs between Ludgate Circus and The Strand?
Fleet Street
32. The first 'Virgin' company was set up by Richard Branson in 1970, what service did it
It sold records by mail order
33. On what part of your body would you find a Lunula?
Fingernail - white part at base
34. Which woman was the first track and field athlete to compete in six Olympic games?
Tessa Sanderson
35. The most popular lollipops in Europe are Chuppa Chups, which Spanish artist designed the
logo for Chupa Chups?
Pablo Picasso
36. By what name is the plant called ' solanum tuberosum' better known?
The Potato
37. Which London shop was founded in 1849 and used to have as its slogan 'Everything, For
Everyone, Everywhere'?
38. Which English filmstar described his acting technique as 'left eyebrow raised, right eyebrow
Roger Moore
39. In the 18th century, the Artichoke, the Blenheim, the Long Bob and the Staircase were all
varieties of which form of personal adornment?
40. In May 2000, the Artist formerly known as Prince called a press conference to announce he
was changing his name to what?
Tiebreaker - According to a study by the institute of Medicine in America, how many deaths are
at least partially due to bad handwriting by doctors?
1. Which sport is played in an area 78 ft by 27 ft wide, unless twice the number of people are
involved, in which case the width increases to 36 ft?
2. Which is the odd one out - Gorgonzola, Mordatella, Gruyere, Parmesan, Wensleydale?
Mordatella - is a sausage
3. One point each - Four British cities have Underground systems – which?
London, Liverpool, Tyne & Wear and Glasgow
4. What relation was Cherie Blair to the late Pat Phoenix of Coronation Street fame?
Step daughter
5. Which of the Nolan sisters plays Sergeant Sheelagh Murphy in The Bill?
Bernadette (Bernie)
6. Which modern English city started life as the Saxon “Home of the people of Snot”?
7. Charlton Heston in 'The Ten Commandments', Val Kilmer in 'Prince of Egypt', and Morgan
Freeman in 'Bruce Almighty' all played which character?
8. Where were the Bee Gees born?
The Isle of Man
9. In-car maps and airplane navigation depends upon GPS provided by a network of satellites –
but what does GPS stand for?
Global Positioning System
10. Who partnered John McEnroe to four Wimbledon men's doubles victories?
Peter Fleming
11. In this country, motorways begin with the letter M, but what letter do they begin with in
The letter A
12. For 6 points – name the 6 counties of Northern Ireland?
Antrim, Down, Armagh, Fermanagh, Tyrone, Londonderry
13. Maggie, Jimand George are three of the pets that have appeared on Blue Peter. What sort
of animal are they?
14. In the Manchester version of Monopoly, what is the most expensive property?
The Lowry
15. Which of the following is NOT the name of a tropical tree found in Africa or America: the
sausage tree; the scrambled egg tree; the baked bean tree?
The baked bean tree
16. What tune was played whenever Chris Eubank entered the boxing ring?
Simply the Best
17. Is a BOMBORA– a) An electric eel, b) A hidden rocky reef, c) an early form of cannon, or d)
A famous Italian bandit
b) A hidden rocky reef
18. What is the title of the famous painting that hangs in the National Gallery and shows a horse
and cart in the river outside Willy Lott's farmcottage?
The Haywain
19. According to the history books whose last words were. "Thank God I have done my duty"?
Admiral Nelson
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name Someone In History That You
Would Like to Have Been?
Casanova / Cleopatra / Queen Victoria / Francis Drake / I.K. Brunel
(others included - Twiggy, Rasputin, Kennedy, Churchill & Ron Jeremy!!!)
21. Which Year - T-shirts with smiley yellow faces are banned in Mecca clubs and on the BBC
because of their association with acid-house drug culture, Cinema paradiso, Rain Man and Who
Framed Roger Rabbit? are released at cinemas, The Indian-born British writer Salman Rushdie
publishes his novel The Satanic Verses, The Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev announces that
Soviet troops will begin to withdraw fromAfghanistan and The Licensing Act in Britain allows
all-day opening (from11 am to 11 pm) to pubs in England and Wales?
22. The same king was on the throne during the American War of Independence and the Battle
of Trafalgar – which one?
George III
23. Carlsberg lager began using the tagline 'probably the best lager in the world' in a TV
campaign in 1973 - who provided the voice for the original commercials?
Orson Welles
24. Which country are still the Olympic Rugby Champions having won the title last time it was
contested in 1924?
New Zealand
25. The Apollo, The Geilgud, The Lyric and The Queen's are all theatres on which London West
End thoroughfare?
Shaftesbury Avenue
26. Which moor is named after Cornwall’s county town?
Bodmin Moor
27. Which two New York boroughs can be found on Long Island?
Brooklyn & Queens
28. What was the nationality of the first ever Darts World Champion?
Welsh - Leighton Rees
29. True or False - The slogan “AMars A Day helps you work, rest and play” was created by TV
sports presenter Murray Walker?
30. Who partnered Martina Navratilova to five Wimbledon women's doubles victories?
Pam Schriver
31. The majority of Nile cruises go between Luxor and which other town?
32. Which TV series and film featured the teachers Miss Sherwood and Mr Shorofsky?
33. Before he became England manager for a while, what club did Glenn Hoddle manage?
34. In which city was The King And I set?
35. What were rugby league side The Bradford Bulls called before the name change in 1995?
Bradford Northern
36. Which bird can swim the fastest?
37. If you suffered from GALLOPHOBIA, what would you be fearful of?
The French
38. What penalty are you given in golf if you play with your opponent’s ball?
Two Strokes
39. The first vibrator or massager, used in doctor’s offices to treat hysteria in women, appeared
in 1869 – what powered it?
40. Of what are these the statistics: First class 62%; Second class 41%; Third class 25%; Crew
Survival rates on the Titanic
Tiebreaker - How much is the membership fee to China's Pine Valley Golf Club designed by
Jack Nicklaus?
£83,000 - Pine Valley has only 400 members
- In which year did Britain gain its most Olympic Gold medals (56)?
1908 - the games were held in Britain and most of the competitors were British!
1. In The News - More hosepipe bans are being introduced to combat which county's worst
drought for a century?
2. How many sports are included in the summer Olympic Games, 28, 30 or 32?
Twenty Eight - http://www.london2012.org/en/news/countdown/26-50.htm
3. In the News - DJ and broadcaster Chris Evans has signed a new deal to present an afternoon
show on which radio station?
BBC Radio 2
4. One point each - Since 1977 which four men have captained England at cricket whose
surname begins with "B"?
Mike Brearley, Ian Botham, Geoff Boycott and Mark Butcher
5. In The News - Amusical based around the songs of which band is to open next year?
6. One point each - Four UNESCO World Heritage Sites are found in London, name them?
Kew Gardens, The Palace of Westminster, The Tower of London and Maritime Greenwich
7. She had an unusual hairdo comprised of snakes. Name this Gorgon whose head was
removed by Perseus?
8. Scotsman John Lawson Johnston produced a fluid extract of beef, mixed with caramel, salt,
and spices in the 1870s, What is it called?
9. I BE REAL RICH is an anagram of which famous person?
Cherie Blair
10. Which ten words begin each Star Wars film?
"Along time ago, in a galaxy far far away"
11. The geographical centre of North America is in a town called Rugby. In which US state is it?
North Dakota
12. Which one word can come before - fish, side, medal, fox and plate?
13. What was banned by the 13th Amendment to the US constitution in 1865?
14. One point each - For which five English clubs did Sky Sports football commentator Andy
Gray play?
Aston Villa, Wolves, Everton, Notts County and WBA
15. In The News - The first students with degrees in what subject graduated this week - Topiary,
Folk Music or Bee Keeping?
Folk Music
16. In the News - Who has been made the minister for the Olympics?
Tessa Jowell
17. The first circumnavigation of the world on a cycle was on which type of bike, Tandem, Penny
Farthing or Tricycle?
Penny Farthing - 1884
18. What do the following films have in common - When the Wind Blows, Planet of the Apes and
The Lord of the Flies?
They were all set after a nuclear holocaust
19. What is the B-2 Spirit, a U.S. fighter aircraft, better known as?
Stealth Bomber
20. Ancient Oak Question - Top Answer Required - Name your favourite make of Car?
Porche / Audi / Aston Martin / Jaguar / Ferrari
21. Which Year - Hamilton Watch Company introduces the first electric watch, The Soviet Union launches
Sputnik I, the first artificial satellite to orbit the earth, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel name themselves
Tom and Jerry and begin their recording career, Gloria Estefan, Donny Osmond, Billy Bragg, Seve
Ballesteros and Osama bin Laden were born in this year and top film of the year was The Bridge on the
River Kwai?
22. Which was Britain's second motorway to open in 1959?
23. Fromwhich musical did the song 'Day by Day' come?
24. What name is given to the offspring of a Pen and a Cob?
25. General Melchett, the high-ranking buffoon in 'Blackadder goes Forth', was played by which
Stephen Fry
26. Which came first colour or sound films?
Colour in 1922 (Sound 1927)
27. England's highest waterfall is called "The Cauldron Snout". On which river does it stand?
28. If a rugby union teamscores 3 tries, 2 of which are converted, 2 penalties and a drop goal,
what is their total score?
Twenty Eight
29. Which film do these lines come from -"Inside this room, all of my dreams become realities,
and some of my realities become dreams. And, almost everything you'll see is eatable, edible, I
mean, you can eat almost everything"?
Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory
30. True or False - Charles Manson, the serial killer, successfully auditioned for the Beach
False - but he did successfully audition for the Monkees!
31. On which Mediterranean island can Luga Airport be found?
32. Who was shot on stage in 1961, died in 1984 and had a number one hit two years later?
Jackie Wilson
33. Park Lane comprises two four-letter words, which other property on a Monopoly board also
Pall Mall
34. Which sauce is the base for Tartar Sauce?
35. The BBC World Service broadcasts in how many languages - 34, 44 or 54?
36. Which country has the largest continuous coastline?
37. Which masked and caped swordsman was created by Johnston McCulley anf first appeared
in the 1919 story 'The Curse of Capistrano'?
38. When was the first Tour De France bike race contested - 1883, 1893 or 1903?
39. In 1969, what became the first song to be sung in outer space?
Happy Birthday
40. After the inclusion of all the new states, How many stars does the flag of the European
Union now have?
Twelve - The number of stars will not change when new members are admitted
Tiebreakers - What year was the death penalty abolished in England?
- In what year were post boxes invented?
- The runner Tina Maria Stone, who was born in 1934, holds the record for most number of miles
run in one year - how far did she travel during this record breaking time?
15,472 miles, which is an average of over 42 miles every day
- How many black taxis are there in London?
1. Which small country has been ruled by the Grimaldi family for over 700 years?
2. France celebrated Bastille Day on Thursday, the anniversary of the French revolution - but
which year was the revolution?
3. What transport system, opened in 1992, has a fleet of 32 vehicles, two of which are called “Sir
Matt Busby” and “Skill City”?
The Manchester Metrolink
4. Who is famous for saying "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They
never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we"?
George W Bush
5. One point each - Name the 5 boxers who defeated Muhammad Ali?
6. In which city was Axel Foley a serving police detective?
7. According to the OED which word can variously mean a bundle of twigs bound together; a
ball of seasoned chopped liver; and an unpleasant woman?
8. What colour is the upper left ring on the Olympic flag?
9. In The News - A day celebrating whom, to be held at a primary school, was cancelled this
week because of complaints it could lead children into "areas of evil"?
Harry Potter
10. Which 1987 action film, later a trilogy, might be summed up by this cryptic review: “Copper
made of metal”?
11. In The News - Armed bandits in Brazil robbed a vehicle this week, carrying more than 400
Breast Implants
12. Which car manufacturer produces a model called the Matrix?
13. Which famous ex-Jockey has the middle names of 'Hunter Fisher'?
Willie Carson
14. In The News - Whose new daytime show has lost 40% of its audience in the space of a
Nigella Lawson
15. Which major company was founded in Espoo, Finland in 1865 by Fredrik Idestamand
originally made toilet paper?
16. Great Train Journeys Of The World - The luxury express ‘The Blue Train’ operates in which
South Africa - between Capetown and Pretoria
17. Emu is alive and well and touring Seaside resorts including Blackpool with Rod Hull's son,
is his name Toby, Terry or Donald?
18. Popularised in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, which thick drink is made with fresh
fruit puréed with milk, yoghurt, or ice cream?
19. Kit is the English nickname for which boys’ name?
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name your favourite cartoon
Scooby Doo / Top Cat / Bugs Bunny / Mickey Mouse / Popeye (Goofy / Donald Duck / Bat Fink)
21. Which Year - Flared trousers, and platformshoes are in fashion in Britain, Skylab, the United
States' first space station, is launched, Tupolev Tu-144 crashes at the Paris air show, France
resumes nuclear bomb tests in Mururoa Atoll, George Foreman beats Joe Frazier by a knockout
in two rounds to lift the world's Heavyweight championship and TomWeiskopf won the Open
22. Who amI? - Currently a member of the George Bush ‘cabinet’ this person is a professor of
political science, a former provost of Stamford University, a former board director of the
Chevron Corporation, and a concert level pianist?
Condoleezza Rice
23. One point each - Leslie Phillips appeared in four Carry on Films, name them?
Columbus, Constable, Teacher, Nurse
24. By what name is pop singer Enrique Morales better known?
Ricky Martin
25. What word means: get on, governing body and a flat wooden sheet?
26. In the BBC television comedy ‘The Office’, the receptionist Dawn is played by actress Lucy
Davis. Who is her famous father ?
Jasper Carrott
27. On which course did Tony Jacklin win the British Open Golf Championship in 1969?
Royal Lytham St Annes
28. On the current Euro banknote, which is the only language not to spell Euro E U R O?
Greek (looks like EYPO)
29. Which one word can go before - Bottom, Cake and Bed?
30. Which 1979 sci-fi film, later a trilogy, might be summed up by this cryptic review “Space
encounter Hurts John”?
31. In cricket a substitute is barred from doing four specific things. Bat, Bowl and Keep Wicket
are three of them. What is the fourth?
Act as Captain
32. Which Welsh railway, opened in 1865 and the first to be preserved, runs fromTywyn to Nant
33. Which Cheese features most regularly on Greek Salads?
34. Dialling 0034 would connect you to which country froma UK phone?
35. Who was the first Presenter of B.B.C. TV's 'Grandstand'?
David Coleman (Eamonn Andrews was the first presenter of 'AWorld Of Sport' on ITV)
36. In which city was Colombo a serving police detective?
Los Angeles
37. What record is held on TV's University Challenge by New Hall College, Cambridge?
Lowest score - 35 points
38. What game is played with six packs of cards dealt froma shoe?
39. Who starred as the cheat in the film Quiz Show?
Ralph Fiennes
40. Which came off better in a fight . . . tyrannosaurus rex or Iguanodon?
Neither, they are 42myears apart!
- Name three types of cars that don't pay road tax?
Tiebreaker - Holidaymakers first tripped the Lights fantastic in Blackpool in 1879 when how
many lights formed the first ever illuminations?
EIGHT arc lamps bathed the Promenade in what was described as artificial sunshine. There are now an amazing one million lamps in various types and styles and the equipment weighs more than 711,000 kilograms which is equivalent to 350 Blackpool trams!
1. In cricket, what name is given to a ball that is bowled with the wrist bent right round so that
the ball is released out of the back of the hand, causing it to spin the "wrong way" - from off to
A Googly
2. In The News - What is the full name of the Metropolitan Police Commisioner?
Sir Ian Blair
3. One point each - In which years of the 20th century were the Olympics cancelled due to war?
1916, 1940 and 1944
4. Which BBC TV programme is regularly presented by Paul Martin?
Flog It!
5. Who wrote the book `Taken On Trust` about his time as a hostage?
Terry Waite
6. What was ITV’s first twice-weekly soap opera?
Emergency Ward 10
7. Who is Britain’s largest employer?
National Health Service
8. The are nine aircraft in the RAF Red Arrows display team, how many aircraft are there in the
French equivalent 'The Patrouille de France'?
Eight - Alpha Jets
9. What is the most common surname in Spain - Gomez, Fernandez or Garcia?
10. How many standard glasses can be poured froma magnum of champagne?
11. What would the car industry use an `Anthropomorphic Mannequin` as?
Crash test dummy
12. In `The Magic Roundabout` what type of animal was Brian?
13. What wedding tradition symbolises having children, or fertility?
Throwing rice or confetti
14. What is the heaviest weight category in boxing?
Super heavyweight
15. Which Beatles single gave its name to the John Lennon memorial garden in Central Park?
`Strawberry Fields Forever`
16. In season 2004 /2005, which Premiership team had the largest pitch at 9,440 square yards?
Manchester City
- In season 2004 / 2005, which Premiership team has the smallest pitch of 7,810 square yards?
17. The brightest star in the night sky and one of the closest to Earth is often called the Dog
Star, but what is it`s official name?
18. What is Marcus Bentley's claim to fame in the world of "Big Brother"?
He has provided the voice over for every series so far
19. In May 1984, Alan Pettigrew of Loch Lomond gained the world record from throwing what
itemwith a distance of 55.11 metres?
20. Ancient Oak Survey Question - Top Answer Required - Name a top Cricet Player?
Andrew Flintoff / Ian Botham / Shane Warne / Nasser Hussein / David Atherton
My thanks this week (owing to pressure of work) to Quiz Zone for the source of many of the
Visit - http://www.quiz-zone.co.uk/
21. Which Year - The England cricketer Fred Trueman becomes the first bowler to take 300 Test
wickets, in the final Test against Australia at The Oval, China explodes an atomic bomb, and
becomes a nuclear power, Radio Manx becomes the first commercial radio station to broadcast
in the UK, The USAlaunched Mariner 4 to Mars, the Leyland Motor Corporation announces the
sale of 450 buses to the Cuban government and Plans to build the World Trade Center are
1964 - Christopher Eccleston, Shane Richie, Irene Cara, Russell Crowe and Nicolas Cage were born
22. In The News - Long John Baldry died this week, what was his only UK number one hit?
Let The Heartaches Begin
23. What is the largest poisonous snake in Africa?
Black Mamba
24. Which London football club once had Richard Attenborough as a director?
25. What was Michael Jackson`s first UK number one single?
`One day in your life`
26. What are Dominican Monks also known as, Blackfriars, Greyfriars or Whitefriars?
27. What is the fastest wild mammal in the UK?
The Roe Deer
28. If the Roman numeral for 500 is added to the name of America’s military cemetery in
Washington you have the name of which English market town?
Darlington (D - Arlington)
29. Which actor from the TV show `Friends` also appeared in the film `Lost In Space`?
Matt Le Blanc
30. Which is the most westerly county in the United Kingdom?
31. Which footballer won 88 caps for Northern Ireland and went on to manage Macclesfield
Sammy McIllroy
32. `Cambridge Favourite`, `Royal Sovereign` and `Talisman` are all varieties of what?
33. Which motorcycle company makes the Road King FLHR?
34. Which city is 402 miles from Cardiff, 156 miles fromNewcastle and 149 miles from
35. One point each - Which four tournaments make up the golf `majors`?
The British Open, the US Open, the US Masters and the US PGA
36. In 1999, what film became TomHanks first sequel?
Toy Story 2
37. Which Nintendo arcade game first introduced the character of Mario?
Donkey Kong
38. In men’s fencing competitions, how many hits are required to win?
39. On the London Underground, what is the busiest station on the Bakerloo line?
Oxford Circus
40. To the nearest 25 miles, how far would a London bus travel on a full tank of petrol while
driving around the city at an average of 30 miles per hour?
0 (a London bus runs on diesel)
- Which Oscar Winning Filmand TV star only spoke for the first time in `The Karnival Kid`, his
ninth appearance on-screen?
Mickey Mouse
Tiebreaker - What is the record for the most number of beers drunk by a member of a cricket
team on a transpacific flight to play in an Ashes tour?
52 by David Boone on a 26 hour flight in 1989
1. In what traditional entertainment does the dog Toby appear?
Punch and Judy
2. In the News - Which sports star criticised Britain for putting its sports stars on a
pedestal and then being quick to knock themdown?
David Beckham
3. Who had the original hit record 'Popcorn'?
Hot Butter
4. One point each - In which four summer Olympic sports can you score a goal?
Football, Handball, Water Polo, Hockey
5. In the News - Which member of the royal family would people least like to travel with,
according to a survey by Cheapflights.co.uk?
The Duke of Edinburgh
6. Oil is the most traded product in the world, what is the second?
7. In the News - Which fruit extract is thought to contain bioactive chemicals with anticancerous
properties, according to new research by Australian scientists?
Pineapple - fruit does not ripen after picking!
8. In London what are The Cavalry, The Marlborough and The Savile?
Private Members Clubs
9. Which book of The Bible is also a title of a Bob Marley album?
10. The RAF Red Arrows display teamhave nine aircraft, the French teamhave eight,
how many aircraft do the National Acrobatic Team "Frecce Tricolori" of the Italian Air
Force have?
Ten - Aermacchi MB-339-A/PAN aircraft (They fly with ten MB-339's and they have three
spare planes)
11. True or False - A Texan man was arrested this week after calling police to tell them
his marijuana had been stolen?
12. In what series of stories did Inspector Lestrade appear?
Sherlock Holmes
13. It is Kipros in Greek and Kibris in Turkish, what is it in English?
14. Which two Englishmen became the first cricket umpires to stand in 50 test matches?
Harold Bird, David Shepherd
15. In English its worth 10 points but in Polish only one, what is?
Letter Z in scrabble
16. The first US copyrighted film showed what in 1894 - A man shaving, A man sleeping
or Aman sneezing?
Aman sneezing
17. What can come in types Blue, Spear, Couch and Arrow?
18. In the News - How did police in the Indian state of Orissa punish the 200-strong
cinema audience they arrested en masse for watching an illegal porn movie - They
made them sign a letter promising they wouldn't watch porn anymore, They ordered
their hands tied behind their backs for a week or They made themdo sit-ups in public?
They made themdo sit-ups in public!
19. What is the last word of Rule Britannia?
20. Family Fortunes Question - Name something associated with Italy?
Pizza / Leaning Tower of Pisa / Rome or Romans / Mafia / Pasta
21. Which Year - Forty thousand British holidaymakers woke up to find themselves
stranded after the owners of Clarksons and Horizon Holidays went bust, Mama Cass of
The Mamas and the Papas died at the age of 32, after choking on a sandwich, The
national police computer began operating, Up to 4,000 people died in floods in
Bangladesh following a hurricane and Don Revie became the new manager of the
England football team?
1974 - Kate Moss, Robbie Williams, Tim Henman and Leonardo DiCaprio were born
22. Carol Smiley made her TV debut as a hostess on which game show?
Wheel of Fortune
23. What sort of animal is a Mexican Black Howler?
24. What are the ingredients of the drink a 'rusty nail?
Whiskey and Drambuie
25. In 'The Man with the Golden Gun' what was the name of Scaramangas assistant?
Nick Nack
26. Which fashion designer designs under the Emporia label?
27. What is the worlds longest race?
The Whitbread round the world yacht race
28. Which Number One hit record contains the lyric "Well she touched my hand, what a
chill I got, Her lips are like a volcano when it's hot, I'mproud to say that she's my
All Shook Up - Elvis Presley's first UK number one
29. In WW2 what kind of aircraft was a horsa?
30. TV Cartoons - In which ball sport did Fred Flintstone excel?
Ten Pin Bowling
31. Which quiz programnever has contestants, only contenders?
32. True or false - the Japanese called the hula hoop the huru hoopu?
33. Which sport only became legal in the UK in 1901?
34. What were first classified by the Galton-Henry system in 1901?
35. In the Wacky Races who drove the Creepy Coop?
Gruesome Twosome
36. In which US state will you find the mountain range known as the Sierras?
California - also extend a short way into Nevada near Lake Tahoe
37. Jack Palance won best supporting actor Oscar in what 1991 film?
City Slickers
38. What have coleslaw, colcannon and sauerkraut in common?
White Cabbage
39. Long jump, High Jump, Triple Jump, what sport is missing from the Olympic
jumping events?
Pole Vault
40. In 2003, A boxer, after winning a World Title, due to excitement wet himself in the
ring. At which world famous venue did this take place?
Cruft's Dog Show
Tiebreaker - Charlie Chaplains Hat and Cane sold at Christies in 1987 for how much?
1. According to the proverb, what begins at home?
2. In which track event do you get wet even when it's not raining?
3. Something you might have on a barbecue, what does the culinary term "a la broche"
On A Skewer
4. Who was Rodney married too in "Only Fools & Horses"?
5. Who took the Steve McQueen role in the remake of 'The Thomas Crown Affair'?
Pierce Brosnan
6. On which planet, other than earth, did a man-made object first land?
7. Work was begun on the construction of which building in London in 1052?
Westminster Abbey
8. What word goes before glove, hound and trot?
9. In clothing care symbols, what does a cross over a triangle signify?
Do Not Bleach
10. True or False - A Newcastle guillotine operator cut the top of his thumb off, and then
cut his finger off when he showed his boss how he had done it?
11. In which month of the year does the oyster season officially start?
September (1st)
12. Alphabetically, who is the first British football team listed?
A.F.C. Bournemouth
13. What is the colour of the number 13 on a roulette wheel?
14. In which direction do the 'Houses of Parliament' look across the Thames?
15. What is France's oldest type of brandy?
16. When did Kate Barton become the first Bus Conductress, was it 1909, 1920 or 1933?
17. What country consists of 13,000 islands and is the world's most populous Muslim
18. In darts, what is the lowest score from three different trebles?
19. Children in the 1960's composed a humorous song with the word dinner repeated 8
times, who were they singing about?
Batman - Dinner, Dinner.....!!!!
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name a Famous Robin?
Hood / Williams / Christopher / Reliant / Batmans Mate
21. Which Year - The first fully functional space shuttle orbiter, Columbia, was delivered to the
John F. Kennedy Space Center to be prepared for its first launch, Jim Callaghan's government
loses a motion of confidence by one vote, forcing a general election, Airey Neave, World War
Two veteran and Conservative Northern Ireland spokesman, is killed by INLA bomb in British
House of Commons car park and The first British nudist beach is established in Brighton?
1979 - Sophie Ellis-Bextor & Jonny Wilkinson were born whilst Mr. Ed the talking horse died!
22. In 1999, serial killer Andrew Cunanan murdered which famous clothing designer?
23. Which sport did Edward II ban in the city of London?
24. CC Magee invented something in 1932 that annoyed motorists - what was it?
Parking Meter
25. How many laps are run in a 10,000m-track race?
Twenty Five
26. Apart from England, which European country took part in cricket's 1996 World Cup?
Netherlands / Holland
27. Work was begun on the construction of which London building in 1067?
The Tower of London
28. Whose second symphony was known as ‘The Little Russian’?
29. What is the name of upward growing conical formations found in limestone caves?
30. In bridge, where does the player who cuts the cards sit in relation to the dealer, left
or right?
31. Who was born at Branau-am-Inn, Austria, in 1889?
Adolf Hitler
32. What have Exeter City & Newcastle Utd in common?
Both play at grounds called St. James Park
33. Which filmmade a star of Claude Rains although he was only on screen for the last
90 seconds?
Invisible Man
34. What game would you be playing if you played a Sicilian Defence?
35. Under which London landmark are buried a razor, cigars and a portrait of Queen
Cleopatra's Needle
36. Which one word can mean - to grip, a sitting of eggs, and a connecting device in a
car engine?
37. What type of marine creature is a "Sea Fox"?
38. Which movies, starring Mel Gibson, did the main character have the last name
Mad Max
39. Which fictional detective had a secret love named Vera Rossakoff?
Hercule Poirot
40. What happened in Britain between the 3rd and 13th of September in 1752?
Nothing! - Nothing at all happened because Britain adopted the Gregorian calendar
which replaced the Julian calendar and 10 days were lost
Tiebreaker - In which year was the first Camel race held in America, in the Mojave
Desert, California?
1. Who wrote the children’s book “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”?
Roald Dahl
2. What do gardeners call the grass clippings or straw they put around the base of
3. In Shakespeare's play who dies first Romeo or Juliet?
4. What in Olympic competition measures 164 feet by 68 feet 11 inches?
The swimming pool
5. What is the secret identity of Kathy Kane?
6. Which London soccer club has a ground with a North Bank and a Clock End?
7. What animal's head is pictured on the label of Gordon's London Gin?
Aboar's head
8. What cosmetics giant got started in 1886 as the California Perfume Company?
9. Which car manufacturer took over Rover in 1994?
10. What English town claims the world's largest fish market?
11. Which erstwhile rock singer and fringe politician died in 1999?
Screaming Lord Sutch
12. Who was delivered to the Mount at York on 7th April 1739, to be hanged for his bad
Dick Turpin
13. True or False - A Punch and Judy puppeteer in Broadstairs, Kent has been told to
stop using Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden puppets during his seaside show
after complaints fromparents?
14. What in Blackpool's Opera House is the largest in Britain?
The Stage
15. To which Monmouthshire town did Marty Wilde take a trip during the 1960s?
16. What is the name of the world's largest department store, at Broadway and 34th
street, New York?
Macy's - (R.H. Macy & co Inc)
17. Which condition will an antitussive help alleviate?
A Cough
18. What game is said to have been invented when Kingston Harbour, Ontario, froze
over in 1860?
Ice Hockey
19. Which SE Asian capital city is at the mouth of the Menamriver?
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name something cube shaped?
Dice / Stock Cubes / Sugar Lumps / Rubik Cube / Ice Cube
21. Which Year - The USA begins to manufacture cruise missiles with a speed of about
550 mph, Canadian ice-hockey player Scott Olsen and his brother create rollerblades -
high-speed roller-skates, The first 'indie' chart is launched in Britain - the first album to
head it is Adam and the Ants' Dirk Wears White Socks, The New Romantic look, inspired
by glamrock, starts to appear, sported by bands such as Spandau Ballet and Duran
Duran and Ted Turner launches the Cable News Network (CNN), the first 24-hour
network in the world to focus solely on news?
22. Which Scottish football club once fired Sir Alex Ferguson for not being a particularly
good manager?
St Mirren
23. 'Moon Walk' is the title of whose autobiography?
Michael Jackson
24. In what century did Attila the Hun live?
The 5th (406 to 453 ad)
25. Which company publishes the handbook 'All The World's Aircraft'?
26. How many musical instruments may accompany a woman gymnast's floor exercise?
27. How many wives did the long suffering Mormon leader Brigham Young have, which
coincidentally is the same number as the number of books in the New Testament?
Twenty Seven
28. What was the first scheduled route for the British Concorde in 1976?
London to Bahrain
29. What legal term is given to any articles, coins etc, found hidden and of unknown
Treasure Trove
30. What is the epicarp of an orange?
The Peel
31. In which part of the human body is the solar plexus?
The Stomach
32. There is a sign in the Bronx Zoo that reads "The only creature that has ever killed off
entire species of other animals ". What does the sign hang beneath?
33. On which TV quiz show did Geoffrey Wheeler take over from Jimmy Tarbuck as
Winner Takes All
34. Who asked her friend Madge Allsop to be bridesmaid at her wedding?
Dame Edna Everidge
35. What name is given to a mound of rocks used as a marker or memorial?
A Cairn
36. In which country is Chittagong a seaport?
37. In which long running TV series did the character of Colonel Sherman Potter
38. What album features Bruce Springsteen's backside on the frontside of the cover?
Born in the USA
39. In the novel Peter Pan what is the name of the Indian princess rescued by Peter?
Tiger Lily
40. How many crowned English kings since 1066 have had the signature Edward?
Seven - Edward VIII was never crowned
Tiebreaker - How long in days, hours & minutes was the latest Space Shuttle flight?
13 days, 21 hours and 33 minutes
1. Why have Erik Wernquist and Daniel Malmendhal become very unpopular in the UK recently?
They invented the Crazy Frog - Ding! Ding! Ding!
2. Which state became America's 50th today in 1959?
3. What mysterious phenomenon does a cereologist study?
Crop / Corn Circles
4. First introduced in 1938, which sweets are ditching the tube to go hexagonal?
5. What type of milk is an essential ingredient of Thai cooking?
Coconut Milk
6. Name the last Plantagenet King of England, killed today (21/8) in 1485?
Richard III
7. Which beleaguered City of London trading institutions hopeful motto is "In Utmost Good
Lloyds of London
8. What sort of creature is a loon?
A Bird
9. Where would you be taking off from or landing if you were at Ronald Reagan International
Airport in the USA?
Washington D.C.
10. Which long-running quiz show switched fromITV to BBC in 1994?
University Challenge
11. Almost 50% of women in Britain have a Boots The Chemist loyalty card, what is it called?
12. Released today in 1981, which filmstarred David Naughton as a lycanthropic tourist?
'An American Werewolf in London'
13. What is the maximum number of characters, including spaces and punctuation, in an UK
text message - 120, 160 or 180?
14. WilliamHague, Boris Johnston and Charlotte Church have all presented which TV
Have I Got News For You
15. Which of these parties is contesting next month's German election - The Party of Biblefaithful
Christians. The Marxist-Leninist party or The Anarchist Pogo Party of Germany?
All of them!
16. Which religious ceremony comes from the Greek word for 'to dip'
17. What is the lowest-pitched classical woodwind musical instrument?
18. On the cover of The Beatles Sergeant Pepper albumwho is dressed as the sergeant?
Ringo Starr
19. There is an ancient invention still used in some parts of the world today that allows people
to see through walls. What is it?
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Something you might look for when the
electricity fails?
Candles / Torch / Fuse Box / Matches / Elecrician
21. Which Year - BBC2 begins broadcasting Open University programmes in Britain, The Dutch
electronics company Philips launches the first car cassette player in Britain, Rhodesia severs
its last tie with the British crown and declares itself a racially segregated republic, Thor
Heyerdahl sets sail fromMorocco on the papyrus boat Ra II to sail the Atlantic Ocean and
Charles de Gaulle dies?
22. Which film, released today in 1993, stars Sharon Stone and William Baldwin as her landlord?
23. What do Citronella candles smell of?
24. What was the first consumer device to use a transistor?
The Hearing Aid
25. How many member states are there in the European Union as of 2005?
Twenty Five
26. Who played the part of Private Detective Barnaby Jones?
Buddy Ebsen - better known for Beverley Hillbillies as Jed Clampett
27. Why are Joel, Avi and Bryan very unpopular in the North?
They are the Glazer Brothers - new owners of Man Utd
28. The 1st vending machines in the USA were installed in NewYork City platforms in 1888,
what did they dispense?
Chewing Gum
29. An artwork called The Writer, by Italian Giancarlo Neri, consisting of a huge table and chair
has been erected in which public space in London?
Hampstead Heath
30. Which European airport has the shortest flight time to continental USA?
31. In which filmis the Bride left for dead by the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad?
Kill Bill
32. Who reached Number One in the US pop charts today in 1964 with 'Where Did Our Love Go'?
The Supremes
33. Founded in 1895, in Bolton Lancashire, the company J.W. Foster & Sons changed its logo
now known as the Vector and its name to what in 1958?
34. Which villain kept a pet caterpillar called Nero?
Baron Greenback in Dangermouse
35. What in Thailand is a nan prick: a hot sauce, a flat bread or a cooked chicken?
A hot sauce
36. How are Mark Perry, Jan Ravens and Jon Culshaw collectively known?
Dead Ringers
37. What is the only letter than can not be used in a two letter word in Scrabble?
38. The name of which model of Ford car was taken froman ancient word for pirate?
39. Apparently, What is the best human organ to eat if you need to survive?
The Liver
40. If you travel due south from Detroit what is the first country you come to?
Canada (Check the map for yourself - Thanks to Colin's Pub Quiz from Belfast for this great
Tiebreaker - In 1982 Colin Wilson rode a surfboard for a record how many miles?
1. True or False - When the first weather forecast was broadcast on BBC radio in 1923 it
predicted a spell of fine weather?
False - Rain!
2. In the News - Why will the bell at Lincoln Cathedral fall silent for the first time since
So it won't interfere with the filming of 'The Da Vinci Code'
3. How many tunnels are there in total in the channel tunnel?
4. ORAL SEX USING REF is an anagramof which sports person?
Sir Alex Ferguson
5. In horse racing, what is the shortest distance over which a flat race is run in the UK?
Five Furlongs (5/8 of a mile)
6. If your car's odometer was broken, would it fail it's MOT?
No - the odometer measures mileage and is not part of the test
7. Which crisp manufacturer produces spicy flavours including 'Flamed Grilled Steak',
'Firecracker Chicken' and 'Balti Curry'?
8. According to the Chinese, August 8th of which year was the luckiest day of the 20th
1988, so it was 8/8/88
9. On television, the three top agents employed by Charles Townsend of Townsend
Investigations were collectively known as what?
Charlie's Angels
10. The Americans call them suspenders, what do we call them?
11. How high is the Big One at Blackpools pleasure beach - 70m / 80mor 90 metres?
70 metres
12. What is the top prize in the recently launched Olympic lottery scratchcard game?
13. 'King Sneer', 'The Merchant of Menace' and 'Rude Dude' are some of the nicknames
given to which tennis player?
John McEnroe
14. Who purchased Rolls Royce in 1998?
15. Which English football league club play their home games on a pitch that
theoretically has one corner flag situated in Wales?
Chester City
16. According to unproven stories, the victims of which London murderer ended up in
Mrs. Lovett's meat pies?
Sweeney Todd (The Demon Barber of Fleet Street)
17. The Amish people live mainly in which US State?
18. Named after King Ahab's wife in the Old Testament, what word is now used to
describe a shamelessly immoral woman?
19. Is Edinburgh's "Royal Mile" less than a mile long, exactly a mile long, or longer than
a mile?
Longer (by 107 yards)
20. What are the titles of the first five "Harry Potter" books?
The Philosopher's Stone / The Chamber Of Secrets / The Prisoner of Azbakan / The
Goblet Of Fire / The Order Of The Phoenix
21. For one point each, name the five countries in which polar bears can be found?
USA (Alaska), Canada, Russia, Greenland & Norway
22. On a dartboard what is the highest total a pair of opposite numbers adds up to?
25 (18 and 7)
23. How many rooms are featured on a British Cluedo board?
Nine (Hall, Lounge, Dining Room, Kitchen, Ball Room, Conservatory, Billiard Room,
Library, Study)
24. Tim Wonnacott is now the host of which BBC-1 programme?
Bargain Hunt
25. What is the third most valuable property on a standard British Monopoly board?
Bond Street
26. According to an advertising campaign, what year was a bad year for sculpture and
music but a good year for beer?
1664 (Kronenberg)
27. In which English county can Creswell Crags be found?
28. Who owns the car registration plate ORV 1L?
Keith Harris - the ventriloquist
29. The battles of Blore Heath, Ferrybridge and Hedgely Moor were fought during which
Wars of the Roses
30. After a car accident in 1975, the singer Stevie Wonder lost the use of which of his
five senses?
His sense of smell - he is blind frombirth!
31. What colour is between red and black on an archery target?
Blue (or Light Blue)
32. Famous for a prestigious race first held in 1923, which French town is twinned with
Le Mans
33. What type of creature was Sebastian in Disney's film "The Little Mermaid"?
34. Issued on a daily basis to British sailors between 1740 and 1970, grog was a mixture
of rum, limejuice, sugar and what?
Water - it was watered down
35. On weight watchers, how many points are there in a normal slice of white bread?
36. Who said in 2003, just before he lost his job, "the quiet man is here to stay and he's
turning up the volume"?
Iain Duncan Smith
37. How much does a Euro Lotto Millions ticket cost (in Euro's or pounds)?
2 Euros, £1.50
38. What was (Sir) Bob Geldof talking about when he said "it's brilliant, you die of a
heart attack, but so what? You die thin"?
The Atkins' Diet
39. Which country is the world's Third largest Military Power?
France (USA is 1st, Russia is 2nd)
40. After becoming the Irish Monopoly champion in the year 2000, the Nigerian-born
Ekumdayo Badmus changed his name to what to make it sound more Irish?
Ekumdayo O'Badmus
Tiebreaker - Takeru Kobayashi holds the world record for eating how many hot-dogs in
12 minutes?
53.5 - also ate 100 roasted pork buns in 12 minutes to take the Japanese title and he did
this the day after taking the Steamed Dumpling record with 83 in 8 minutes
1. Which US City is known as the 'The Big Easy'?
New Orleans
2. In The News - What did the BBC spend 11.8 million pounds (£32,000 a day) on last
Taxis - for interview guests!
3. Despite Channel Five's recent antics, the existence of what is still disputed today
despite many 'sightings' following its first being recorded by St. Columba in 565 AD?
The Loch Ness Monster
4. One point each - Which are the four tallest inhabitable buildings in the UK that have a
name ending with the word Tower?
Canary Wharf Tower, Nat West Tower, British TelecomTower, Blackpool Tower
5. HEFTY OBSCURER is an anagramof which TV personality?
Bruce Forsythe
6. In The News - Which town has regained its university status after 700 years?
7. Which word can mean; A Parasitic Worm, the Hook of an Anchor or a Lucky Chance?
8. Actress Yvonne de Carlo was born September 1st in 1924. Name the 137-year-old
character she played in a cult TV series?
Lily Munster in 'The Munsters'
9. True or False - A duck only lays eggs in the morning?
10. On TV's Coronation Street, what colour is the door of the Rover's Return?
11. Whose headquarters are located in London at Lancaster Gate?
The Football Association
12. Why was did Captain Arthur Rostron become famous in 1912?
He was the captain of the Carpathian, the ship that came to the aid of the Titanic
13. What do cricketers call a ball that flies over the batsman's head without bouncing?
14. On an Easyjet aeroplane fuselage, which is the only capital letter in the company
J - for Jet!
15. Which popular club game used to be called Beano?
16. In The News - Which British actor is the Sun Newspaper campaigning for to get a
role on Eastenders?
Michael Caine - not a lot of people know that!
17. If you were playing a Jew's harp where would you be holding it?
Between your teeth
18. Gansu Sky Horses are a football team in which country?
China - Paul Gascoigne was their player coach
19. Whose catch phrase is "Don't Have Nightmares"?
Nick Ross
20. Our Survey Said - Name the Five most popular dog tricks?
Sit, Paw, Roll Over, Speak and Lie Down
21. Who AmI? I was born April 2, 1939 in Washington DC, I am a musician.
I have been a member of various bands including The Rainbows, and the Marquees who
eventually became, Harvey and The Moonglows I was in the US Navy and was
honourably discharged in 1957.
I was married to Berry Gordy's sister, Anna. In 1963 I had two early R&B smash hits,
"Hitch Hike" and "Can I Get A Witness", I also helped write the song "Dancing in the
Marvin Gaye - had duets in the 60's with Mary Wells, Kim Weston and most significantly,
Tammi Terrell
22. I AMA PLONKER - NOT SMART is an anagramof which female TV celebrity?
Tara Palmer Tomkinson
23. What type of creature is a Pacific Sea Wasp?
A Jellyfish - (Did you know a group of Jellyfish is called a smuck?)
24. Which famous person fromhistory was born with the name Temujin in the 12th
Genghis Khan
25. In Britain what were classified as either Aor B in 1920?
26. Which religion celebrates the festival of Vesak?
27. In cartoons, who has a cousin called Slowpoke Rodriguez?
Speedy Gonzales
28. True or False - the name of the brother of Popeye's girlfriend Olive was Castor Oyl?
29. The works of Mrs Darrell Waters have been translated into 128 languages, Who was
Enid Blyton
30. What is the only olympic sport that has a finish line that no competitor will ever
31. In which famous race is the slowest man of the day given a red lantern?
Tour de France
32. Which Beatles albumhas the Fab Four performing semaphore on the front cover?
33. In the companies TV advert, "You can be Sure of what"?
34. Which part of the British Isles is divided into six parts called sheadings?
Isle of Man
35. In the newspaper dating adds, what does GWSM stand for?
Gay White Single Male
36. Which ex-world snooker champion trained as a jockey but never raced in public?
Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins
37. Americans call them Bell Hop's what do we in England call them?
38. Whose catch phrase was " It's Good but it's not right"?
Roy Walker
39. According to the nursery rhyme, who got the third bag of Baa Baa Blacksheep's
The little boy who lived down the lane
40. What sport has four letters and begins with a `T`?
Golf - Tee!
Tiebreaker - The cost of putting a prisoner to death by lethal injection in the United
States during the year 2000 was?
1. In the News - What is Andrew Flintoff's wife not allowed to call him at home?
2. Which river is known as 'the father of waters'?
3. In the News - Which country's leader has dismissed their Cabinet amid allegations of
Ukraine - president Viktor Yushchenko
4. In which capital city could you walk through the 'Gate Of Heavenly Peace' and find
yourself in front of the 'Monument To The People's Heroes'?
Beijing - Peking, China
5. Which useful household item is made from Napthalene?
Moth Balls
6. In the News - The Philippines plans to auction off millions of dollars worth of what
seized fromImelda Marcos, the former First Lady?
7. Which strong cheese, made from ewe’s milk and stored in caves, is named after a
village in France?
8. How many legs do Mites have?
9. In the News - British Airways has increased what kind of surcharge on long-haul
flights by £6?
10. Which of these animals is not protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act, Hare,
Red Squirrel or Leech?
11. When Queen Elizabeth II was born, what number in line was she to the throne?
Three - third in line behind her father and Uncle David - King Edward VIII
12. Which sporting trophy has a figure of Abe Mitchell on its top?
The Ryder Cup
13. One Point each - Yellowstone National Park in the USA covers three states, name
Idaho, Montana, Wyoming
14. At a motor race meeting, what warning does a Red & Yellow striped flag signify?
Slippery Surface
15. What would you hang on a Rannel Tree?
Cooking Utensils
16. What type of pens did the company Pentel invent?
Felt Tips
17. In an International game of Conkers, how many strikes can you have per turn?
18. Who adopted the name Terrence Furminger and fled to Australia in 1965?
Ronnie Biggs
19. In which famous buiding is the phone picked up if you dial 001-202-456-1414?
The White House - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW / Washington, DC 20500
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name a type of vehicle used in
Tractor / Combine Harvester / Land Rover / Quad Bike / Plough
21. Which Year - An epidemic of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) is reported in
beef cattle in Britain, The musical Les Misérables is first performed in English, at the
Palace Theatre in London, The US Bell Laboratories develops an optical fibre capable of
simultaneously sending 300,000 telephone conversations or 200 high-resolution
television channels and The British pop group Dire Straits releases the album Brothers
in Arms. It becomes the first CD to sell 1 million copies?
22. What did Fred Quimby produce so that his name is still seen today?
Tom & Jerry Cartoons
23. What were introduced for the first time by Scotland Yard in 1961?
24. Who were the first Merseybeat group to have a UK number one single?
Gerry & the Pacemakers
25. What is the Indian equivalent of a Thai 'Kaeng Phed'?
A Curry
26. On TV - who promised 'The World Is Your Lobster'?
Arthur Daley
27. What did Marcus the Mole become the official mascot of in 1993?
The Channel Tunnel
28. Which was the closest country to Nelson at the time of his death?
29. What type of Armour was designed to wrap around a sword and spring the blade out
of a wound?
Chain Mail
30. Which cartoon character is hunted by Doctor von Goosewing?
Count Duckula
31. What did Cave Men produce by boiling animal fat with wood ash?
32. Who was the famous son of Uther Pendragon?
King Arthur
33. Which vegetable is also known as 'Jibbons'?
Sping Onion
34. How do the Butterwort and Sundew plants vary their diet?
They catch insects
35. Which James Bond actor once worked as a French Polisher for a coffin maker?
Sean Connery
36. Which mountain range is climbed by the world's highest railway?
37. Which cricketer captained England and also won honours for fencing?
Rachel Hayhoe-Flint
38. In which city would you find the Flavian Ampitheatre?
39. On which English river does the annual 'Head of the River Race' take place?
The Thames - they do the Boat Race course in reverse
40. Who was the only man who could ever reach Dusty Springfield?
Son Of A Preacher Man
Tiebreaker - How many times an hour can the Desert Rat have sex?
1. What connects Andrew in 1992, Gordon in 1994, Fran in 1996, Floyd in 1999 and Allison
in 2001?
Hurricanes in USA - http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0001443.html
2. Which country has scored the most runs in a single Test match innings?
Sri Lanka (952-6d v India Colombo 1997)
3. Gloria Arroyo is the President of which country?
4. Which business developed from a snack drive-in near Pasadena selling hotdogs and
5. Which British aircraft company manufactured the WWII 'Lancaster' bomber?
6. In which month of the year does pheasant shooting begin?
7. In which English county is the market town of Bere Regis?
8. By what name is the radical Basque Separatist Party usually known?
9. Which British newspaper advertises itself as ' the biggest selling quality newspaper'?
Daily Telegraph
10. About what did Winston Churchill once say, "In victory, you deserve it, and in defeat,
you need it" ?
11. Which Italian word is used to describe freelance photographers who pursue the
12. Who played Algernon Winston Spencer Castleray Razzmatazz in TV's "Tiswas"
between 1977 and 1982?
Lenny Henry
13. To be called Scotch whisky, the spirit must be distilled in Scotland frombarley malt
and matured for at least three years in casks made from which wood?
14. Which European country's parliament is called the Storting; its national anthembeing
"We Love This Country"?
15. In Arthurian legend, where was Arthur taken after being mortally wounded?
16. Name the Premiership football teams that play at each end of the Seven Sisters Road?
Arsenal & Tottenham
17. In which century did the first blood transfusion take place?
18. Which country contains the world's largest oil refinery?
19. Who was the last England cricket captain to win the Ashes?
Mike Gatting
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name an occupation Where You
Use A Ladder?
Painter or Decorator / Fireman / Roofer / Window Cleaner / Tree Surgeon
21. Which Year - The crew of the space shuttle Endeavour connects first two modules of
the international space station, The FDA approves the male impotence drug Viagra,
Legendary crooner Frank Sinatra dies of a heart attack at age 82, President Clinton is
impeached on two charges, perjury and obstruction of justice, Former Chilean dictator
Augusto Pinochet arrested in London and Europeans agree on single currency, the euro?
22. True or False - In the first ever motor race in 1895, the first car over the line was
True - car was not a required four-seater!
23. A TALBOT is the heraldic name for which animal?
24. Which country is the base of the ANA Airline?
Japan - All Nippon Airways
25. Whose last film, made in 1974 was 'Carry On Dick'?
Sid James
26. The first nuclear-powered surface ship was designed for what specific purpose?
27. According to the Johnny Cash song, who finally caught up with his father in the town
of Gatlingburg?
A Boy Named Sue
28. In Cockney rhyming slang, which edible item is known as a 'sexton'?
A Cake (Sexton Blake)
29. In the 'Bond' film, what was the name of 'Goldfinger's' bodyguard?
30. A gastroscope is used to examine what part of the human body?
31. From what age can you now receive a free television license?
32. The football team Energie Cottbus play in which European country?
- The football teamFortuna Sittard play in which European country?
33. In which English county did Julius Caesar land to defeat the Britons?
34. What name is given to the car suspended from an airship?
A Gondola
35. Which singer had a 2002 UK hit with 'Whenever, Wherever'?
36. Which British city was known to the Romans as 'Magnus Portus'?
37. Which TV 'baddies' were created by Terry Nation?
38. On which holiday island will you find the towns of Malia and Sitia?
39. Which Beatles film featured the song, 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds'?
Yellow Submarine
40. In the famous painting, what is on the top of the Mona Lisa's right hand?
Her Left Hand
Tiebreaker - On this date in 1922, the highest temperature ever recorded on earth was
noted at El Azizia, Libya where it reached a balmy how many degrees Fahrenheit?
1. What is the correct technical term for the art of making and the display of fireworks?
2. What Character Does Ian Smith Play In Neighbours?
Harold Bishop
3. What is the state capital of Mississippi
4. Which British animal is brown in Summer and White in Winter?
5. How many points are awarded for a try in Rugby Union?
6. In what game would you find immies, marines, rainbows and moonstones?
7. What does a butcher call the streaks of fat running through a piece of meat?
8. Ernest Shackleton's ship was crushed in the Antarctic Ice, What was it's name?
9. In the novel Animal Farm, which animals took over?
10. Where in your body would you find the Organ of Corti?
Ear - sound receptor
11. What is the smallest instrument in the percussion section of an orchestra?
12. Which car manufacturer made the British 'Nimrod' that competed at Le Mans?
Aston Martin
13. What is the only formof tobacco allowed inside the Commons Chamber of the House
of Commons?
14. Which rugby club does Johnny Wilkinson play for?
Newcastle Falcons
15. If you added the number of players on court in Basketball, Volleyball and Netball
together, what would the answer be?
16. In which country did the words 'plonk' for wine and 'plonker' originate?
17. Who is the author of the children's book 'The English Roses'?
18. One point each - name the four flavours of Tango?
Orange, Apple, Cherry & Tropical
19. Which is the odd one out - Tornado, Cyclone, Typhoon, Hurricane?
Cyclone - the others are all names of fighter aircraft
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name a place where you expect to
find animals?
Zoo / Farm / Jungle / Pet shop / Safari
Tiebreaker - How old was Shirley Temple when she made her last film in 1949?
21. Who am I? - I was born on 30th March 1950 and I am male .I attended the Glenalmond public school in
Perthshire, known as The Eton Of Scotland, By 15, I'd become very fit and had grown to 6' 1", I played prop
for the School Rugby 1st XV and toured Canada with the Scotland schoolboy side, My real name is Robert
McMillan, After leaving school I studied painting at Glasgow Art School. I then moved into filmand in 1973,
my 50-minute documentary, Young Mental Health was voted Film Of The Year by the Scottish Education
Council, I moved to Edinburgh and became involved with "The Fringe", doing some film work but
increasingly getting involved in plays, with a little stand-up comedy as well?
ROBBIE COLTRANE - My major break came when I joined the cast of "The Comic Strip" series I also had
parts in Alfresco, Blackadder and starred in the comedy drama series Tuti Fruti
22. What is the smallest scientifically defined unit of time - a) Jiffy, b) Tick, c)
Yoctosecond or d)Millisecond?
c) - a yoctosecond is equivalent to one septillionth of a second; a millisecond is one
thousandth of a second; a jiffy and a tick are a tad longer than those other two!
23. What was advertised with the slogan 'nice face, shame about the breath'?
Listerine mouthwash
24. What would you do with a 'Romeo's Rouser' - drink it, wear it or play with it?
Drink it - it is Real Ale
25. A red flag with a white diagonal stripe displayed on a boat signifies what?
Divers are underwater
26. Which Previous Grand National Winner when spelt backwards means to kill
Red Rum
27. Comanche was the only survivor of which famous battle?
Battle of the Little Bighorn - Comanche was a horse
28. Watch the Birdie, Marvo the Wonder Chicken and Winker Watson all appear in which
29. In which Australian City is the Headquarters of the Carlton and United Brewery the
makers of Fosters Lager?
30. True or false - There is a "Harry Potter" special edition of Trivial Pursuit?
False - not yet anyway!
31. Who played the role of Debbie Porter in Knot’s Landing and went on to become an
Oscar winning actress?
Halle Berry
32. What "S. E." is the process in which an initially small event builds on itself and soon
becomes large and possibly dangerous?
Snowball Effect
33. Which European country's blue and white flag represents the country's lakes and
34. Which battle did Churchill call ‘the end of the beginning’?
El Alamein
35. Willie Gallagher and Phil Piratin were the last two MPs, in this country, from which
political party?
Communist 1945-50
36. Who was the 1st member of the Royal Family to be interviewed on TV?
Prince Phillip
37. Which city should have held the cancelled 1944 Olympics?
38. What do Gorilla's do when they get nervous?
Beat their chests
39. If a clock seen in a mirror is read as 2.40 what time is it?
40. Which colour bottom was popular in the 1920's?
The Blackbottom - a dance!
1. In which county was England cricket captain Michael Vaughn born?
Lancashire - Manchester
2. The Taj Mahal in India is built fromwhich material?
3. What is the most common international crime?
4. On which TV quiz show could you get your bus fare home?
Bullseye - bring back Jim Bowen!
5. Which car company uses the slogan 'Isn't it great when things just work'?
6. Rudolph Valentino, the archetypal romantic screen lover, married actress Jean Acker in 1914,
how long did the marriage last: six hours; six days or six years?
Six hours
7. Which labour leader did Mrs Thatcher defeat in the general election of 1983?
Michael Foot
8. A recent survey showed that burglars form the greatest part of the prison population, but what
group of people forms the second largest?
9. Which TV presenter wrote the book "Cricket mad and football daft"?
Michael Parkinson
10. True or False - In India, elephants receive a pension?
11. If a cockney told you "Your charms gone flat, mate" what would he mean?
Battery on car was flat - Charmand Flattery
12. Which TV sitcomwas set in the canteen of Manchester firmHWD components?
13. Which animal is faster than a horse, can go longer without water than a camel and can see
behind without moving its head?
A Giraffe
14. Who comes next in this sequence: Shirley Bassey, Paul McCartney & Wings, Lulu, Carly
Shirley Bassey - followed by Sheena Easton (they are artists who sang James Bond theme tunes)
15. A bridge based on exactly the same design as The Sydney Harbour Bridge - and completed
before it - can be seen in which British city?
16. A trademark with eight letters handwritten by Frank Robinson is familiar to billions throughout
the world - what is it?
'Coca Cola'
17. Whose last words were 'I shall hear in heaven'?
Ludwig van Beethoven
18. New Yorker Katie Mulcahey was the first victim of a 1908 law banning women from doing what
in public?
19. Which current Premiership club used to wear pink shirts?
Everton - It was way back in the 1890's…but pink!
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name something that you might add to a
glass of water?
Fruit Juice or Squash / Alka-Seltzer or Health salts / Ice / False Teeth / Whisky
21. Who amI? - Born in Bassendean, Western Australia 30th March 1930, Educated at Perth
Modern School where he started swimming for the school, and in 1946 became Australian Junior
Backstroke Champion, Won Amateur Hour Competition on Australian Radio and came to London
in 1952 to study art at the City & Guilds Art School in Kennington, Had paintings exhibited at the
Royal Academy of Art, and took a side wards step in his career when he started to dabble with
pop music?
Can you tell who it is yet? - Rolf Harris
22. What does the term "SOCO" mean in the police world?
Scene of Crime Officers
23. The Korean soup "Poshintang" is a popular item on summertime menus, what is the main
24. Which team have been relegated in all three seasons in which they have played in the
Crystal Palace
25. Only two track events for men are run in a straight line, the 100 metres and which other?
110 Metres Hurdles
26. Which duo foiled master criminal Feathers McGraw?
Wallace & Gromit
27. Who first appears in the bible as the son of Lamech and ninth in descent fromAdam?
28. Who at the start of their TV show wheeled a bed down the middle of the street wearing
The Monkees
29. What word can mean to remove the branches from the main trunk of a tree or to remove the
horns fromcattle?
30. True or False - In Alabama USA - it is illegal to use a vibrator - sentence being 1 month for
every inch in size. i.e. 12" = 12 months?
31. Who in the 17th century raised and trained a cavalry regiment called the Ironsides?
Oliver Cromwell
32. What links: Sylvester, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Michael Jackson and a Snooker
White gloves
33. Sir Oswald Mosley was expelled fromwhich political party in 1931?
The Labour Party
34. "1801 - I have just returned froma visit to my landlord" is the opening line of which famous
Wuthering Heights
35. Which four letter word for having sex first appeared in a dictionary in 1986?
36. Which soccer player, now manager of a top premiership side, wrote the 2000 autobiography
Stuart Pearce
37. Which West Texas town shares its name with one of the Muppets?
38. What kind of animal could be described as a "Yorkshire White" or a "Large White"?
39. Which British statesman's last words were reputedly "Oh, I Am So Bored With It All"?
Sir Winston Churchill
40. Why don't cars ever run out of petrol when travelling through the Simplon Tunnel?
It's a railway tunnel
Tiebreaker - Radar speed traps were first introduced into Britain in which year?
- How many Scottish caps did Kenny Dalglish win?
1. Under which name did Ronnie Barker used to submit scripts to the BBC?
Gerald Wiley
2. Today in 1967, breathalyser tests were introduced to Britain. Who was Transport Minister at the
Barbara Castle
3. Which of the Carry On film featured the '3rd Foot & Mouth Regiment', the 'Devils In Skirts'?
Carry On Up The Khyber
4. Born today in 1933, which English cartoonist created 'The Fosdyke Saga'?
Bill Tidy
5. True or False - In 1471, a chicken in Basel, Switzerland, was accused of being 'a devil in
disguise' after laying a brightly coloured egg. The chicken stood trial, was found guilty and
burned at the stake?
6. Born today in 1908, which French actor and director played the character Monsieur Hulot in a
series of films?
Jacques Tati
7. ‘Eisteddfod’ is the Welsh word for, Sitting, Singing, Talking, or Lying?
It is the Welsh for sitting
8. The opposite sides of a dice cube always add up to what?
9. There's only one mobile national monument in the USA, What is it?
The cable cars in San Fransisco
10. True or False - American rock musician, Terry Kath, died in 1978 while playing Russian
Roulette. His last words were 'Don't worry it's not loaded.'?
11. How old were the world's youngest parents who lived in China in 1910 - 8 & 9, 9 & 10 or 11 &
8 & 9
12. Ten percent of the Russian government’s income comes from the sale of what?
13. Which of the following is not a real place name, Tarring Neville, East Sussex, South Flobbets,
Aberdeenshire, Wham, North Yorkshire, or Booby, Tyne and Wear?
Booby, Tyne and Wear
14. What did Julia Robert's name her twin babies - Mark and Maggie, Shamus and Sienna, Hazel
and Phinneas or Beatrice and Chester?
Hazel and Phinneas
15. True or False - McDonald’s operates only kosher restaurants in Israel?
False - both kosher and non-kosher restaurants
16. Born today in 1935, which Royal married Katharine Worsley?
The Duke of Kent
17. If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in
battle; if the horse has one front leg in the air, the person died as a result of wounds recieved in
battle; if the horse has all four legs on the ground how did the person die?
Natural Causes
18. Which household itemwas invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate
bar melted in his pocket?
The Microwave
19. Why are the zip codes 10047 and 10048 in New York no longer used?
They were for the World Trade centre - one for each building
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name Something That Requires Wind To
Function? - Note - anyone who puts Quizmaster will get a 50-point penalty!
Windmill - Kite - Yacht - Wind chimes - Glider
21. Which Year - Survey results show that there are 230,000 videocassette recorders in the UK,
80% of which are rented. One in five people have not heard of video, The European Space
Agency's first Ariane rocket is launched from the Space Centre in French Guiana, Soviet troops
invade Afghanistan, Publication of Rupert Murdoch's strike-beset papers The Times and The
Sunday Times is resumed after a stoppage of almost a year and Thirty thousand refugee 'boat
people' from Vietnamare allowed to settle in the USA?
22. What was not allowed in Blackpool from1st September 1939 and was not seen again until
The Illuminations - Blackout in WWII
23. Which is the only fish that can blink with both eyes?
24. In which TV programme might you have seen Wilma Slaghoopal and Betty Jean Mcbricker?
The Flintstones - Did you know? - The first TV couple to sleep in the same bed was Fred and
Wilma Flintstone
25. True or False - Every month Thames Water removes over a ton of pubic hair at its water
treatment plants, whereupon it is taken away to a landfill site and buried?
26. Which famous British statesman was born in a ladies' room during a dance?
Sir Winston Churchill
27. Which of these is a type of horse - Irish Wrought, Irish Draught, Irish Aisling or Irish Spirit?
Irish Draught
28. One point each - There are only four words in the English language which end in "dous"?
Tremendous, Horrendous, Stupendous, and Hazardous
29. What, when it leaves the bottle, travels at a rate of 25 miles per year?
Heinz ketchup
30. True Or False – scotophobia, nyctophobia, achluophobia and lygophobia are all fears of the
31. The seven spikes on which famous statue represent the seven seas and seven continents of
the world?
Statue of Liberty - atop her head (Did You Know - The inscription on the tablet held by the Statue
of Liberty reads “July 4, 1776 in Roman numerals)
32. Which famous gangster's business card said he was a used furniture dealer?
Al Capone
33. Which is not a real 'Bottom' - Pratt’s Bottom, Greater London, Six Mile Bottom,
Cambridgeshire, Kettlesing Bottom, North Yorkshire or Tiny Bottom, Cornwall?
Tiny Bottom, Cornwall
34. Which member of the Beatles first girlfriend was named Thelma Pickles?
John Lennon
35. True or False - A hunter in Uganda is being sought by local authorities for illegally hunting
gorillas. He shoots themwith a tranquilliser gun and dresses themin clown suits. So far six
gorillas have been found wandering around in this condition?
36. In a deck of cards, all four Kings have beards, but only three of themalso have moustaches.
The one without a moustache is the King of what?
37. Which famous artist also invented the scissors?
Leonardo Da Vinci
38. Which cartoon characters name is Italian for “pine eye”?
39. Who did Jim Davidson replace as the host of TV's the 'Generation Game'?
Bruce Forsyth - after his return
40. True or False - The world's most outrageous musical instrument was made in France during
1450. Along row of spikes was connected to a keyboard. Under each spike was a pig, arranged
according to the pitch of its oink?
Tiebreaker - On average, howmany people shoot at the Goodyear blimp each year?
1. How long (in feet) is a full-size snooker table?
Twelve feet
2. Scientists claim that every minute, about 900 million tons of ... what... hits the earth?
Rain (Water)
3. DO YA DESTROY CAKE is an anagramof which TV programme?
Ready Steady Cook
4. Who is to become the sixth actor to play James Bond?
Daniel Craig
5. A mechanical device called an autopen is used by many famous people to do what?
Sign autographs
6. We all know that Henry VIII had six wives, but which of his wives herself had four
Catherine Parr
7. In The Weakest Link, how much do contestants win for answering the first question of
the round?
8. Which actor was swindled by Paul Newman & Robert Redford in "The Sting"?
Robert Shaw
9. Which teletext service was the first to be introduced in the UK, was it the BBC's Ceefax
or ITV's Oracle?
ITV's Oracle
10. Which pop singer has the same name as a mythical Princess of Tyre who was the
legendary founder of Carthage?
11. What word can describe a meal, a dance and a person with old-fashioned values?
12. What is the title of Wallace and Gromit's new movie?
The Curse of the Were Rabbit
13. Which cricket team is at home if Oxford University play Cambridge University at
Cambridge University
14. In which century did the Chinese Ming Dynasty start?
15. Jamie Lyon became the fourth overseas player to win Rugby's Super League 'Man of
Steel' award, which side does he play for?
St Helens
16. One point each - what are the surnames of Ant & Dec?
McPartlin & Donnelly
17. According to the Highway Code, what is the first thing the driver of a motor vehicle is
obliged to do in the event of an accident?
18. Which motorway runs from Rotherham to Goole?
19. What part of a woman shrinks when she is pregnant?
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name an activity that, at your first
attempt could cause a fall?
Skating / Skiing / Riding a bike / Walking / Drinking!
21. Which Year - The Mary Rose¸ flagship of King Henry VIII¸ rose to the surface after 437 years at
the bottom of the Solent, More than 20,000 women encircle the Greenham Common air base, The
Times is the first national newspaper in Britain to be entirely phototypeset and England cricketers
led by Graham Gooch are banned fromTest cricket for three years for participating in a cricket
tour of South Africa?
22. In a jury of twelve people, what is the minimum number of people required for a majority
23. According to the experts, what is the easiest recognized smell in the world?
24. In Toy Story, what type of creature was Hamm?
25. What did Chuck Yeager do with 'Glamorous Glennis' in October 1947?
Broke the Sound Barrier (Flew at more than the speed of sound)
26. Born in Columbus in 1940, which top golfer is sometimes known as 'Ohio Fats' and 'The Great
Blobbo' by his fellow professionals?
Jack Nicklaus
27. Said by Frank Sinatra to be the greatest love song ever written, which Beatles song contains
the lyrics 'You're asking me will my love grow, I don't know, I don't know'?
28. In which sport can you be left with "bed posts"?
Ten Pin Bowling - when two pins are left on either side of the alley
29. In the game of Monopoly, how much is needed to buy both Mayfair and Park Lane at face
30. Who is the only British Prime Minister to have been portrayed in a James Bond film?
Margaret Thatcher
31. Which building society is currently being promoted with the slogan 'Proud to be different'?
32. In the Dukes of Hazard, what did Bo and Luke Duke call their car?
The General Lee
33. True or False - A San Francisco radio station publicly offered a case of drinks to the family of
the one-thousandth person to kill themselves by jumping off the Golden gate bridge?
34. If the result of a cricket match had the letters BLSP printed next to it, what would have
Bad light stopped play
35. What was the name of the beer launched by Clint Eastwood a) Pale Rider Ale b) Beer With No
Name c) A Few Swallows more?
Pale Rider Ale
36. Astatue of which former prime minister stands in front of the British Embassy in Washington
Sir Winston Churchill
37. The city of Amarillo in Texas is named for the Spanish word for which colour?
38. Traditionally, flights on Darts were made from feathers fromwhich bird, a) Turkey, b) Peacock
or c) Pheasant?
a) Turkey
39. For which football club did Bobby Charlton play his last league game?
Preston North End
40. What can you find in the centre of Paris that cannot be found in London or Milan?
The letter 'R'
- How long did the Thirty Years War last?
Thirty years, of course. From1618 to 1648
Tiebreaker - In what year was Oxford University founded?
1. One Point Each - Which two Tory MP's have been eliminated from the contest to lead the party?
Dr Liam Fox and Kenneth Clarke
2. What has the Royal Society of Chemistry commissioned to mark the Battle of Trafalgar
Limited edition Rum
3. How many houses are there in Downing Street?
4. According to Ian Fleming in which service did James Bond hold rank of Commander?
5. One point each - If the two sons of Prince Charles ever become kings, what would their
numbers be?
Henry IX, William V
6. Dutch scientists have predicted that which Netherlands symbol may disappear due to climate
7. What is the name of the Northamptonshire home of the Princess of Wales' family?
8. Which Andrew Lloyd Webber musical has been the subject of films made in 1925, 1943 and
The Phantom of the Opera
9. In Rugby League which player normally wears the number nine shirt?
The Hooker
10. Are you legally obliged to fasten your safety belt in the back of a London Hackney Cab?
11. The star of India's first animated filmis the Hindu god Hanuman, represented by which
12. The Internet site Amazon.comspecialises in selling which items?
13. True or False - The world record for putting a golf ball the longest distance is held by Suggs of
the Pop Group Madness?
True - on Concord his putt went from one end of the plane to the other, the plane had travelled 5
14. OUCH AN ANGRY GIRL is an anagram of which comedy film?
Carry On Laughing
15. If 3 is 22, 5 is 30 and 9 is 50, what sport are we talking about?
Golf - angles of clubheads
16. Which car, that was manufactured in the midlands was unkindly nicknamed the 'Plastic Pig'?
Reliant Robin
17. Aircraft from Great Britain have G as their first registration letter - what letter do American
aircraft have?
18. The Radio programme 'The Archers' is set in which village?
Ambridge - first episode of The Archers was broadcast in 1950
19. If pregnancy makes a woman's brain smaller, what makes a man's brain smaller?
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name something that flashes?
Lighthouse / Lightning / Disco Lights / Dirty Old Men / Unset Clock or Timer
21. Who amI? - Born in Chipping Sodbury, Bristol on July 31st 1965, Educated at Exeter
University, studied French, following her family's wishes to become a secretary, Moved to
Portugal in 1990 to teach English and married a Portuguese Journalist, gave birth to Jessica her
daughter in 1993, Got divorced and moved back to Edinburgh with Jessica to live near her
younger sister, whilst struggling to live off welfare. Started work on a series of Book's?
J.K. Rowling
22. Which Nursery Rhyme Character was arachnaphobic?
Little Miss Muffet
23. Which Eurovision song winners first hit was called “United We Stand” in 1970?
Brotherhood of Man
24. What kind of creatures are scarabs - which were sacred to the ancient Egyptians?
25. Besides the drums what other musical instrument doe’s Phil Collin’s play proficiently?
26. In a stained glass window, which metal is traditionally used to separate the different pieces of
27. Which car manufacturer designed Chris Boardman's Gold-medal winning bicycle?
28. In the children's TV series Portland Bill, what type of building did the title character live in?
29. What is a JACARANDA, the porch on the front of colonial bungalowin India, a sweet scented
tropical American tree or a South American ground squirrel?
Asweet scented tropical American tree
30. Which country invented the wide toothed sheep shearing comb?
New Zealand
31. Miss Lemon is the secretary of which fictional detective?
Hercule Poirot
32. If I gave you some Marlite, Would you eat it, Dig it into your garden, or wash your car with it?
Dig it into your garden - lime & clay mulch
33. True or false - One third of Taiwanese funeral processions include a stripper?
34. Pewter is traditionally used in the manufacture of Beer Tankards, what are the two main
elements that make up Pewter?
Lead & Tin
35. Who might run out of fluid in his web cartridges?
36. Where in the body is the mitral valve?
37. In which game do players toss a rubber ring back and forth over a 1.4m high net?
Deck Tennis
38. Who is the only living Field Marshall in Australia's military forces?
The Duke of Edinburgh
39. The green aromatic stalks of which plant are used to decorate cakes?
40. True Fact - What did the 17 witnesses and the jury members at the Mike Tyson rape trial all
ask for?
His Autograph!
Tiebreaker - On Average, How many mountaineers scale Everest each year?
1. Which footballer entitled his autobiography "The Good, The Bad And The Bubbly"?
George Best
2. What is the make of Harry Potters flying car, which has been stolen from filmstudios in
Ford Anglia
3. On which river is Baghdad situated?
4. Defra has declared possibly illegal the release of which animals, extinct in Britain since the
12th century?
5. In which London street would you find Hamley's, the largest toy store in the world?
Regent Street
6. Name the ferocious fish shaped like a torpedo which is found in warmseas and is closely
related to the sea-perch?
7. Wensleydale cheese traditionally comes fromwhich county?
8. What are wood blewits, dog stinkhorns and tawny funnel-caps?
Types of Mushroom
9. Where would you find Landseer's Lions?
At the foot of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square
10. In gardening, ‘checkerboard’ is a variety of which flower?
11. Which famous American who died in 1928 was portrayed in films many times; for the first time
in 1931 by George O'Brien and subsequently by Walter Huston, Randolph Scott, Henry Fonda,
James Stewart, Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell?
Wyatt Earp
12. Which Lancashire town was known officially as Poulton-le-Sands until 1870?
13. In the game of 'snooker plus' what two coloured balls are added to the usual six colours?
Orange (worth 8 points) and purple (worth 9 points)
14. In which country is the world’s tallest hedge to be found - Scotland, England, or Wales?
Scotland - The Beech Hedge at Meikleour, Perthshire, reaches 36.6 m (120 ft)
15. In which Dickens novel is there a case of spontaneous combustion?
Bleak House
16. What extinct relative of the elephant had varieties called woolly and imperial?
17. Which car manufacturers logo represents a spinning propeller?
BMW - who once made aeroplanes
18. At which British sporting venue would you find the Valley of Sin?
The Old Course at St. Andrews
19. ‘Love on your side’ was a 1983 hit for which oddly named threesome?
Thompson Twins
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name an occupation that requires skill at
Accountant / Bank Teller / Bookmaker / Maths Teacher / Figure Skating!
21. Who AmI? - Born in Derbyshire in 1932, this actor and MBE’s father was a doctor, After public
school, he did his National service in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, where he rose to the rank of
captain, On returning from the Persian Gulf, he appeared in several films, and then went into
repertory in Clacton, Nottingham, and finally Oldham, where he also worked for Granada TV in
Ivanhoe, and Biggles amongst others, He’s a keen golfer and sponsors his own charity golf
competition – and has regularly appeared on TV, he is also a Druid?
William Roache – Ken Barlow
22. Which famous London tourist attraction is marked only with 13 tons, 3 cwt, 3 qtrs, 15 lbs?
Big Ben
23. What sport is played in the USA by the Minnesota Timberwolves, Cleveland Cavaliers and
Houston Rockets?
24. In the adverts - who says ‘everything we know about coffee in an instant’?
25. Which famous TV star was made froma green coat that belonged to JimHenson's mother?
Kermit the Frog
26. What river carries the nickname ‘old muddy’?
27. Which snooker player won TV's first Pot Black series?
Ray Reardon
28. Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond, Travis and The Move all had chart hits with songs about
Flowers - You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, Flowers In The Window and Flowers In The Rain
29. In which city is the Southern Comfort distillery situated?
St Louis
30. What book introduced the phrase ‘Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum’?
Treasure Island
31. Which TV gameshow based on sketch charades has been hosted by Danny Baker, Shane
Richie and Bob Mills?
Win, Lose or Draw
32. Which former British colony is affectionately known as Honkers?
Hong Kong
33. Which of Henry VIII's wives held the title of Marchioness of Pembroke?
Anne Boleyn
34. Complete the following Beatles lyric…’I am the eggman, oh they are the eggman, I am…’
The Walrus
35. In which city did Harrison Ford search for his kidnapped wife in the movie 'Frantic'?
36. What does a square with three vertical lines inside it mean on a clothing label?
Drip Dry
37. What is the name of the dog that protects the philosophers stone in the Harry potter movie?
38. What was James Bond author Ian Fleming’s middle name — Lancaster, Lichfield, or
39. According to research using 2,500 subjects, and reported in the American Journal of Medical
Genetics, what does a 30 year old European male have that is on average 2.2 inches long and
sticks out 1 inch?
40. Who captained the Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar?
Captain Hardy
Tiebreaker - How long is the Suez Canal in kilometers?
Name three films in which Sean Connery has died?
The Untouchables, Dragonheart, Family Business, First Knight, Highlander, The Avengers
Between 1216 and 1553, the 14 ruling monarchs of England had one of three names.
What were the names and - for a bonus - how many of each?
Henry (III; IV; V; VI; VII; VIII); Edward (I; II; III; IV; V; VI); Richard (II; III)
1. Who had a hit in 1984 with the song 'Here Comes the Rain Again'?
2. Howard Carter And Lord Caernarfon Discovered What In 1922?
Tutankhamen's Tomb
3. Who Connects 'Last Of The Summer Wine' To 'Wallace And Gromit'?
Peter Sallis
4. Which of the Dr Who baddies come from the planet Skaro?
5. What is the most common reason for British people to carry a picture of Worcester cathedral in
their pockets?
On back of £20 note
6. In the News - A British resident in Hong Kong has been given a one-month suspended jail
sentence after protesting at a racecourse. What was he dressed as?
7. What Is The Name Of The Ritual Dance The New Zealand All Blacks perform Before Every
8. The Green Man is a common pub name with a sign which traditionally depicted what type of
country occupation?
Game Keeper
9. Which animal features in the logo of Toys 'R Us?
10. True or False - The expression 'toasting' is derived from the piece of spiced and toasted
bread, which was common food in British pubs?
11. What type of beef is first pickled in brine then boiled?
Corned Beef
12. Which character has been played on film by Errol Flynn, John Cleese, Patrick Bergin and
Kevin Costner?
Robin Hood
13. What did a costermonger sell from his barrowin the street?
Fruit and vegetables
14. What is the popular name given to the shoulder-type, anti-tank rocket launcher first adopted
by the US army in the Second World War?
15. Which restaurateur (rest-er-a-tur) was buried in a white suit and bow tie in Louisville in 1980?
'Colonel' Sanders
16. Which word means a blind alley, intimate, near together and warmand damp?
17. What kind of coat does Paddington Bear wear?
Duffle Coat
18. Which Actor Appeared In 'The Pit And The Pendulum', 'The House Of Usher' And 'Edward
Vincent Price
19. These animals lay the largest eggs in the world. Their teeth are as hard as steel, and they are
immune fromcancer. What are they?
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required –
Name an order a Film Director Might Give?
Cut / Action / Take / Roll / Lights
21. Who AmI? - Writer and journalist, born in London, 1908 - He studied languages at
Munich and Geneva universities, worked with Reuters in Moscow (1929/33), then became
a banker and stockbroker (1933/9) - He served with British Naval Intelligence during
World War II, and was foreign manager of the Sunday Times (1945/59) - He achieved
worldwide fame and fortune as the writer of a series of novels?
Ian Flemming
22. True or False - Between 1937 and 1945, Heinz produced a version of Alphabetti
Spaghetti for the German market which consisted entirely of little pasta swastikas?
23. Which musical instrument did Sooty play?
24. The Antiguan Racer is the world's rarest species of which creature?
25. Which J is another name for a car - usually an old banger?
26. What is the official language of Pakistan?
27. Officer Crabtree appeared in which BBC comedy series?
Allo Allo
28. Founded by the Spaniards in 1736, the capital city of which central American country
was named after St Joseph?
Costa Rica - San Jose
29. Which flag is flown by the ships of the Royal Navy?
White Ensign
30. In betting what rhyming slang is used to describe odd of 100 to 30?
Burlington Bertie
31. Celebrated for its food products, which French city is the capital of the Burgundy
32. What do you call the domesticated version of a pole-cat?
33. What is the name of the studio band on the Jonathan Ross Show?
Four Puffs and A Piano
34. 'It's Not About The Bike' is a top selling sports book about whom?
Lance Armstrong
35. Apart (allegedly) from aristocratic humans, what animals have blue blood?
36. By what name are the US states of Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont,
Rhode Island and Massachusetts collectively known?
New England
37. Which salad dressing is named after a region of upstate New York?
Thousand Island
38. In horse racing terms what is a rag?
Rank Outsider or Long Shot
39. Which animals are used as the Croquet Balls In 'Alices Adventures In Wonderland'?
40. What is the four letter word that ends in 'k' and means the same as intercourse?
Tiebreaker - In which year was the Chub Lock invented?
1. What is the name given to a regulation requiring a person to be indoors by a certain
hour of the night?
2. The first two-minute silence commemorating the Great War was observed today (11/11)
in which year?
1919- a year after the end of the war
3. What type of dwelling has same name as group of camels?
4. Which planet is associated with the Great Red Spot?
5. In which city did the 'Yorkshire Ripper' Peter Sutcliffe live?
6. One point each - name the six states of the USA that make up New England?
Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Massachusetts
7. The Chinese dish Bean Sprouts are, sprouts of which bean?
Mung Bean
8. Which Premiership football teamdoes Tony Blair support?
Newcastle Utd
9. 'Above us only sky' is the slogan of which British airport?
John Lennon International Airport - Liverpool
10. Which religion features The Four Noble Truths?
11. What number in Coronation Street is the Rovers return?
12. What type of creature is a 'rail'?
13. Apart from Wales which other country uses a dragon as its national symbol?
14. True or false, Sean Connery has never 'died' in any of the films he has appeared in?
False - Five!
15. In which culture might a visitor be greeted with a 'Hongi' - which involves the pressing
together of noses?
16. In computing if a vertical printed page layout is called portrait what is a horizontal
printed layout called?
17. What name was given to a woman whose job it was to educate children in a private
18. Who was the most famous person to work at the Donnybrook Medical Centre?
Harold Shipman - in Hyde, Manchester
19. In a maximum snooker break of 147, how many points are Scored on the black ball?
One Hundred and Twelve
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name a breed of strong dog?
Alsatian / Rottweiller / St. Bernard / Bulldog / Huskies
21. Who AmI? - Born in 1904 in Wigan to the illegitimate son of a prostitute fromAshton-u-Lyne
who was a music hall artiste, this entertainer's surname was originally Booth - He was sent away
at the age of 7 to be a jockey - he continued as a jockey until his father died in 1921, when he
changed his name to his father's stage name, and followed in his footsteps - After a bad start, he
became a success, making 21 hit films, 230 records, and by 1939 he was the highest paid
entertainer in Britain, earning over £100,000 a year?
George Formby
22. Why are Blackburn Rovers the only club in the English leagues allowed to display the club
crest on their corner flags?
For winning the FAcup three times in succession - in the 1880s - 84, 85, 86 - Plus 1890 & 91
(the FAwere going to allow Rovers to keep the cup but realised there were insufficient funds to
buy another trophy. They then gave Rovers a shield & told the club that they could display the
club crest on the corner flags)
23. Which Politician took part in a Play called 'The Accused' in the year 2000?
Jeffrey Archer
24. On a confidential document what do the letters F Y E O stand for?
For Your Eyes Only
25. Which game show has been presented by Danny Baker & Dale Winton?
Pets Win Prizes
26. Which country introduced the world’s first ambulance service - France, England or
27. In which city is Bollywood?
Bombay - now Mumbai
28. True or false, The New Zealand national football teamare called the 'All Whites'?
29. Rear Guard was the American version of which UK TV series?
Dad's Army
30. Which member state of the European Union comes first alphabetically?
31. Fromwhich song do the following lyrics come, "Don't carry the world upon your shoulders.
For well you know that it's a fool who plays it cool. By making his world a little colder"?
Hey Jude - The Beatles
32. What was the earliest known building to stand on the site of Downing Street - a Brewery, a
Church or a Prison?
Brewery - Axe Brewery
33. Encyclopaedia Galactica is the chief rival to which other book?
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
34. Who was the last person to beat Pete Sampras in a Wimbledon singles match?
Roger Federer
35. Which deadly virus takes its name froma river in N Zaire where it emerged in 1976?
36. What colour would litmus paper turn if you rubbed it on damp washing powder?
37. Who in 1995 became the first professional footballer in Britain, to be jailed following an
incident on the field of play?
Duncan Ferguson
38. Which piece of farmequipment takes its name from the Latin for 'to drag'?
39. Which character from Shakespeare's 'AMidsummer Nights Dream'shares his name with a
piece of sporting equipment?
40. How many pockets are there on a French billiard table?
Tiebreaker - How many league games did Paul Gascoine play for Newcastle Utd?
1. What memorable event took place in Westminster Abbey today in 1947?
Princess Elizabeth married Prince Philip
2. Is the driver of a fire engine required to wear a seat belt?
3. In The News - What did a Wolverhampton woman find in a jar of Asda gherkins this
A Rat!
4. Which famous fictional character was born on 31st July, 1981?
Harry Potter
5. What species of duck is also the title of a James Bond film?
6. In The News - According to a leaked government report, at what age are they
suggesting State Pensions should be received?
7. Antony Richard Louis are the middle names of which member of the Royal Family?
Prince Edward
8. Announced this week, which country are to host the 2011 Rugby World Cup?
New Zealand
9. What was stored in a castle buttery in mediaeval times — a) armour, b) butter or c)
Beverages, from the French boterie, a place for storing butts (casks or barrels)
10. In Germany “grunz grunz” is which animal noise?
Apig - it’s German for “oink oink”!
11. How many English words are printed on the front cover of a UK passport?
Eleven - European Union United Kingdomof Great Britain and Northern Ireland Passport
12. In The News - Which Sportsperson received an honorary degree from the University of
Kent this week?
Kelly Holmes
13. “Single number” is catching on as a popular pastime, what is it?
Sudoku - it’s the grid number puzzle that means “single number” in Japanese
14. Which singer had their only chart hit in 1991 with the theme to the Rugby World Cup?
Kiri Te Kawana
15. Pick the odd one out — car, public house, cat, shotgun or python?
Cat - you need a licence for the others!
16. What deranged Roman Emperor had a name that meant 'little boot'?
17. Is pettitoes something you would wear, eat, play or grow?
Eat, they’re pigs’ trotters
18. In The News - Which country beat Uruguay to qualify for the World Cup for the first
time since 1974?
19. What was the last animal to be tamed as a food source, chicken, cow, sheep or pig?
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name three things you can shoot
without a firearm?
AFilm, The Rapids, A Goal, An Insult, Pool Ball (I know you have something to tell me, so
21. What AmI - my name derives from the greek word smaragados, I rate between 7 & 8
on the mohs hardness scale and my crystals are usually hexagonal, I ammined
throughout the world the most important mines being in Columbia and Austria, I belong
to the beryl group of stones?
Emerald - smaragados literally translated into english means green stone
22. In which sport might you compete for the Red Stripe Cup?
Cricket - in the West Indies
23. How many letters do the contestants of 'Countdown' choose per round?
24. White, tiger and bull are types of which animal?
25. Who won the second series of I'mA Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here?
Phill Tufnell (2003)
26. In rhyming slang, what are your saucepans?
Your kids, from saucepan lids
27. Which Mr Man is shaped like a Red Square, and wears a green hat?
Mr. Strong
28. Which came first — concrete or tarmac?
Concrete, a formof which has been around since Roman times, tarmac is an early 20th
Century invention
29. Lulsgate Airport stands near which British city?
30. What is FIDO used for on an airport runway?
Clearing Fog - Fog Investigation Dispersal Operation, a method of burning away fog
using petrol
31. Who murdered Harry Potters parents?
32. What sport features sails, wishbone booms, and universal joints?
Wind Surfing
33. What name is given to the sauce made frommayonnaise to which is added capers,
olives or chopped pickles?
34. Who was the original presenter of BBC2's Robot Wars?
Jeremy Clarkson - replaced by Craig Charles
35. What can be found on a roof, on public transport and in front of a stage?
A Conductor
36. Who was the Muppet with the extra-long nose?
37. Tequila, Cointreau and a dash of Lime juice, together make up which famous cocktail?
38. What do frogs have in their mouths that toads don't?
39. The numbers in 2005 add up to seven. In which year will that next happen?
40. Which physical feature do women most commonly have altered?
- Which country owns the land at the North Pole?
There isn't any
Tiebreaker - In which year did Pele score his 1,000th soccer goal?
1. Which singer stars in the new filmMrs Henderson Presents?
Will Young
2. Which former Radio One DJ and Radio Five Live presenter now presents Watchdog on BBC1?
Nicky Campbell
3. In The News - The Havengore barge is expected to be sold for more than £1m. What was the
boat famously used for in the 60's?
It carried the body of Winston Churchill along the Thames during his funeral
4. True or False - Women are allowed to work topless in Liverpool but only if they work in a
tropical fish store?
5. In the Canton region of China, what is "The dragon and the tiger" - Acollection of violent tales
used in state-sponsored schools to help children to read, A local delicacy of stir-fried cat and
snake or The world's spiciest chilli sauce?
"The Dragon and the Tiger," is a dish made with snake and cat meat stir-fried together (£50 per
6. Which famous American TV family live at 742 Evergreen Terrace?
The Simpsons
7. Which desert lies to the southeast of the Atlas Mountains?
8. What word connects cake, salt and garden?
9. For what major reason did the Tour de France come to Britain in 1994?
Celebrating the opening of the Channel Tunnel
10. Who is known in Japan as Beckamu?
David Beckham
11. Which American President saw active service in both World War I and World War II?
Dwight D Eisenhower
12. What word could describe a snake and a type of neckwear for women?
13. Which of the following is tax-deductable according in the USA - Ransom payments to a
kidnapper, Damage to clothes caused by moths or Destruction of property due to the actions of a
family pet?
Ransom payments to a kidnapper
14. How many sides does a Trapezium have?
15. What is the more common name for Ethylene Glycol?
16. Which British sports car's chassis is still made out of wood?
17. Who replaced Lisa Riley to present TV's You've Been Framed?
Harry Hill
18. Which oil is commonly used in oil painting?
Linseed Oil
19. Fromwhich city does the Rugby league teamknown as the "Blue Sox" come?
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name something people do in Boots?
Hike / Play Football / Climb / Buy Medicine / Gardening
21. Which Year - The Japanese electronics company Sharp introduces the first colour fax
machine in Britain at a cost of £14,000, US boxer James 'Buster' Douglas wins the undisputed
world heavyweight title, knocking out the champion Mike Tyson of the USA in the 10th round of
their fight in Tokyo, Mikhail Gorbachev is sworn in as the first executive president of the USSR,
The chancellor of the Exchequer's budget is televised for the first time in Britain and The space
shuttle Discovery places the Hubble Space Telescope in Earth orbit?
22. Who scored the winning goal in the third division match between Plymouth and Barrowin
1968 - Astreaker, The referee or Astray dog?
The referee - The referee in question was I Robinson. In the 77th minute, with the score at 0-0,
George McLean fired the ball across the Plymouth goal and Irish Republic goalkeeper Pat Dunne
came out for a routine collection. The referee tried to jump out of the way, but the result was a
perfect back-heel into the unguarded net. The final score: 1-0
23. In which film does a cabaret singer on the run from the Mafia end up training a choir of nuns?
Sister Act
24. In which sport can you be awarded the Gillette Golden Boot?
Rugby League - won this year by Australia full-back Anthony Minichiello, presented annually to
the world's best player
25. Which spirit replaces vodka to turn a Bloody Mary into a Bloody Maria?
26. Which American City is named after a British Prime Minister?
27. True or False - Sindy Doll has a outfit as a cabin crew member for Easy Jet?
False - Virgin
28. Valencia Island is off the coast of which European country?
The Republic Of Ireland
29. What drink did Dr John S. Pemberton concoct in a three-legged pot in his backyard in 1886?
Coca Cola
30. What would you do with a flip-flop multivibrator - Massage your feet, Kill mosquitoes or Build
a computer?
A flip-flop multivibrator is a small electronic circuit which switches itself on and off repeatedly in
regular pulses - it's an oscillator
31. Fromwhich movie do these lines come from: "Oh, but you can't expect to wield supreme
executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you!"?
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
32. In which European City are the headquarters of the Red Cross?
33. Which England Goalkeeper, born in Sheffield in 1933, was sent packing by his first club
Romarsh Welfare of the Yorkshire League after only two games for letting in fifteen goals?
Gordon Banks
34. What is the main ingredient in Glamorgan sausages?
35. In which sport are the shoes made entirely of metal?
Horse Racing
36. Water, Pygmy and Common are all types of which animal?
37. If you climbed up the Euromast that is in the Europort, which city would you be in?
38. The first eyewitness account of the Wright Brothers' first manned flight appeared in a
magazine concerned with which subject - Jammaking, Bee keeping or Knitting?
Bee Keeping
39. Which animated character fromTV and film, was originally named froma nonsense phrase in
Frank Sinatra's Strangers In The Night?
Scooby Doo
40. What was Pigasus the Invincible's claim to fame - He was the pig who played 'Babe' in the film,
He was the first pig in space or He ran for President of the US?
He ran for President of the US - 1968
Tiebreaker - In the TV show "The Simpsons" how much is Maggie worth according to the
supermarket scanner in the opening credits?
1. Which singers name is an anagram of TARGET GIRLY?
Gary Glitter
2. Which is furthest North - New York, London, Tokyo or Beijing?
4. Which country gives Britain a Christmas tree each year to be planted in Trafalgar Square?
5. Who won this years Ballon d'Or which was presented in Paris on Monday?
Ronaldinho - the European Footballer of the Year (Frank Lampard 2nd / Steven Gerrard 3rd)
6. Which of these was not a real king - King Denis of Portugal, King Brian of Denmark or King
Leopold of Belgium?
King Brian of Denmark
7. In The News - What shape is the new Mobile Phone launched this week and aimed at four year
ATeddy Bear - The manufacturers of the Teddyfone claimed it would help parents keep track of
their children
8. Which car is currently advertised with a ‘Happy Days’ theme?
Citroen C3
9. Scientists at the University of Southampton have found that horses prefer which kind of food -
sweet or spicy?
10. What one word links - A David Bowie song, a Henry Fonda film, an old sailing ship, a James
Bond film, an old Bob Monkhouse programme and a packet of crisps?
Golden (Golden Years, On Golden Pond, The Golden Hind, Goldeneye, The Golden Shot and
Golden Wonder)
11. In The News - Asecret video of what has prompted Sir Paul McCartney to say he will never
performin China again?
Dogs and cats being killed for fur
12. Which group of fans are the only ones to be mentioned in the Oxford English Dictionary?
13. Which famous British ship`s name means `The Short Skirt`?
The Cutty Sark
14. Apart fromWembley, which London stadiumwas used for the 1966 World Cup finals?
White City
15. What is the highest score a judge can award in figure skating?
16. Which Liverpool born entertainer had the real name of Maurice Cole?
Kenny Everett
17. How old does a road vehicle need to be to be described as a classic?
25 years
18. If you find examples of Vulpus Vulpes in Leicester, Serinus Canarius in Norwich and Pica Pica
in Newcastle, where would you find Canis Lupus?
Wolverhampton (these are latin names for Fox, Canary, Magpie and Wolf - the nicknames of those
towns' football teams)
19. Which brewer was the first to introduce the `widget` into cans?
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name a job that involves some secrecy?
Detective / Doctor / Spy / Priest / Armed Forces
21. Which Year - Quartz watches are launched in the USA, The first Laura Ashley shop
opens in London, The slogan 'Beanz Meanz Heinz' is introduced in Britain to promote
Heinz's range of tinned baked beans, a children's programme starts on British television,
the first Super Bowl American football match is held, Sweden changes to driving on the
right and the BBC launches its first local radio station Radio Leicester?
22. What is the only animal believed to hunt humans actively?
Polar Bear
23. What links the following: 1776, 1900, 1941, 1969, 1984, 2001, 2010?
All titles of movies
24. Peter Simple, Jack Horner and Ben Nevis have all won which famous sporting event?
The Grand National
25. Which TV programme featured: Moxey, Wayne, Barry, Oz, Neville and Bomber?
Auf Wiedersehn Pet
26. In which European country did the Mazurka dance originate?
27. What famous landmark is a couple of hundred yards from the A 303?
28. In which current TV ad would you find the character ‘Scary Mary’?
Phones 4 U
29. Which of the following authors wrote most recently - Jonathon Swift, Rudyard Kipling
or Daniel Defoe?
Rudyard Kipling
30. Who is missing from this list: Daphne Blake, Fred Jones, Velma Dinkley, Norvile
Scooby Doo
31. Who was the first person to Captain and Manage a World Cup winning Football team?
Franz Beckenbauer
32. What is 70 metres long, contains 626 people, 202 horses and 55 dogs?
The Bayeux Tapestry
33. Which Monty Python star once played an art critic in `Doctor Who`?
John Cleese
34. In the game of Pokemon, what colour is Pikachu?
35. Which league football teamhas spent the longest time at their ground (they have been
there since 1881)?
Preston North End / Deepdale - Home of the National Football Museum
36. Adapted from a British TV series, which 1997 movie featured Val Kilmer in the leading
`The Saint`
37. Igor Sikorsky designed and flew the first practical version of what flying machine?
The helicopter
38. There are 82 scoring zones in which sport?
39. In which famous Christmas Song is a snowman pretended to be `Parsons Brown`?
`Winter Wonderland`
40. On which planet was Dr Spock born?
Earth - Dr Spock was a child psychologist
Tiebreaker - How old was Barings Bank when it collapse after Nick Leeson lost hundreds
of thousands of pounds?
223 years
1. Which country is the largest exporter of Christmas Trees?
2. When was the death penalty abolished in the UK? 1955, 1960 or 1965?
3. In 'A Christmas Carol', how many ghosts visit Scrooge in total?
4. A sheet of paper with dimensions 21 cmby 29.7 cm is also known by which size?
5. True or False: Christmas tree needles are a good source of vitamin C?
6. If you were diagnosed as suffering fromACUTE NASOPHARYNGITIS what would you
A Cold
7. In the usual opening lines of "The Christmas Song," what is Jack Frost doing?
Nipping at your nose
8. Which alchoholic drink is advertised using the following slogan - we only let you drink
it when its ready?
9. If you remember your high school biology, you remember that X and Y chromosomes
have something to do with whether you turn out to be a boy or a girl. What combination
means pink cribs and dolls for Christmas?
10. What insect can live up to nine days without its head?
11. What name is given to the leading male character in a pantomime - usually played by
a girl?
Principal Boy
12. True or False: Thomas Edision, the inventor of the light bulb, was scared of the dark?
13. Who lasted only 39 days as manager of Conference side Kettering Town?
Paul Gascoigne (Prat!)
14. Which car company make models called Carlsson and Sonett?
15. One point each - What were the names of Cinderella's two ugly sisters?
Drucilla and Anastasia
16. What land measurement was originally the size that a yoke of oxen could pull in a
17. Which sport, governed by the ICF, was introduced into the Calgary Olympics as a
demonstration sport in 1988?
18. The now extinct Mastadon resembled which modern day animal?
19. Which character was the first to say the word “Bloody” on TV & repeated it 78 times?
Alf Garnett
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Name a Stall at the Fairground?
Coconut Shy / Darts / Hoop La / Shooting Gallery / Candy Floss
21. Which Year - The Queen opened the Nat West Tower and France abolished the death
penalty, British garages began selling petrol by the litre, and Debbie Harry left Blondie in
an attempt to forge a solo career, There were failed assassination attempts on Ronald
Reagan and the Pope but a successful one on Anwar Sadat?
22. Which UK newspaper used the slogan: It is, Are you?
The Independent
23. Red and Green curries are associated with which Country?
24. Which European country would you be in if you were on the Dalmatian Coast?
25. Which TV character says “yeah but no but”?
Vicky Pollard
26. Which children’s TV character lived in Ponty Pandy?
Fireman Sam
27. What in the world has a 4 ft 6 “ long nose, and a 35 ft waistline?
Statue of Liberty
28. In Monopoly, how many houses must you have before you can build a hotel?
29. Which Sit-com was set at Crimpton-on-Sea?
Hi-De-Hi - Maplin's Holiday Camp
30. In the Harry Potter books, what type of animal is Scabbers?
31. True or false, Russian football teamMoscow Dynamo play in Blue and White because
the club was founded by two Blackburn Rovers supporters?
32. What is the official currency in Kosovo?
33. Which British Sporting Body has the initials BSJA?
British Show Jumping Association
34. Which Slave spiritual song is sung by England Rugby fans?
Swing Lo, Sweet Chariot
35. What is the name of the character in European folklore whose seventh wife enters a
forbidden room in their house to discover the bodies of his six previous wives?
36. Which former Blue Peter presenter went on to commentate on televised darts
Peter Purves
37. Madonna's number one single Into The Groove was a track from which film?
Desperately Seeking Susan
38. In December 1897, what did over a million women ask Queen Victoria to shut on
Sundays, over the festive season?
39. What was unique about the gobstopper invented by Willy Wonka in the 'Charlie and
Chocolate Factory?
It Lasts Forever
40. Would a steel ball travel faster through water at 25c or -5c?
At 25c - Water freezes at 0c - Ever tried dropping a steel ball through ice!!
Tiebreaker - In which year were The Samaritans founded?
1. Name the Christmas song that includes the lyrics … ’You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, I'm telling you why’?
Santa Claus is coming to town (Cryptic - Expectation of arrival to populated area by mythical,
masculine, perennial gift-giver)
2. Which of Santa's reindeer shares its name with a high street store?
3. In which year did James Edgar become the worlds first store Santa Claus - 1890, 1895 or 1901?
4. What do Santa’s elves have on the end of their shoes?
5. Which film’s plot concerns a nice old man who claims to be Santa Claus. He is institutionalised as insane and a young lawyer decides to defend him by arguing in court that he is the real thing?
Miracle on 34th Street
6. True or False - The name Santa Claus is derived from the Dutch language?
7. In Raymond Briggs’ story “The Snowman”, what is the name of the little boy whom the
snowman takes to Santa Claus’s party?
8. In 'Frosty The Snowman' who brought Frosty back to life?
Santa Claus
9. In which European country does Santa Claus have a female counterpart known as Befana,
Holland, Austria or Italy?
10. If Santa puts his finger on the side of his nose, and nods his head, what is he about to do?
He is about to go back up the chimney
11. Which actor played an Elf called patch in “Santa Claus The Movie”?
Dudley Moore
12. On Christmas Eve, which American government agency tracks Santa’s sleigh?
13. Not including Rudolph, howmany reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh?
Eight - Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen
14. What is the capital of Tenerife and is also the name of a city in California?
Santa Cruz
15. True or False - Santa Clause works in lots of countries delivering presents but in Syria 'AWise mans Camel' does the job?
16. Santa Barbara is located in which US State?
17. In Sweden, reindeer do not pull Santa’s sleigh. Which animals do, huskies, goats, or horses?
Goats (In Finland Santa leaves his sleigh behind and rides on a goat named Ukko - Ukko is made of straw!)
18. Which seasonal kiddy attraction in the Finnish town of Rovaniemi receives a £125,000 EU
Santa’s Grotto
19. Are Santa’s reindeer male or female?
Female – Males lose their antlers in December / Vixen is supposed to be the only female
20. Family Fortunes Question - Top Answer Required - Real or Fictional, name a famous bearded
Santa Claus / Richard Branson / Noel Edmonds / Rolf Harris / David Bellamy
21. Where was I when I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus?
On the stairs - Mommy was under the mistletoe!
22. What is the Capital of 'The Dominican Republic'?
Santa Domingo
23. Christians in China call Santa Claus Dun Che Lao Ren, which means, A) Christmas old man,
B) Winter festival spirit, C) Firecracker red suit or D) Revered father white beard?
A) Christmas old man
24. Three ships were led by Christopher Columbus in his search for a new Asia in 1492, the Nina,
the Pinta were two, what was the name of the third ship?
Santa Maria
25. Who had a minor hit in 1986 with the song "Santa Claus Is On The Dole"?
Spitting Image
26. Gwizador is which European countries equivalent of Santa Claus – Hungary, Poland or
27. Which actor turned into Santa in the film 'The Santa Claus'?
28. Bells Nichols is Santa Claus's brother in which European country - France, Switzerland or
29. What name is California's Santa Clara County, the centre of the US Computer Industry, more
commonly called?
Silicon Valley
30. What great work of art did Leonardo Da Vinci paint on the refectory wall for the dominican
monks of Santa Marie Delle Grazie?
The Last Supper (In Milan)
31. Father Frost or an old woman called Nabushka is which countries equivalents of Santa Claus?
32. What is the capital of the American State New Mexico?
Santa Fe
33. One point each - what seasonal names do the dog and cat have in 'The Simpson's'?
Santa's Little Helper and Snowball
34. Kriss Kringle is which European countries equivalent of our Santa Claus?
Germany - "Christkindl" evolved into Kriss Kringle
35. True or False - In Minnesota its illegal for a woman to be dressed as Santa Clause in the
True - woman can get 30 days jail for impersonating Santa Claus
36. Which famous company claims that the red and white suit worn by modern day Santa Claus was originally based on an idea from them?
Coca-Cola - before Santa was always pictured wearing flowing multi-coloured robes - or
traditionally green
37. Which sport holds its main British events at Santa Pod?
Drag Racing
38. In which Californian coastal town can you find the legendary 'Muscle Beach'?
Santa Monica
39. Which famous young actress said "I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. My
mother took me to see himin a department store and he asked for my autograph"?
Shirley Temple
40. What is the only anagram of the word Santa?
Tiebreaker - How many towns in the USAare called Santa Claus?
Allegedly there are 11 towns called Santa Claus across 8 states (I could only find 8!)
Santa Extra -
Who led the Mexican attack on the Alamo in 1836?
General Santa Anna
In 1975, which Essex DJ had a novelty UK Christimas hit called 'Rent a Santa'?
Chris Hill
Who had a hit in the fifties with the song 'The little boy that Santa Claus Forgot'?
Nat 'King' Cole
What is the name of the island group that includes Flores, Corvo, Pico and Santa Maria amongst
its main islands?
The Azores
True or False - Charles Bronson once starred in a filmcalled Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa
True - Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus (1991)
Which wrestler played the title role in the 1996 film 'Santa With Muscles'?
Hulk Hogan
In a Tom hanks film, what is the name of the train which takes the children to see Santa
Polar Express
Traditionally, what colour is Santa Claus' belt?
St. Nicholas was bishop of the Turkish town of Myra in the early 4th century. It was the Dutch who first made him into a Christmas gift-giver, and Dutch settlers brought him to America where hisname eventually became the familiar Santa Claus

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